A Million Ways To Die

Ska From Scotland that’s Made From Grrrrrdars!

Some days I just need to hear something bouncy, punchy and LOUD, and the third album from Scotland’s finest purveyors of all things Ska; Bombskare hit the nail squarely on the head earlier today with this; their third full length album!
I first encountered Bombskare many moons ago when the Two Tony’s promoted some amazing Ska and Mod gigs in and around Newcastle and these chancers made three appearances with each selling out larger and larger venues, and burning their memory deep inside my brain and heart.
Opening song See What You See is less of a Pop Song and more of a sensory onslaught (if played loud enough) and the beat just goes on and on until you can’t stop yourself dancing along (which is quite dangerous when driving a car btw).
While most British Ska Bands only ever trace their roots back to Madness and The Specials; Bombskare probably have more in common with American bands like Aggrolites and Bim Skala Bim; infusing their very danceable melodies with a Punk influenced spine and Social Commentary to create a very distinctive way with their songs; with Sink or Swim and Punchline being perfect examples; and the hi-energy Cakegate not only has some tip-top observational lyrics; but is so very, very skankable too!
While I know a lot of hard work would have gone into these songs in the studio; but for once in Skaville Bombskare appear to have captured that ‘live sound’ so few can ever achieve; making this sound a bit like a Live Album, but without the sloppy bits.
Most of their peers have a couple of great songs in their locker; but even betting without their last two records they have great songs in abundance here; and the Ska/Mod radio stations will be falling over themselves to play Punchline, Keep Getting Up and the marvelous James Bond/Jason Bourne influenced title track A Million Ways To Die over the next few years.
Choosing a Favourite Track hasn’t been easy; especially when the horn section manage to swing harder than Count Basie’s Orchestra, two songs stuck right out the first time I played this album last week; the rye look at ‘Celebrity Culture’ Wanna Be Famous which takes a surgeons skalpel to the hopes and desires of a generation who don’t want to work for a living, but ‘become famous’ instead. The other just summed up my own personal feelings this week; such is the mystical powers music can have; so Life In The Slow Lane will have a special place in this boy’s heart for a long, long time to come.
Why it would be, I have no idea but Scotland has had a thriving Ska scene for as long as I can remember with one band only being better than another according to personal taste; and for me (don’t tell the ‘Meanies or the Cut Throat Razors!) Bombskare are my own personal #1 and A Million Ways To Die has just cemented that endorsement into my heart; and I can foresee all of these songs becoming fan favourites at gigs large and small all across the Summer.

Released March 1st 2019

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