LeBarons – Trains/The Clearing (7” Vinyl Single)


Trains/The Clearing
7” Vinyl Single

Gloriously Atmospheric and Romantic Slice of Alt. Country

As I no longer own an actual record player I had to visit a friend whose ‘hipster’ son still has one, to play this record.
The actual act of excitedly listening to a single with a friend harked back 40 odd years to my teens when I would sit in Malcolm McKay’s bedroom listening to his latest purchases. (Ask me about Television’s 12” Marquee Moon one day!)
Although neither of us had heard of Toronto’s LeBarons it was with a nervous air of excitement that Charlie placed the very expensive needle into the groove.
It only took us thirty seconds to raise our eyebrows, pout and nod our heads in silent agreement – it was a 5 from me and a 5 from him!
Side A is Trains and as you don’t get many Train songs these days, I listened intently as Chris MacDonald tells a very evocative story over an almost claustrophobic background sound from the band, which builds to a thrilling close.
Side B is The Clearing and may or may not be influenced by Tom Russell. Even though this ethereal almost poetic Country-Rocker sounds nothing like him; the thread of the story certainly sounded like one of his songs; and that is meant as a compliment.
Lush arrangement, harmonies to drown in, compelling guitars, lap-steel and fiddle that sound like shiny stilettos and a singer who has a voice to die for; what’s not to like?
Not only does this single bode well for the forthcoming album; but I see that they are about to support Beams in Toronto on December 11th; so if the Canadian Tourist Board want to promote these musicians you know where I am.


Released September 11th 2015

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