Echo Sparks – Ghost Town Girl (2015)

Echo Sparks
Echo Sparks
Ghost Town Girl
Self-Release LL12015
Good time, old-times Country-Folk
It’s unlikely that Echo Sparks will ever headline Wembley or Shea Stadiums; but after listening to Ghost Town Girl on heavy rotation I can guarantee that anyone who does get to see them in a Honky-Tonk or small club in the backside of nowhere; they will have the time of their lives.
For the first time in a long time; I pictured the band having a good time in the recording studio and that comes across in pretty much, every song.
Broken Arrow which opens the album has enough Twang guitar to satisfy die-hard Country fans; but the harmonies between the enigmatic DA Valdez and CC Kinnick are straight out of the Buddy Holly songbook and the rest rocks along in that vein too.
My favourite track; (and it appears my i-phone too when it’s on random) is the timeless, swinging Rockabilly tune Princess of Fresno which features Valdez on lead vocals and CC shadowing him on the choruses; as the trio do their best to stop themselves dancing out of the speakers.
The title track, Ghost Town Girl is sparsely beautiful as the duo harmonise on a deeply dark love song that falls just short of becoming a Murder Ballad; and I love it; as I do Torch Song when the delectable CC Kinnick gets to show her amazing vocal range on an actual torch song..
All I can say now is that I desperately hope that the Orange County trio can muster up the cash to come to the UK sometime soon; because we will absolutely love them and take them to our collective hearts.

Released UK May 2015

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