Old Man Luedecke – Tender is the Night

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Old Man Luedecke
Tender is the Night
Young Canadian breathes fresh air into traditional Country and Bluegrass

This is Chris Luedecke’s 6th album since 2003 and it’s easy to see why he’s a two time Juno Award winner with his wonderful voice, well written songs and complex guitar and banjo playing.

His approach to this very traditional style of music isn’t as aggressive as some of his contempories but you can tell he’s listened to other forms of music and let them influence how he writes and performs.

Opening with some very intricate mandolin playing from Producer Tim O’Brien, Kingdom Come goes on to take the Bluegrass template and insert contemporary lyrics and a warm and welcoming voice to make any younger listeners sit back and take notice.

There is nothing on TENDER IS THE NIGHT to frighten traditionalists; but this is definitely a 21st Century album; which might sound odd when song #2 is the story of Jonah and the Whale; but Luedecke’s approach to the music will appeal to old and young alike; which will help keep Traditional Country tunes in the public eye (and ear).

Another thing I like about the album is the way Luedecke can switch styles in the blink of an eye with Broken Heart Buddy sounding like latter-day Vince Gill and I’m Fine (I am, I am) could have been sung on Oklahoma porches in the 20’s or 30’s.

I particularly like This May Hurt a Bit which sounds Hillbilly in conception but tells a great story and is huge fun and O’Brien’s fiery fiddle solo in the will get the toes a’tappin when played live.

There even a couple of Folk tinged songs secreted across the record for you to find like an Easter Egg trail and the best of them, Can’t Count Tears in the Ocean is simply beautiful and I’ for one would have liked to have heard a whole album in that vein.

It’s easy to see why Luedecke has won Awards and plaudits in equal measures and, fingers crossed; this is the album to get him the sales his music deserves.