Chloe Chadwick – Self titled EP


Chloe Chadwick
Chloe Chadwick EP

A Sweet Slice of melodic Country Music from the Wearside Delta 

I like to think I have my finger on the local musical pulse but some how the delightful Chloe Chadwick has managed to pass me by; which is a damn shame if her debut EP is anything to go by.
Featuring two singles; and another cut that has ‘radio play’ stamped in every groove these four tracks are every bit as good as anything that the recent crop of Southern British Country acts, that are being lauded by the National Press, have released in two or three years.
Opening with the delicious current single Feels Like Home, Chloe leaves nothing to chance with a toe-tapping, slightly edgy Country tune that wouldn’t be out of place on the Nashville TV programme. The guitars and piano interplay belay the fact that the track was recorded locally and not in somewhere exotic like Muscle Shoals or Manchester.
The pace drops slightly for second song Never Change; but the quality of the song writing and Chloe’s warm and crystal clear voice remains on a platform not normally associated with local artistes.
The short EP ends with Chloe’s first single, Settle Your Heart and its no wonder it picked up airplay on Local Radio and influential Internet stations. The rhythm section and particularly the bass guitar and bass drum combo set the song away on a canter as Chloe expresses her love in a passionate and expressive manner.
While not a single my favourite track of the four is the gorgeous Don’t Be Shy, which rolls along like bicycle ride along a country meadow on a sunny Sunday afternoon.
Not afraid to use a melody and a chorus, Chloe Chadwick is on the commercial side of what I normally like; but her voice is an absolute joy and the piano and guitar playing is exquisite throughout all four tracks.
I hope there’s a full album on the horizon; and if any additional songs are of this quality Ms. Chadwick will soon be heading for the Bright Lights of Stardom.

Released July 1st 2015