Robert Cray – In My Soul

Robert Cray
In My Soul
Provogue Records

Blues with a heart full of Soul     

A friend; who obviously knows nothing about music once criticised a Robert Cray album I’d loaned him by saying ‘it was all the same formula;’ well, if this is a ‘formula’ let’s bottle it and make a fortune!

More recently Robert Cray has apparently locked himself away with only his huge collection of classic 45’s for company and come back out into the daylight rejuvenated and made an album that is influenced by the great Stax, Atlantic and Chess albums of the 1960’s but remains the classy night-time Blues that the singer-guitarist is noted for.

The songs are as good as anything he’s ever recorded before; and remember, he re-wrote the Blues book with Smoking Gun and Right Next Door; so my praise is high praise indeed.

Album opener and love song extraordinaire, You Move Me has a cool groove to it and will move ladies in a way I never could. This is followed by my favourite track and possibly my new theme tune; Nobody’s Fault But Mine which features the brass section and some pretty funky guitar playing and could easily have been an Otis Redding song in another life.

What with modern technology and all that; singles are apparently a thing of the past; but the record company has wisely released the heartbreaker, Your Good Thing is About to Come to an End as a 45; and if you are one of those people who think, ‘They don’t write them like that anymore,’ Robert Cray has; and it will be a feature of late night radio stations for many years to come.

The instrumental Hip Tight Onions obviously owes a debt to Booker T, and should have been named Blues Onions instead.

If the album started on a high it goes out on a cloud; with You’re Everything being a beautiful love song for people who find love the second time around and the finale Deep in my Soul takes us back to the days when BB King and Freddie King were in their pomp; as Robert Cray tips his signature Porkpie hat in their direction on a great Blues song that features guitar playing that will have the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end.

Blues and Soul fans who span the generations and the Continents will take this album to heart and will surely make it feature in their end of year Top 10’s.

Provogue Records.

Released UK – 31 March
Released US – 1st April

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