Lowri Evans – Corner of My Eye

Lowri Evans
Corner of My Eye

Although I recognised her name, Lowri Evans hasn’t crossed my radar so I was intrigued to hear her latest album CORNER OF MY EYE and I think I’ve just discovered a real gem.

Lowri has been singing and writing songs since she was a young schoolgirl and has released several albums in both English and her native Welsh language; leaving the still outrageously young woman to sound remarkably relaxed and confident throughout.

The title track which opens the album features some delightful guitar picking and a voice with a slight warble to it; which made me smile, and the song itself is terrific and deserves to be played on national radio.

My Friend and Hello Love are both delightful and after repeated listening are also quite intricate stories woven into the fabric of two beautiful tunes.

Another thing to mention is the outstanding production by Lee Mason and Lowri herself which picks out some delightful musicianship, but nothing ever gets to distract from her distinctive breathy vocals and the songs themselves.

The album ends on a real high with the accordion drenched Love/Hate which is one of the most imaginative and thought provoking bitter-sweet love songs as I’ve heard in years.

While billed as a ‘Folk singer’ Lowri Evans is so much more than that; as she is polished and professional (not unlike Katie Melua); meaning she will appeal to the ‘middle market masses’ who listen to Radio 2 and buy CD’s in Tesco; and not just 14 people wearing duffel coats in a Folk Club still clinging onto to their Pentangle LP’s.


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