Eamon Friel – In My Time

eamon frielEamon Friel

In My Time

Heart-warming and Deeply Personal Celtic Folk

Contrary to popular belief; as soon as I saw this Album cover I had a feeling I was going to like the contents.
The album opens with a delightfully weary sounding folk song about a young man leaving his home town for Brave New World that beckons. Obviously not the first song I’ve heard with this theme; but there’s something about Eamon Friel’s soft voice that makes this one stand out from the crowd.
Now; that said I’ve never heard a song like Because of Oz; which is Friel talking to Dorothy on her return to Kansas following her trip to see the Wizard! A slow jig of a tune; cracking story and a tongue in cheek style makes for a memorable song; and one that will go down really well when sung in concert; I’m sure.
While most songs here are bona fide Folk in origin; my favourite is when Friel takes to the piano for the stark How Can I refuse when memories of an album by Peter Skellern in my teenage years sprung to mind.
Earlier, a trumpet solo in the title track In My Time reminded me of something; and again it was a Peter Skellern song You’re a Lady; although the story is entirely different; but just as delightful.
Marie Clrke’s haunting accordion that begins The Well captured my attention; and the lovely little story of a childhood holiday memory is well served by Marie and Tracey McRory on fiddle throughout.
The album closes with the fascinating It Hasn’t Happened Yet; another clever story proving Friel’s worth as a songwriter; but the addition of shimmering cymbals and saxophone somehow combine to make this sound like Dinner-Folk or Jazz-Folk; whatever it’s a lovely song.
While Eamon Friel’s take on Folk music is a bit too ‘Irish’ at times for my personal tastes; I’ve still passed a pleasant few hours listening to In My Time over the last couple of weeks.

Released Nov 16th 2015