Two Fingers of Firewater – Songs To Listen To

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Two Fingers of Firewater
Songs To Listen To
Clubhouse Records

The ‘How to play Folk Music’ handbook torn up and discarded

Two Fingers of Firewater have been favourites at Maverick Towers for a couple of years now and it’s easy to see why.
In theory the band are categorised as ‘English Folk’ music but what you get is far deeper and much more interesting than that simple pigeonhole and is a lot more varied as SONGS TO LISTEN TO owes a lot more to Coldplay than Fairport Convention.
I love Listen to a Daydream with its catchy melody and swaying accordion and pedal-steel in the forefront that holds everything together and it screams ‘HIT SINGLE’! But I guess it’s a bit too subtle for today’s download generation.
All Echoes Fade is similar in its ‘feel’ – pop meets folk with an Indie edge to it; think Coldplay with a catchy beat.
Another favourite is Loud/Quiet which sounds wonderful when turned up to 10 on the car stereo and will get the crowds onto their feet at Festivals and gigs alike for years to come.
The folk shackles are well and truly thrown off on You Went Your Way which wouldn’t sound out of place on daytime Radio 1 rather than just Mike Harding’s show on good ole Radio 2.
The musicianship and songwriting throughout SONGS TO LISTEN TOO certainly belies the ages of the group members and Spencer Cullum and Joe Harding must be complimented for their production which steers just short of being ‘rock’ but will certainly endear Two Fingers of Firewater to the American Indie and College radio stations, should they want to go down that route.
One small gripe though. On the CD cover the band refer to themselves as TFOF rather than Two Fingers of Firewater and I’m not sure a casual record buyer will know who the acronym is alluding to – I certainly didn’t when I first picked it up.
Let’s raise a glass to the future of ‘our music’ as Two Fingers of Firewater are destined for great things and (as usual) you heard it in Maverick first!

released 2011