J Burn – Burnt Blue (EP)

j burn

J Burn
Burnt Blue

Easy on the Ear and Easy Going Hill-Music from San Francisco.

I’d not heard of J Burn before receiving this delightful EP; but why would I as he appears never to have left the West Coast of America and I live on the East Coast of England?
Now that our paths have finally crossed; I feel like I’ve known him forever.
Burnt Blue is made up of four sweet, swing-along Country songs reminiscent of John B Sebastian or Billy Swan; ‘back in the day.’
The opening guitar on Freight Train is actually mindful of an actual train; and the song itself chugs along like a miniature railway on a sunny day. Burns voice on this lovely love song is warm, yet still slightly edgy making it very listenable. I’ve said it a lot recently; we don’t have enough train songs in Country music these days.
Memory Lane which follows features some gorgeous fiddle playing and a banjo master-class; as Burn looks back on the ‘golden days of his youth’.
Old Time Heroes is a joy from start to finish; with Burn again being all wistful as music and specific songs take him back to the happier times of his youth. Isn’t that true of all of us? Here Burn picks a mighty fine guitar as someone tinkles a pub style piano; and the drummer holds the whole show together like sticky tape.
The EP closes all too soon with Our Song Shared; a song that stands out like a rose in blossom. While the other tracks are slightly shambolic; in a good old-fashioned, fun way; everything comes together here on a well thought out song that left me wanting more; and I want it now!
My only gripe is the cover artwork; which seems more suitabl;e for a Jazz album; but another six songs of this quality and in this style will do me fine in the Spring; I only hope a full album is in the post.

Released September 2015

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