Eight O’Five Jive – Too Many Men

8 o 5 ive

Eight O’Five Jive
Too Many Men
Red Ruby Too Tunes RRTT002

Authentic Sassy, Saucy and Jumpin’ and Jivin’ R&B

This rather racy album arrived in a big parcel from my friends at Hemifran in Sweden; and the cover just screamed at me to place the disc in the player first; and I did.
Like a breath of fresh air; some of the smoothest music I’ve heard in a long time oozed out of my speakers.
Three days later; I’m still smiling every time I play it.
The Lee Shropshire’s sexy voice and a fine set of bongos on opening track I’ve Got a Feeling, set the scene for an evening in a smoky club in downtown Havana circa 1962 in the company of Frank, Peter, Sammy and Dean.
Recorded in Nashville in 2014, but using a classic Jive/R&B template, this album is timeless to the extreme; but never really retro.
The band are absolutely smoking on Songs like the sultry You Was Right Baby and Misery Loves Company; but everything comes alive when Miss Lee comes across as a temptress on Kissing in the Dark and (my favourite) Young Enough To Be My Son! Both songs could easily come from the Lucille Brogan songbook.
Although I’ve heard it many times before, Eight O’Five Jive ring the life out of Jimmy Liggins’ Drunk; making it a bit of a call and response and must be a highlight of their stage show.
On a similar tack; a song of their own Feed Them Monkeys, is both fascinating and an absolute delight. The band strike up a rocking beat as Lee details how hard it is to lead a raucous life satisfying her myriad of debauched lovers. One smokes cigarettes, another crack cocaine; while yet others over indulge on whisky and booze – it can’t be easy for the singer keeping all of these reprobates happy; but somehow she manages it.
In its own way this album has been a hootin’ and tootin’ treat from start to finish. Sassy? Yes. Sexy? Undoubtedly. Highly recommended.

Released April 2015