Logoz and Friends – Academy 2 Newcastle

logoz 2

Logoz and Friends
Academy 2
18th September 2015

I first encountered Logoz a couple of months ago when they played the Inaugural Chester le Street Mod & Ska Festivalhttps://rockingmagpie.wordpress.com/gig-reviews-2015/riverside-15-mod-ska-festival-chester-le-street-co-durham-may-2015/ and it turned out their Manager Clemmy was an old friend.
Subsequently their singer Peesh has released a solo album that I loved https://rockingmagpie.wordpress.com/cd-reviews-2015/peesh-13-1-acousticalander/ and the band have toured relentlessly; but never in my home town.
Therefore I jumped at the chance to see them headline a gig at Newcastle Academy to showcase a bunch of exciting Punk/New Wave bands from The People’s Republic of Ashington.
One band dropped out at the last minute so friends of the band, Aces & Sinners from Hartlepool stepped in to open the show.
With no introduction; but playing to a growing crowd of 50 or 60 the band nervously launched into their first song that was full of chunky guitar chords and thundering bass and drums; but the singers voice was screechy and 110mph making them sound like survivors of the NWOBHM. I (quite rightly) put this down to nerves and they noticeably calmed down over the next half hour.
Nice lads with nice haircuts and even nicer clothing; Aces & Sinners were deceptively ‘musical’ and had a couple of songs that a half decent producer could turn into something quite commercial in a n Ameri-punk kind of way.
While the bands changed gear on the stage I decided to take a little tincture and nearly feinted when asked to pay £4.30 for a can of Tetley’s beer! Woah???? As I sipped my expensive beer I stood in the corner ‘people watching’ as the venue gradually filled up with an assortment of ages and dress sense. Many women were in their ‘best going out gear’ but mixing with Old-School Punks with their Exploited/Chaos badged jackets and guys sporting a myriad of Rock n Roll t-shirts (from the Ramones through Metallica to Kraftwerk!)
Next out of the traps were the Halfcuts, from Ashington (and Morpeth) who were a refreshing throwback, playing loads of 2 minute Punk-operas but played on better guitars.
Three songs stood out; one was a really sharp ‘anti-love song’ (title unknown); a wonderful Toy Dolls inspired Wanker! Which was dedicated to a very proud lad in the front row; and their heartfelt version of Billy Bragg’s To Have and Have Not was perfect for a night like this and had a bunch of lads bouncing and punching the air as they sang along.
During the break I was joined in my vantage point near the stage by the Peeshettes; six heavily tattooed young ladies sporting aggressively cut peroxide blonde hair and Logoz t-shirts. Although intimidating at first, they were actually nice girls just having a good time.
The Flamin’ Eights were made up of a bass-player who looked like a bouncer, a singer with a quiff and a Western shirt, the lead guitarist had a shaved head and a hipster beard and looked uncannily like a Bond villain’s henchman, plus the drummer was the guy wearing the Kraftwerk t-shirt. Surely that’s a band that you would want to see too?
Well; The Flamin’ Eights were extraordinarily good, mixing ‘voodoo, heavy metal and Punk Rock!’ their words – not mine; but a perfect description.
At times they reminded me of the Mekons, Sonic Youth and even Kiss, they had a couple of really strong memorable songs – Boneshaker and Keep It Evil were both frantic, exciting and as sharp as a tack.
After 45 minutes of cracking Power-Pop/New Wave the Flamin’ Eights kept their best for last with a song called Crazy Nights, which had a wonderful fan friendly chorus of “I think I think I think too much!!” I loved it and would love a copy of the EP if anyone knows here to buy one.
The packed venue was now buzzing with excitement (and expensive beer) as LoGoz came onto the stage to a huge cheer.
With a new long-haired drummer, looking out of place with his baseball cap turned back to front, but sounding terrific LoGoz were on fire; peppering their delighted fans with a series of fiery well constructed Punk anthems from their very own pens.
When I went to Punk gigs in the late 70’s I was never sure how much to show how much I was enjoying myself, as they were quite intense and very a-political; but tonight was a real blast, with everyone having a good time; especially the band’s encores – Pretty Vacant which had virtually every guy in the room, plus the Peeshettes bouncing and po-going like it was 77 all over again; then finishing with a rip-roaring Mexicola.
Yet again I was left with the feeling that LoGoz were far too good, to just play pubs and clubs in the North East; because if they were from London Town or Manchester they would be all over BBC Radio 6; but sadly not.

Photo-set http://www.harrisonaphotos.co.uk/Music/Logoz-and-friends

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