As a music fan I grew up listening to some amazing radio shows from John Peel (cliche I know), through Johnnie Walker, Emperor Rosko, Stuart Henry, Alan Freeman and the legendary but long forgotten Kenny Everett on the fledgling Radio 1 plus Alan Robson on Metro Radio in the NE.

Like many people my age I bemoan the loss of these trail blazers but times move on.

Then I discovered the joys of the Inter-web and the new-fangled Podcasts – my life has changed.

Here are a few that you may not know; but I think you will like for a variety of reasons –

Otis Gibbs – Thanks For Giving a Damn

I’m a fan of his music and these interviews with star and minor-stars of the Roots scene are really and truly illuminating.

Russell Hill’s Country Music Show

Possibly the first British Country music podcast I listened to; and Russell still combines the best of old and new Country Music with British acts you ain’t going to here anywhere else.

Gary Grainger – Blues Show

Local lad with a brilliant weekly show on Bishop FM in Co. Durham but each show uploaded on Monday morning for international listening. I can’t recommend this enough 10/10

Richard Leader – Leader’s American Pie

Goes out live on Meridian FM on a Monday night. I review ’em and he plays ’em. Essential listening if you like my reviews.

Karen Miller – A Miller’s Tale

Another great Roots/Americana show from the heart of the People’s Republic of Scotland (and Karen has a lovely voice too #sigh)

Russell Hill’s Country Music Show

A long running favourite; mixing old and new Country music of all persuasions and creeds. Updated every Monday.

Jumping Hot Club Radio Show 

Last but not least my own shows now on MixCloud a mix of old, new, borrowed and sometimes the Blues from across the decades. Yes; I do like the sound of my own voice and still listen occasionally 🙂

If you know of any others please let me know and I will add them to the list.