Sugaray Rayford SOMEBODY SAVE ME

Sugaray Rayford
Somebody Save Me
Forty Below Records

Enough Rhythm, Blues and Soul To Re-Energise Your Heart.

As soon as you hear the opening rumbling bass, on The Revelator you know you are in for a Bluesy flavoured Soulful treat; but when Sugaray Rayford groans
“I’m a revelator Come with me
I’m a freak of nature
I ain’t no honey bee
I’m an unknown creature
The like’s you’ve never seen
Wahoo wahoo wahoo”
you just know that this album is about to take you on a ride into the dark streets of Soulville last trod by Teddy Pendergrass, Otis and Barry White….. mmm mmmm mmmm, this is my kinda music.
Most people immediately think of Motown or Stax when it comes to Soul Music; but the cognoscenti know that most of the coolest stuff was always on Atlantic, Casablanca and more recently Daptone; and that’s were these earthy, gutsy and….. dare I say it….. often sexy songs belong.
A heady mix of Rhythm, Blues and Soul Music can be great ‘party music’ when done right; and Rayford ‘certainly does it right’, but it can also be the perfect music for late at night when you are either feeling very sorry for yourself or in the mood for seduction; and that’s when You & I, I’d Kill For You Honey and especially Dark Night of the Soul will come into their own; and make you feel like a hormonal teenager again.
Then, on Sometimes You Get The Bear (Sometime the bear gets you) Rayford reflects fondly on his younger days ‘talking toot’ as part of ‘a bunch of roosters looking for the hens’ but eventually ‘working 9 to five, 7 days a week/anything to kill our buzz’ and before you know it, we’ve all got old and only have our memories…… but what memories they are!
As with all of the best Soul/R&B albums, there’s also a thoughtful slice of Social Commentary tucked in behind a great dance beat, Time To Get Movin’ sounds like it’s influenced by a night watching the TV news then listening to Curtis, Marvin and Sharron Jones until the wee small hours and then the words just poured out. *There’s some really sizzling and red hot harmonica solos from Eric Corne who not just produced this album with a golden touch, but wrote all the songs too btw.
While I’ve simply adored the fast and funky upbeat songs here; the accolade of RMHQ Favourite Track goes to a really special ballad; which shows what an amazing voice Rayford really has and if this album had been released in February would have been the first track on a Valentines Day CD for Mrs. Magpie. My Cards Are On The Table proves that a love song doesn’t have to be mushy and slushy; but can be thought provoking, heart-string tugging and sentimental too. Woah, woah and thrice woah is this one helluva special song!
SOMEBODY SAVE ME is the big man’s fifth album; and on by far the biggest label (Forty Degrees) which suggests that he is about to be catapulted into the Big Leagues, where his powerful, yet skilful singing voice deserves to be.

Released March 1st 2019

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