Ian Roland – How The Dust Jumps

ian roland

Ian Roland
How The Dust Jumps

Warm and Tender Folk Music To Make Your Heart Sing.

As regular readers will be aware I’m not normally a lover of British Folk Music; so approached this album from Ian Roland; with caution.
The rolling guitar that opens first song Outside, piqued my interest and when Ian’s soft voice made its entrance, I was quickly at ease.
A similar finger-picking style encompasses the rather beautiful Say Your Name; and it was on hearing this song for the third or fourth time that made the exclamation mark appear in my head. Although sounding nothing him like them; Ian Roland sits comfortably in that Ralph McTell/Cat Stevens mould from the early 1970’s.
There’s even a slight Folk-Rock feel to the snappy and toe-tapping Passing Through and Together; but it’s the reflective love songs Heal My Heart and Push The Doors that I will return to in years to come.
If there’s any justice, the title track How The Dust Jumps should receive radio plays across the UK; and not just in Roland’s local area. As Folk songs go the jaunty beat, hummable melody and fascinating lyrics deserve a much wider audience.
This album is as far away from finger-in the ear Folk n shanty’s as you can imagine; bordering on easy-listening but with added vim and vigour. If I hear many more Folk albums like this; I could become a convert to the cause.

Released April 2015