Carrie Tree – Home to the Invisible (2014)

Carrie Tree
Home to the Invisible
Wild Cedar Records

Subtle, Nu-Folk that owes a debt to the bedsit writers of the 70’s  

Folk Music; and in particular English Folk Music, generally leaves me unmoved and a bit bored; so it takes something special to hold my attention, and Carrie Tree has managed that with ease.

The press release that accompanied the CD lists the usual suspects that Carrie was ‘influenced’ by but, if my memory serves me correctly she owes a lot more to Judee Sill and Sandy Denny than Ray Lamontagne or Joni Mitchell.

Opening track Never Said Goodbye features some wonderful acoustic guitar alongside some delicious breathy vocals that will bring many young men to their knees.

The second track, Mama Kita was recorded in Durban, South Africa and is outstanding; as the supporting musicians weave in and out of the narrative like ghosts on a powerful song that is memorable in numerous ways.

The other track to make the album, from this session recording is Thousand Days and while not quite as memorable; the full sound and added musicianship leaves you thinking another trip could produce a really special set of songs.

On Perfectly Cast which has already had some National radio play, Carrie manages to sound uncannily like Bjork and Rachel Unthank on a timeless self-penned song.

The rest of the album never strays far from ‘interesting’ with the atmospheric Wild Winds and Sweet Oak Tree suggesting that Carrie Tree a young woman on the upward arc of a potentially successful career.

Release date March 10th

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