Two Ways Home – Better Days EP

two ways home

Two Ways Home
Better Days EP


Radio Friendly New Country From the London Delta.

There was a time not too long ago when people would laugh in your face if you mentioned British Country music; as it was associated with those clubs where guys dress up as cowboys and have quick drawer competitions while their ladies dress up in bonnets and gingham.
Not now; as it’s the cool music for people like me, you and hipsters alike.
That means Two Ways Home are competing in a very crowded and combative market place; especially in London Town where this Anglo-Austrian duo reside.
Better Days is their second EP and by golly gosh is rather good indeed.
Opening with the toe-tappingly breathless Just For Now which showcases Isabella Mariee and Lewis Fowler’s contrasting voices and skills on the guitar and ukulele.
Second song Still in Love really caught my attention the first time I heard it; mostly for Isabella’s emotive voice; which has echoes of Martina McBride and the poetic lyrics make it very interesting indeed.
Next we have Home Again featuring Luke on lead vocals; and sound like his roots are more in the Folk camp than what I would class as Country or even Americana, even if the drummer is tapping a Country beat.
The fourth and final song on this EP is the title track Better Days; again Lewis the lead on the song; but this stark love song does sound like the sort of Country-Folk hybrid I recognise; and certainly radio-friendly in a late night, crying into your pillow kind of way; and I can see young girls buying into this in their droves.
Still learning the ropes Two Ways Home certainly show enough here to make me think a good producer and another couple of sharp songs could make all the difference to their career.

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Released October 2015