Jenny Ritter – Bright Mainland

jenny ritter

Jenny Ritter
Bright Mainland
Self Release/CD Baby/Amazon


Enchanting Folk music for the masses

When I was a lad there was Pop Music, Country & Western, The Blues, Jazz and Folk as it was a much simpler time. Last week I was in a conversation with a guy who described his band as Math-Punk. I’ll go to my grave not knowing what they sound like; nor do I really care.

This brings me to singer-songwriter Jenny Ritter who will probably be pigeon-holed in the Folk bracket, but much like Nanci Griffith she is much, much more than just that.

Jenny’s voices is as clear as a mountain stream and flows just as naturally over the stones and debris of her life, which features in intimate detail across this lovely album.

BRIGHT MAINLAND opens with an attention grabbing acoustic guitar intro on They Can’t Tell and Jenny’s voice sears above a militaristic drumbeat on a song that instantly captures your attention.

It won’t surprise anyone that a Gothic broken-hearted love song called Ghost is eerie and atmospheric with Lucas Goetz sending shivers down the spine with his pedal-steel. Me? I loved every second of it.

The most ‘interesting’ song on BRIGHT MAINLAND is probably the most Folk orientated track; It Is What It Is which has a poetic feel to it as Jenny gently sings the ballad over a soft, but crystal clear acoustic guitar.

The album goes ‘electric’ on the finale; You Missed The Boat; but before anyone cries “Judas!” Lucas Goetz (him again) only strums an electric guitar as part of a sweet ensemble that includes a viola and a mini-choir too, as they accompany the singer on a multi-layered love song.

Yet again Canada has produced another singer-songwriter that has produced a debut album that is never less than interesting and quite often very memorable indeed.

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