Rev. KM Williams Jukin’ In The Holy Land (Live in Israel)

rm williams

Rev. KM Williams
Jukin’ In The Holy Land (Live in Israel)
Nobody’s Fault Productions

Heartfelt and Genuine Blues From the Old School Traditions.

Wow! This is another gem I’ve discovered quite by accident. Following my Jerron Paxton reviews a couple of months ago his Israeli promoter got in touch and sent me three albums – who knew the Blues were popular in the Holy Land? Well; in hindsight if anyone is gonna have the Blues…….
The Reverend KM Williams is the coolest looking Minister I’ve ever seen; sporting a sharp suit in some photos and in others looking like the long lost member of Run DMC, we never got anyone looking like that at Craghead Methodist in the 60’s; that’s for sure..
But it’s the music you want to know about isn’t it? Not fashion?
For a live album I was disappointed that there wasn’t any form of intro; but that would have taken up valuable time when there was hot Country Blues to deliver; and deliver he does. Opening track Something on Your Mind is straight out of the John Lee Hooker play book; with a stomping beat and ragged guitar playing while the good Reverend pleads with his woman. What’s not to like?
As the applause dies down the Texan Reverend’s guitar playing goes down several rungs, as does his voice but a harmonica wails like a train whistle in the dead of night on Feel Like Hollerin’. Trust me, the Blues don’t get any rawer in the 21st Century. Powerful stuff indeed.
One of the few songs to get an intro is One Suitcase Blues; when The Reverend name-checks Blind Lemon Jefferson who he wrote Matchbox Blues on which this song is based; and boy does it live up to the original.
By this stage I was imagining what those old Blues guys would have sounded like with modern technology; and I guess it wouldn’t be a million miles away from Rev. KM Williams; as he has an air of authenticity all the way through.
I love this type of music; I really do; especially when it’s from the heart as all these songs are. It shouldn’t go unnoticed either what a hot guitarist Williams is; whether that be acoustic, electric, Dobro or Cigar Box the end result is always grin ensuring.
Recorded over a number of different concerts on a short tour chat is kept to a minimum; but he does sound genuinely excited to be playing in Jerusalem as he closes the wonderful Trouble No More and goes into the aptly named Israel Boogie which was written while on tour.
They say the Devil has all the best tunes; but after hearing Rev. RM Williams I’m inclined to believe that the Big Guy Upstairs has a few hits up his sleeve too!

Released September 2015