Robin Trower – Something’s About to Change


Robin Trower – Something’s About To Change

Manhaton Records/V12

70’s Guitar Legend delivers an all new Blues Masterpiece  

       Something’s About to Change; which opens proceedings threatens to become a stomper; but never does; instead Trower delivers some short, sharp licks to punctuate every couple of lines on a really cool song.

Not having heard Robin Trower since those heady teenage years; I was a tad worried that tracks like Dreams that Shone Like Diamonds and Gold to Grey could be pretentious Prog noodling; but nothing could be further from the truth. The 70 year old occasionally looks back on his life; but always in a sweet way; just like the Blues Masters of old.

Trower’s languid Chicago flavoured guitar playing is majestic throughout; and he limits the solos to a minute or so; depending on his world weary, grizzled voice and tight band (he also plays bass throughout) to create a series of cool moods and stories, that are just right for the witching hour.

I’ve loved this album right from the get go; and the song Snakes and Ladders just about ticks every box when it comes to the type of music; not just the Blues that I like, nay…love.

When I was a teenager 40 years ago, the cool kids at my school would strut around the playground proudly displaying a copy of Robin Trower’s BRIDGE OF SIGHS under their arms; and as LP’s were hard to come by in those days; I never actually owned a copy, but borrowed many copies.

Jump forward to 2015 and Guitar hero Trower has delivered something of a Masterwork with this album; sounding so authentically Old-School, I swear if I blindfolded you, you would believe this was a great ‘lost’ album by Albert King or Buddy Guy; and in many ways is the album Eric Clapton could and should have made, but never has.


Released March 9th 2015


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