Megan Henwood – Head, Heart, Hand

megan poloraid

Megan Henwood
Head, Heart, Hand
Dharma Records

Gorgeous Folk songs for the open-minded music fan

One time winner of the prestigious BBC Young Folk Award alongside brother Joe in 2009; this is Megan Henwood’s second album and will go a long way to pushing her along the road to fame (and fortune).
Thankfully; from my point of view Megan Henwood mixes up her musical styles along the way, starting with Love/Loathe which; while still Modern Folk has a soft-Rock beat that will make it very radio-friendly; if such stations still exist.
Chemicals is a touch simpler; but reminiscent of several singer-songwriters in my collection and Megan’s slightly scarred but still sweet voice is delightful as she recounts a fragile story of a recent relationship break up.
A couple of personal favourites are the 70’s infused No Good No Sun and Puppet & The Songbird. Perhaps it’s me, but I couldn’t help imagining Megan wearing a flowing maxi-dress, afghan waistcoat and big floppy hat as she channels Judie Tzuke, Kirsty MacColl and Joan Armatrading as she sings both songs.
Along the way Megan Henwood’s warm voice is complimented by guitars, a cello, a viola, electric guitars (and bass), a Hammond organ and on the incredibly personal Painkiller The Catweazel Choir at the Ashmolean Museum.’
Head, Heart Hand is a gorgeous addition to my record collection and bodes well for the young singer’s future as it will appeal to not only die-hard Folk fans but also music fans of all persuasions who appreciate a good song, well sung.

Released UK July10th 2015

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