Dennis Ellsworth – Hazy Sunshine

Dennis Ellsworth
Hazy Sunshine

Busted Flat Records Busted069

Perfect for lazy, crazy summer evenings

I have to admit the new album by Dennis Ellsworth, Hazy Sunshine, has been a slow burner for me, presumably because I’ve been listening to it during the longest, coldest, dampest spring known to man. Then, as if by magic, it happened to be in the car stereo on a sunny day and all of the jigsaw pieces came together.

Even on a grey day, opening track “Things I Want” caught my attention. The Canadian captures the mood of many a love-struck young man perfectly with a poppy song that is perfect for daytime radio.

Nothing else captures that “pop” groove, but Ellsworth is a fine songwriter and articulates his feelings exceptionally well on “If I Find the Truth” and “Paradise”–both of which remind me slightly of Mark Knopfler when he’s in an introspective mood.

Although not the strongest song on the album, I adore everything about “Harry Nilsson’s Heart”–from the glorious title to his Tom Petty-esque nasal tones, through to name-dropping “Forever Changes”/”Alone Again Or” which is a damn fine thing to do in my book.

The title track is deliciously simple with heartbeat-style drumming, tinkled ivories, and Ellsworth pining for his lover. What’s not to like?

All in all, Hazy Sunshine is the complete package: well produced, intelligent lyrics sung by a young man who sounds like he passionately believes every word he utters.

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