Bob Wayne – ‘Till the Wheels Fall Off (2012)

bob_waynealbumcover v

Bob Wayne
Till The Wheels Fall Off          
People Like You Records

Sometime great and sometime foul mouthed Country Music for Redder than Red Rednecks

Bob Wayne undoubtedly has a great Country voice and has developed an Outlaw look and stance that could frighten a Hell’s Angel, and boy can he write a Country tune but that’s where the good stuff ends. Not every song on TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF is littered with gratuitous bad language or a very casual approach to drug taking but too many are and they are what he appears to want to be known for.
When Bob Wayne puts his mind to it – Get There When I Can, Lyza and Hunger in My Soul are truly great Country songs with a story, excellent guitar licks and fiddle playing that would shame the Devil and, let me tell you; A Pistol and a $1,000 Bill just might be one of the best C&W songs I’ve ever; but that is partly why I’ve decided to hate Bob Wayne with a pathological vengeance.
He can obviously write and perform as well as any of the Hat Acts on the circuit; and in some instances leaves the likes of Dale Watson standing in his shadow; but Wayne chooses to spoil everything with the loathsome swearing and posturing against the law enforcement agencies while promoting the casual use of Class A drugs on other songs.
I’m no prude and when the circumstances dictate can swear like a trooper too; but when the F-word not only litters songs but is used purely for entertainment purposes my heart sinks and my soul shrinks.
Bob Wayne is a big boy now and won’t give a hoot about my opinion; but he has an undoubted talent and has sadly taken the path of least resistance in his quest to be the King of the Rednecks and Biker Gangs who will no doubt lap up the swearing and anti-establishment stance; but are unlikely to buy CD’s in any volume.

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