Adrian Duffy & The Mayo Brothers – United We Fall

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Adrian Duffy & The Mayo Brothers
United We Fall
SR Records

Smooth Alt. Country from the Mean Streets of London Town

There’s no way on earth; in a ‘blind tasting’ that you would ever guess that this album was made by anyone other than native Tennesseeans are perhaps rowdy Texans.
Nope; Adrian Duffy and the May Brothers are actually Irish stock from London but with a lifelong passion for Country music; and it shows in every considered note.
It’s hard to tell if opening track Having It All is a Cowboy ballad about a cracked relationship; or possibly a modern tale of a plastic-gangster; but a gun is involved and it is a cracker whichever interpretation you give it.
Duffy’s lazy drawl is all over this album like cheap perfume and it gives the band’s sound an ‘edge’ other similar bands don’t have. Plus, the judicious use of a banjo and pedal steel compliment both the singer’s voice; which occasionally strays close to Jon Bon Jovi territory at times and the tight rhythm section giving everything a very 80’s Country Rock feel at times.
On the Innocence Of Love and Someone Like You a lesser band would have turned them into a Power Ballad. There’s probably more money in such things; but Duffy and the Mayo Brothers keep them slightly rough around the edges which will always appeal to the likes of me rather than my wife.
Some of the acoustic guitar playing on the title track United We Fall was reminiscent of Bernie Leadon; and the gentle song could easily have come from his back catalogue when I think about it.
My favourite track; and I always aim to point you to the ‘best in show’ is Let Someone Love You, as it’s got some cool guitar parts and the song itself really touched me. It’s run a close second by another ‘love song’ Storm Breaking with it’s CS&N harmonies and well constructed storyline.
It will come as no surprise to find Melvin Duffy has supplied pedal-steel and slide guitar parts to albums by Van Morrison, Squeeze and even Robbie Williams, while the band make up the core of First Aid Kit’s live outfit. Their collective quality shines through like sunshine on a rainy day.

#This is going to a brave/stupid statement; but Adrian Duffy & The Mayo Brothers are akin to Danny and the Champions of the World; but with an even more authentic turn of phrase!

Released July 1st 2015

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