Amelia White – Old Postcard

Amelia 1a
Amelia White
Old Postcard
White Wolf

If Lucinda ever fronted Fleetwood Mac, this might be the outcome 

At 10 years old Amelia White bought the 1968 Martin D-18 that she still uses today, from her brother and subsequently battled her parents for the next 8 years because she said she wanted to have a career in music; eventually leaving home to  to pursue her dream.

Several albums later and a career largely in the shadows of Nashville and beyond brings us to OLD POSTCARD which is something of a ‘game changer’ for the singer-songwriter.

From the opening bars of Big Blue Sun through to the fade onRiver of Dreams you know you’re listening to someone who has lived the life featured throughout the album but somehow she still manages to sing her songs with effortless cool and grace.

Just about every song sticks in the brain like a musical virus; but Mary’s Getting Married, the title track Old Postcard and possibly the song with the best chorus I’ve heard in years; Get Your Cowboy On all stand up there with the very best Americana songs since the term was invented.

There is a cinematic quality to every track; and even if they aren’t autobiographical they are all ‘believable’ and coupled with some exquisite melodies and choruses White has delivered her finest album to date by a Country mile.

Amelia White has assembled a great bunch of friends and musicians to record OLD POSTCARD and she has brought the very best out of every single one of them, with some amazing guitar playing (often snarling, sometimes tender) on every track and what I can only describe as ‘punchy’ drumming and rock-solid bass holding the whole ensemble together to produce a sound that genuinely sounds uncannily like Fleetwood Mac but with a sweet voiced Lucinda Williams on vocals.

White Wolf Records WW005
Release Date – MARCH 10th

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