Ben Maggs – Come As You Are

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Ben Maggs
Come As You Are
Bear Paw Records

A Good Old-Fashioned Singer-Songwriter Passionately Pouring His Heart Out.

I try where I can you give my readers an inkling as to what area/genre an album comes from; as if you were looking in the sections of a record shop; but this one; while rooted in British Folk Music actually harks back to the glory days of Bedsit Singer-Songwriters like James Taylor, John Martyn etc.
Before I talk about the music, can I mention the artwork on the CD cover? Whoever Jamie Mills is, I’d gladly have this image on my living room wall – and I intend finding out more about this interesting artist too.
The Storm, which is the first track really does feel like something terrible is brewing; as Magg’s distinctively warm voice takes you on a literal journey that could easily be a metaphor for a relationship going wrong.
A couple of songs in we hear The Traveller’s Song; the most traditional song here; featuring some fabulously easy going acoustic guitar as the three members of the Budapest Cafe Orchestra add their own charismatic stamp in the background.
The lyrics to Bread of Life; are very much set in today’s world, even has hints of 70’s Folk Rock to it; bringing back memories of Pentangle and Lindisfarne to my age addled mind.
My favourite song, Winter Moon is kept until the very end. Magg’s voice shimmers as he expertly finger picks his guitar and a delightful; but slightly left of centre love song.
All seven songs are written in that same, exciting and figurative style. Are they true? Are they imagined? Who knows; and who cares, because Ben Maggs can really tell an interesting and passionate story that will leave your heart tingling by the final stanza.

Released May 2015

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