Robby Hecht – Robby Hecht (2014)

Robby Hecht
Robby Hecht
Old Man Henry Records

Lyrically astute singer-songwriter serves notice on his Peers  

This is Robby Hecht’s third album and just goes to show what can be achieved by serving an apprenticeship and learning your craft; as every one of the 12 songs here tells its own story and when combined create an album that will end the year on many critic’s Best Of lists.

Opening with the upbeat but maudlin (if such a thing exists) I Don’t Believe It Hecht narrates a harsh break-up in a way I haven’t heard since Billy Joel’s PIANO MAN days.

This is followed by New York City which has a thumping drumbeat throughout his love song to the city that never sleeps and could easily become an unofficial anthem.

Already the listener knows he is in the presence of a special talent; but the album actually goes from strength to strength with The Light is Gone evoking memories of sitting alone in a late night dive with the dregs of the last of one too many drinks sitting in front of you unable to get ‘her’ out of your head; or perhaps that’s just me.

On an album full of exquisite songs I still managed to find two that stand out from the pack; Hecht’s warm voice actually smoulders on Hard Times and the co-write with one of my favourite but painfully underrated songwriters Amy Speace The Sea and The Shore may well be one of the finest Folk songs I’ve ever heard and Lex Price’s production, which is worth mentioning anyway, manages to capture every single note in all their crystal clear stereophonic glory.

If there’s room in your record collection for just one more introspective singer-songwriter, I urge you to give Robby Hecht a try, you won’t regret it.

Old Man Henry Records

released March 24th

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