Jo Bartlett – Highway Bound EP

Jo Bartlett
Highway Bound EP

4 track sampler of Modern Folk with a 70’s twist

As there wasn’t a Press Release with this CD I’ve had to do my own research and I find that Jo Bartlett has been around the music industry in a variety of guises for more years than her photograph would have us believe; (she must have begun as a schoolgirl) recording intermittently and releasing her own solo album in 2010.

What goes on to be a reasonably impressive quartet of songs gets off to a God-awful start with some electronic wizardry (circa 1986) that introduces a delightful song called Highway Found; that features some enchanting violin and guitar to compliment Jo Bartlett’s softly expressive voice.

The violin and perhaps a cello combine to pave the way forMeasure to the Storm which had my mind wandering back to the heady days of my youth when Folk music had ‘progressive leanings’ with; groups like String Driven Thing and singers like Juddee Sill.

While Rising to the Bait and Suitable Drama, which make up the quartet of songs are pleasant enough; there is still the unmistakable whiff of 1970’s Bedsit singer-songwriter about the pair of them.

The tracks are all very well produced and Jo Bartlett has a very nice voice; but I’m still left wondering what the purpose of the EP is; as it is hardly ground-breaking nor even commercial in today’s marketplace.

Released May 19th
Strike Back SBR204D

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