Red Pine Timber Company – Different Lonesome

red pine timber co Digital Front Cover_medium

Red Pine Timber Company

Different Lonesome

Red Pine Records RPRCD001

 Yeehaw! Americana and Celtic Folk-Rock have a baby in rural Scotland


  Sometimes reviewing albums can be a chore; but occasionally you crack open a scruffy oyster and discover a musical pearl which is what we have here.

  Red Pine Timber Company are the brainchild of Gavin JD Munro one of the the band Southpaw; and are a loose collective of professional musicians, buskers and students who were drawn together because of their love of this type of music.

  Although the band have toured Scotland on an occasional basis for over four years this is their début album; and that professionalism has worn away any rough edges on these 12 self-written songs which just ooze class from every pore.

  The album opens with Lonely Days are Gone which is followed by the title track; and the gauntlet is firmly thrown down to their counterparts in Austin and Nashville. Both songs are rock solid Americana, with jangling guitars competing with a tight brass section and; in singers JD Munro and Katie Burgoyne who have voices that sound world weary and as fresh as a daisy; they are cooler than most coming from across the Pond these days.

  What sets them apart from the rest is best observed on Save My Soul which is a great song; introduced by a mandolin and trombone which go on to form the backbone of a beautiful track; that may be influenced by the Cahoots era Band.

  If the rocky track The Way it Was was recorded by Chuck Prophet or a band like Drive-By Truckers the music world would be singing it’s praises; but it’s sitting here among another 11 songs of equal quality; so I will sing its praises for you – it truly is a gem; hunt it out.

  I’ve had to listen to DIFFERENT LONESOME during a very cold and damp period of the year; but songs like the lap-steel drenched The Speaking of Your Name and No Direction, which has a glorious trumpet solo in the middle, will definitely go onto be part of the soundtrack to my Summer.

  Although Scottish in origin, if there is a benevolent God, Red Pine Timber Company have the ability to take this music back to its home land and be a huge success.


Released April 2014





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