Bonnie Whitmore – There I Go Again (2013)

bonnie whitmore v
Bonnie Whitmore
There I Go Again

Another Americana Star is Born

Three weeks ago I’d never heard of Bonnie Whitmore; but a positive review of the Mastersons; of which Bonnie’s sister Eleanor is 50% meant I received this delightful surprise through the post yesterday.

Sometimes it can take me several plays of a record to get a taste for it; but with THERE I GO AGAIN it was during the first spin that I decided that I was now an unashamed fan.

Even without an array of songs that are really well written, interesting and intelligent Bonnie’s voice would still excite me if she was singing a telephone directory.

There is a richness and depth to her singing style that can only be equated to Stevie Nicks and Linda Ronstadt and she is supported by a band that wants the listener to hear the singer without trying to steal any glory.

The title track There I Go Again opens the album and is the heady mix of modern Country and Mountain Music that so many singers coming out of Music Row have failed to achieve in the last 10 years (you know who I mean).

Heartbreaker is pretty much what it says on the tin; and Bonnie’s voice soars and sweeps not unlike Dionne Warwick did on her song of the same name; but this song is Americana right through to the core.

THERE I GO AGAIN is Bonnie Whitmore’s second album and, much like its predecessor was written on the back of a broken relationship; but this time she certainly isn’t feeling sorry for herself as Too Much Too Soon and Cryin’ Out For Me,which follows will testify. Whitmore isn’t sitting crying in the corner; she’s giving as good as she got in song.

I keep coming back to the rolling rootsy Borderline time and time again and I don’t know why; as it has all the hallmarks of a great Alt-Country song with the punchy drumbeat and organ groove; but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone like Mumford and Sons recorded it note for note.

The album ends with the wonderfully sweet and soulful Be The Death of Me; which features some clever acoustic guitar playing, but it’s the subtle mandolin breaks that made my hair stand on end.

As is the way of the World these days THERE I GO AGAIN is the product of a Kickstarter campaign and those who supported Ms. Whitmore can be assured that she won’t be Americana’s Best Kept Secret for much longer.

Released 11th June 2013

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