Third Eye Blind – DOPAMINE

third eye blind

Third Eye Blind
Mega Collider Records

A Heady Mix of Crashingly Good Indie New-Wave Pop Songs.

Those of you who have followed the trials and tribulations of my health problems over the last few weeks will know I have seamlessly moved from tear inducing singer-songwriters through to guitar riddled opuses with composite ease. Third Eye Blind err on the side of the latter but at least two songs here got me all misty eyed.
I was aware of the bands name from seeing it up in lights the last time they played Newcastle O2 Academy; but apart from that I had no idea what to expect when the first track came crackling out of the car speakers.
Everything is Easy was a rather pleasant surprise as it conjured up memories of the New Wave that swept British Pop Music when Punk finally withered on the vine. Two guitars fight for the limelight as singer Stephan Jenkins adopts something of a Michael Hutchence meets Pete Shelley interpretative vocal style.
I had to turn the volume up for the title track, Dopamine and the car was absolutely rocking as Jenkins lets rip on a pseudo-Punk anthem that will have the fans bouncing in the air when played live. Power chords? Of course!
Following straight afterwards is Rites of Passage which is probably the stand out track here; with the band sounding as tight as a ducks bum while the singer pours his heart out in a Doorsian theatrical manner.
Not everyone will feel the way I did the first (second, third and fourth) time I heard Get Me Out of Here, but when Third Eye Blind channel their finest Queen moments on a song that veers on the edge of being a Power Ballad; but reigning it in at the appropriate moments my tear ducts filled up.
Album closer Say It had a similar effect; but on repeated listening the high notes Jenkins hits with aplomb are a bit too much like Freddie Mercury for my taste; but I know a man who will love it.
Looking back on my words a week after first writing them and following some harrowing scenes on the TV News I have to draw your attention to Exiles which is an acoustic driven song and full of some very powerful and ‘on the button’ lyrics. A beautiful and heartfelt song.
There is a ‘British feel to Third Eye Blind’s first album in six years; combing elements of New Wave, Glitter, Indies and a bit of Punk here and there. First formed in 1993 the band still sound young and fresh faced and that last six years seems to have been spent well.
A band an album that crosses all boundaries of age and genre.

Released UK 30th October 2015