The Black Widows – Love and Lust (2013)

The Black Widows
Love and Lust

Refreshing fun time Alt-Country Rockers


The album opens with a rocking Hammond organ and chunka-chunka guitar before the singer swaggers onto the scene and kicks the tables over in his quest to get noticed on Post Golden Gate Blues. Sadly I was sitting in my office as this Post-Punk, Alt-Country, Pub Rocker belted out of my tiny; but powerful speakers and all I could think of after two minutes was “I can’t wait to play this in the car!”

Track two, Arkansas Sound has a military drum beat and a guitar based melody to die for, as the singer lets his girl know she has broke his heart; but not his spirit and he’s damn well going to move on.

It soon dawned on me that; while not quite being a Concept Album every song on LOVE & LUST is a love song of some sorts and somewhere in here is a tale of love, lust, heartbreak and (hopefully) redemption.

A couple of songs slow down and get nice and soulful, in a manly kind of way and I defy anyone not to get misty eyed when listening to I’d Give You My Heart especially when Scott Francis wails “I’m a train wreck/Leaving the station” as buzz saw guitars and a pounding drumbeat create a soundtrack to his breakdown.

I’ve had the conversation that must have led up to Small Town Queen too many times over the years; and The Black Widows have captured that fractured spirit as well as anyone on Music Row has in the last 20 years!

Does the ‘story’ have a happy ending? I’m not saying; but the finale Back Home features a duet and some delightful honky-tonk piano playing from Dom Taylor and s rhythm section straight out of a Soho cellar.

The Black Widows hail from the ‘other’ Newcastle (in the Midlands) and come across as the best Pub Rock band in the World sounding like Graham Parker fronting the Waco Brothers and I can’t praise this album highly enough.


UK Release 13th May 2013

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