Drivin n Cryin – Best of Songs

drivin rm

Drivin n Cryin

Best Of Songs

Plowboy Records PLO-LP-1025

 Yeehaw! More fun than you can shake a stick at!

Drivin n Cryin have been around for nigh on 30 years and in that time managed to produce more songs that make smile and wiggle my bum to, than just about anyone else; and the Driving ( and crying force?) behind the band, Kevin Kinney is; in my humble opinion an unsung genius.

This Vinyl Only LP is a tongue in cheek ‘Best Of’ being a collection of tracks from four EP’s that band recorded between June 2012 and January 2014, when they obviously had a blast reliving their youth in the Plowboy Studio under the tutelage of Cheetah Chrome.

Even if you only manage to get hold of only one track (shame on you) make it the opener; Hot Wheels from the Songs about Cars, Space & The Ramones EP and it is the epitome of Summertime Pop/Rock music that must be played LOUD in the car or on a jukebox; this just won’t sound ‘right’ on a Technics hi-fi.

Shamelessly tipping their baseball caps at their musical heroes and influences; I could hear the Surfaris in the cool instrumental Space Eyes, Tom Petty in Roll Away the Song, The Ramones (of course) in Out Here in the Middle of Nowhere and even the Stones in the fantastic Dirty!

Eventually Best of Songs rolls nicely to a close with two stunningly gorgeous songs; first is their ode to REM which sounds just like the real thing; and then The Little Record Shop Just Around the Corner which is the best song Alice Cooper never recorded!

Even the gatefold sleeve (remember them?) is a pastiche of the old K-Tel covers from our collective youth; and that just about sums up the glorious hotchpotch of styles here; Drivin n Cryin have used up everything from their own eclectic record collections to produce my Sound of the Summer.


RELEASED May 12th 2015

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