Danny Bryant – Temperature Rising

danny bryant

Danny Bryant

Temperature Rising

Jazzhaus Records

British Guitar Slinger comes of age

I tried very hard to like Danny Bryant’s previous album Hurricane but somehow never quite warmed to that particular version of the Blues; perhaps it was too Heavy for me.
Temperature Rising isn’t a whole lot different but I like it a lot. There’s something different to the production and sound; even though I can’t quite put my finger on what; but this album could be a game-changer for the young man from the Deep South (of England).

Still referred to as a ‘prodigy’ and even ‘young’ Bryant has been on the Blues Road for 14 years and is now in his early thirties; but it’s that apprenticeship that creates music as good as this.

Opening track ‘Best of Me’ sets the bar very high as Bryant manages to throw his heart and soul into a well-constructed song while playing some searing guitar licks at the same time as Richard Hammerton brings back memories of Jon Lord as he knocks Hell out of his organ in the background.

‘Take Me Higher’ which follows is what we used to call a Power Ballad and if the wind is blowing in the right direction could easily give Bryant plenty of airtime on the radio.
While the title track ‘Temperature Rising’ is another potent Blues Rocker that will have heads nearly shaken off when played in concert; for me not only the best track on the album and the best song I’ve heard from Danny Bryant but ‘Razor Sharp’ would have made a more apt title as it sums up Bryant’s guitar playing and attitude.

The album closes with slow and brooding Blues ballad called ‘Guntown’ which is perfectly suited for the guitarist’s deep and husky voice.

All nine tracks here are a solid mix of timeless, vibrant Blues and Rock in the vein of Bryant’s mentor and best friend Walter Trout, but unlike many of the elder statesman’s earlier albums Danny keeps the guitar solos short and tight on record; letting them punctuate his singing and allowing the band to do what they do best in the background.

By the time you read this Danny Bryant will be touring America as the frontman in Walter Trout’s Band; and if those audiences get to hear Temperature Rising too this could be the start of a new juncture in Danny Bryant’s career.

Jazzhaus Records JHR095

Released September 1st 2014

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