Radio – Radio!

Over the last few years I’ve presented a couple of Community Radio Shows under the guise of the Jumping Hot Club Radio Show; but had to pull the plug earlier this year due to work commitments.

If time permits I will be uploading a series of podcasts that include music from the albums reviewed on this site – all music no talk!

Here’s Episode 1

  1. Tom Russell – Guilty/Johnny Behind the Deuce (Rose of Roscrae)
  2. The Grahams – Glory Bound (Glory Bound)
  3. Banditos – Still Sober (Banditos)
  4. Grant Langston – Me & Margaret (Hope You’re Happy Now)
  5. Vera Van Heeringen – Milk and Honey (Proper Brew)
  6. Seasick Steve – Barracuda ’68 (Sonic Soul Surfer)
  7. Voo Davis – Howlin’ Your Name (Midnight Mist)
  8. Leo ‘Bud’ Welch – Goin’ down slow (I don’t prefer no Blues)
  9. Mishka Shubaly – Frankenstein Heart (Cowards Path)
  10. Kimmie Rhodes – Don’t Leave Me Like This (Cowgirl Boudoir)
  11. Malcolm Holcombe – Mouth Harp Man (RCA Sessions)
  12. Alice DiMicele – Old Life Back (Swim)
  13. Robin Adams – The Garden (The Garden)
  14. Malojian – Communion Girls (Southlands)
  15. Anthony Toner – Cadillac Graveyard (Miles and Weather)
  16. Graham Parker and the Rumour – Going There (Mystery Glue)
  17. Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – Music and Friends ( So Delicious)