Vera Van Heeringen – Proper Brew

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Vera Van Heeringen

Proper Brew

Wood & Steel

Delicious Country-Folk for the folk in the country

What does it take for singers like Vera Van Heeringen to get a break? I absolutely raved about her debut album Standing Tall, a couple of years ago and she’s been a constant fixture on the UK circuit ever since; yet I doubt 5% of the people reading this have heard of her. Harrumph!

Sermon over; Vera has a beautiful voice; warm and not too deep and not only can she write imaginative songs she can play the acoustic guitar better than most.

Proper Brew opens with the charmingly catchy Believer; which could come from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains if I didn’t know any better; but I do and it doesn’t and it’s a similar tale later with Mad Jack; perhaps it’s the mandolin on the former and fiddle on the latter.

Vera’s clever songwriting soon comes into play with the melancholic break up song, Cold Winter Evening and I defy even the toughest of men not to wipe away a tear by the end.

I’m not normally a fan of instrumentals; unless it’s something by the Shadows; but the title track, Proper Brew really showcases her skills on the guitar and hasn’t had me skipping it so far.

When the mood takes her Vera van let it swing too; as Riverside House and album closer It’s All Been Said both prove; as the tunes really bounce along as the songs develop like spring flowers.

To the untrained ear like mine it’s difficult to say whether Vera Van Heeringen is a Folk Singer fronting a Country band or vice versa; but whatever it is I urge you to discover this charming album.

Released 17th June 2015

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