Patrick Sweany – Daytime Turned to Nighttime

patrick sweany

Patrick Sweany
Daytime Turned to Nighttime
Nine Mile Records

Cool but Sultry Southern Country-Soul

I really liked Sweany’s last album Close to the Floor but hadn’t played it in a long time; so receiving this on a particularly warm late Summer day rekindled some happy memories.
The laid back mood is evident from the opening bottle neck guitar on First of the Week; and when Patrick’s lazy drawl slides seamlessly into place; you know it’s time to kick back and open a cold beer; because you ain’t going anywhere for the next hour at least.
Yet again Sweany has surrounded himself with some cool, but cutting edge musicians that understand this type of music better than anyone.
Songs like Sweethearts Forever and Afraid of You will touch the hearts of lovers everywhere; especially ones who have been together a long time and need that touch of reassurance that rarely comes.
Personally I love the way that Sweany drifts from Soft Southern Rock through, Swamp music and into Gothic Soul, without blinking an eye. Of the latter the gorgeous Back Home and Too Many Hours are loosely in the Boogie style of Dr. John; but very much 100% Patrick Sweany.
Tiger Pride is an absolute footstompin’ joy; as Sweany discusses the type of music he grew up loving on the knee of his Mother who came from ‘Liverpool, England/She saw the Beatles below the street/she never thought much of them/The Swinging Blue Jeans were more her scene’ – now there’s an interesting and clever song with lyrics you never expected to hear in this lifetime!
My favourite track by a Country Mile though, is Here To Stay (Rock and Roll) which evokes memories of Dr. John, Tony Joe White and even John Foggerty but again, it couldn’t be anyone other than Patrick Sweany’s slow world weary drawl and delightful finger picked guitar leading a band straight outta Boone County.
What’s not to like? Patrick Sweany has a timeless voice in the manner of all the great Americana singers dating back to the Band and in my humble opinion, he can comfortably stand shoulder to shoulder with all the household names that the genre has thrown up over the years.
Last thought – if and when they make another Michael Connelly ‘Harry Bosch’ movie set in the Louisiana swamps, I can’t think of anyone better to do the soundtrack.
Released October 23rd 2015