The Warden – Salvation


The Warden
Idol Records

On the Ninth Day God Created Honky-Tonk

On February 6th 2000 my life took a musical surge to the left and my tastes changed forever.
That was the night the Bloodshot Roadshow came to town and featured Miss Kelly Hogan, Sally Timms, Chris Mills and the band billed as ‘sounding like Johnny Cash fronting the Clash’ – The Waco Brothers.
Every Americana/Alt. Country album or gig I’ve encountered since has been measured against that bench mark; and apart from a couple of Old 97’s albums nothing has even come close to replicating how I felt when I first heard the Waco’s until now.
The Warden is to all intents and purposes, stalwart of the East Dallas ‘scene’ Ward Richmond. No; I’d not heard of him either; but this album should and will propel him into bedrooms all over the Western world if there is any justice at all.
Combining all that is good about Country Music that was born in a Honky-Tonk on the wrong side of town; The Warden not only kicks asses from start to finish; but does it to a 3/3 beat.
The album opens with the Twangfest known as Deny, Deny, Deny and doesn’t stop for breath until the first notes notes of the ballad Dark Clouds that closes the show nearly an hour later.
Richmond has a clever and tongue in cheek way with his lyrics; and boy can he put a tune together – try Our Town and 50 Bucks to hear what I mean.
Salvation is a real chug-a-lug, sing-along, Honky-Tonk rabble Rouser that Hank did it this way but Hank III never did!
I like it a lot and I guess The Warden would say his homage to East Dallas; Living in the EDT is his favourite track here; if the sharp observations, Duane Eddy riffs and Jerry Lee piano is anything to go by; and I think it is.
Arguably my favourite track; and the one that best sums up the album is the beer swilling, anti-love song High Life which combines everything I want and need in a 3 minute Rocking and Rolling Country song.
Ward Richmond AKA The Warden – you heard it hear first; but this won’t be the last you hear from him.
Released USA 9th October 2015