Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons – Homemade Vision


Angela Perley and the Howlin’ Moons
Homemade Vision
Vital Music USA

The New Wave of Americana.

If I didn’t know any better I would have thought that this was the great lost Kirsty MacColl Country album if I’d not had the record sleeve in my hands. If you are reading this outside of the UK or you are under 40 years old; the divine Kirsty was the Princess of Pop between 1980 until her tragic death 20 years later. Her songs straddled Pop, Folk, reggae, Indie and Alt. Country; before it even had a name and she had a singular sound all of her own…..until now.
Angela Perley has a similar edgy; self-confident sound to her voice and the way she lives out her songs; songs that are probably Alt. Country in origin but with a spiky and punky edge to them.
White Doves opens with a heart stopping bass line before Angela’s breathless voice slides in and oozes out of the speakers like a warm Summer breeze. The song itself often threatens to become a ‘Rawker’; but Angela and guitarist Chris Conner manage to pull it back from the brink on every verse. A pretty hot way to start any album.
A couple of songs later, Perley’s voice sounds both vulnerable and sexily smoky on Your Love; leaving me with a ‘funny feeling’ in my tummy, as the band strike a strutting ‘Rock and Roll is here to stay’ pose in the background.
For me, this album has come totally out of nowhere; but is actually Angela Perley’s second and all of the songs here are self-penned; showcasing an exciting new talent at the dawn of a career; try Leaving; which sounds like a cross between the Cowboy Junkies and Chrissie Hind after a night on the hard stuff; and later I Don’t Want to Be Your Fool is Garage-Pop at it’s best, and would have been a Top 10 hit in the 80’s if it had been on Stiff Records; yet sounds as fresh as a daisy today in 2016.
Homemade Vision is an absolute blast from start to finish; and choosing a favourite is like looking into a basket of puppies and being forced to pick the cutest; but it’s a challenge I always set myself and have laboured between the sweet and Summery Dandelion Kisses and the kick-ass Green Eyes with it’s stomping beat, crashing cymbals, fiery guitar and Perley singing her little lungs out just for me.
Not an easy choice; but that’s why I pay myself so much money!
Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons first formed in 2009; so this album won’t make them into an ‘overnight success’ but if there is any justice in this world; a success they will be on the strength of this fabulous album.

Released March 21st 2016


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