Statesboro Revue – Jukehouse Revival

states 5

Statesboro Revue
Jukehouse Revival
Blue Rose Records

The Sound that Should Come Out of Car Radios on a Summer Saturday Night.

I loved Statesboro Revue’s last album Ramble on Privilege Creek; likening it to ‘The Sound of the South on a Saturday Night’ and the Mann brothers; who the the group revolve around must have grown up listening to the Allman Brothers and Bob Seger; well in the intervening couple of years they have matured a whole lot and immersed themselves in the Band albums and their numerous solo offshoots; and the result is effortlessly impressive.
The opening thirty seconds or so of opening song Bedroom Floor will make you prick up your ears; and when Stewart Mann’s lazy Southern drawl and brother Garrett’s smouldering guitar ooze out of the speakers I was immediately transported to a part of Georgia or maybe Mississippi that you don’t find on tourist maps.
While the Statesboro Revue wear their influences lovingly on their sleeves; they very much have developed their own distinctive sound; somehow mixing Southern Rock with Jug-Band music on Every Town and the fabulous Honkytonkin’ (which is the cornerstone of the album; with all other tracks sparking out from it.)
Then there is the homage to Levon Helm on Last Ramble; which had me sitting back and tapping out the tune on my belly as I mouthed the words with a big smile on my face.
By then I thought I’d got a handle on the band; but Hell No; Roll on Mama, Tallahassee and Every Town are the type of Country rockers that Elton John got into the charts around about his Don’t Shoot Me and Brown Dirt Cowboy days. Who’d have thunk Country Music could still sound this commercial and even poppy? Not me, that’s for sure.
While I thoroughly love these songs; there are two more that somehow manage to stand out from the crowd; the rocking Bluegrassy Country of Undone, which closes the album and my favourite track, the atmospheric Go Down Slow, which could easily have graced Cahoots or Stage Fright.
So, there you have it; a relatively young band who have carefully evolved into a more mellow Rootsy sound, but still manage to have a commercial edge that will be perfect for Summer Radio.

Released USA August 2015
Released Europe March 2016


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