The Williams Brothers MEMORIES TO BURN

The Williams Brothers
Memories To Burn
Regional Records

Classic Country Music in The Manner it Was Intended to Be Presented.

“Blood Harmony” is defined as what it sounds like when siblings sing together –  seamless, heart-felt and inextricably linked. A reliable and steady beating heart of tenderness and emotion to circulate the message, meaning and life giving force of a well-written song. 

Fine examples are the Everly Brothers, The Louvin Brothers, The Roches, Larkin Poe, and now since 1987, twin brothers, Andrew and David also known as The Williams Brothers. The brothers recorded and released three albums on Warner Brothers from 1987-1993 and found modest success in those 6 years before they cut ties with their label and went their separate ways.
In 1995 The Williams Brothers got together and recorded these 10 songs, now available after 27 years on this tight, well produced compilation entitled, “Memories to Burn.

The record opens with the Robbie Fulks classic, “Tears Only Run One Way.”
The Williams Brothers chose two Fulks numbers for this record and that proves that Andrew and David know great songwriting. I’m also impressed with how hard they lean on their solid vocals to drive this family freight train home. 

Andrew and David played and sang live in the studio with a fantastic power trio comprised of Greg Leisz (Willie Nelson, Eagles) on steel guitar, the late great Don Heffington (Bob Dylan, Emmylou Harris) on drums, and Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice, Counting Crows) on bass.  It’s crazy that these songs sat in a closet for 27 years.
They sound fresh as a daisy while the sound of the room rings true vintage and tickles the ears with nostalgia and first-rate, certified country music.
The tunes are lean numbers, coming in at two minutes or under, they steer clear of gratuitous solos and leave you wanting more. 

Each song is a concise example of The Williams Brothers ability to interpret classic Country music in the manner it was intended to be presented.
Stripped down and densely packed with feeling, accompanied by a simple beat, a steady rhythm and the honey drip of a steel guitar to lift those harmony vocals straight up to heaven like so many “Unanswered Prayers.”
In this humble listeners opinion, “Memories to Burn” are absolutely songs to share!

Review by Emily Duff

RELEASED November 25th 2022


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