Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters

Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters
Live From The Blue Moon
Home Perm Records

A Live Set That Leaps Out of the Speakers and Grabs Your Attention from the Git Go.

If you -like many of us, have been missing live music of late, then Ashleigh Flynn & The Riveters has a special treat for you.
Recorded live on the Blue Moon Stage at the Oregon Country Fair during the summer of 2019, this set of country and Americana tunes literally leaps out of the speakers and grabs your attention from the git go.
Ashleigh Flynn and The Riveters initially formed in 2018, releasing a fantastic debut album, and this live set is full of songs from that album as well as a few fun others and definitely bears repeated listens.
Guitarist Nancy Luca, some wonderfully fun accordion by Jenny Conlee, a tight rhythm section in bassist Carmen Paradise and drummer Jolie Clausen, and backing vocalist Samantha Montanaro all perform with Rock ‘n’ Roll abandon; while staying true to the Alt-Country formula of Flynn’s songs and a couple of well chosen covers.
Check out the first track; “How the West Was Won,” which retells all of those Cowboy tales from a more feminine point of view, and “Fly Away” which is pop country sweetness to die for!
There’s even a Jump ‘n Jiving Country Stomp on “Deep River Hollow” (which also has some sweet harmonies!) and their lively cover of Buck Owens’ “Tiger by the Tail,” sounds like they are really ripping up the stage.
“Big Hat, No Cattle” has a deceptively light-hearted approach while it skewers most likely a third of the audience that was probably in attendance the day it was recorded.
Fearlessness is a true sign of a great songwriter, and Flynn delivers in spades; while her top-notch band takes no prisoners at all.
You can call this music Country, Americana, or whatever you want, but the way the guitars bite, the drums pound, and the bass drives, I will say that this is some of the finest Rocking ‘n’ Rolling ensemble playing I’ve heard since the New York band Girls on Grass.
Add to that some delicious accordion and fun and catty background vocals and this whole 45 minute set goes by way too fast.
Ending the set is an exciting rave up of the Tom Petty classic “American Girl,” right after which Flynn ends the show by telling the crowd to come see them later ” …on the main stage!” and I guarantee if I was there I would have helped the band set up just to speed the act along, ready for more.

Review by the Legendary Roy Peak
Released May 18th 2021


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