Pi Jacobs
Two Truths and a Lie
Travianna Records

The Thought Inducing and Heartbreaking Sound of The South.

There’s a million reasons that I choose or even don’t choose albums buy acts I’ve not heard of for review.
In this case the album artwork was ‘eye-catching’ but first and foremost, the Title TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE made me chuckle; and presume Pi Jacobs had a similar sense of humour to me.
Then, I played opening track Broken Cup and SWOON! Not just were boxes ticked; but new boxes were found in every stanza and chord!
At some stage I will have to pigeon-hole into some kinda genre for you; but that is a) very easy b) difficult as Hell.
Even this song itself conjures up memories of both Bobbie Gentry and Lucinda Williams, perhaps imagine the former singing a song by the latter on a back porch in Downtown Louisiana?
This is followed by Rearview; a staple Country theme of leaving the man ‘who done her wrong’ but this particular song is a bonafide stunner, which simmers and builds until it nearly boils over with emotion!
Pi’s subject matter isn’t always easy to hear; but needs to be heard; and her ‘playfulness’ comes to the fore when she follows the rocky and bouncy It’s Not a Sin to Be Poor with the maudlin Party Girl …… with both songs being Feminist to the core; but so logical even I as an aging Englishman can find myself mentally shouting “You go girl!”
There’s something here for everyone; with Pi’s storytelling pricking not just our consciences but our hearts too with the intense Southern Rocker Diana The Hunter (a true and dark tale of a female vigilante in Mexico who killed two sexual predators!) and the melancholic Waitress Blues too.
I know I am going to get so much more from this album over the coming months; as Jacobs’ songwriting smoulders as much as her melodies on First Thing Tomorrow and album closer Slow On Down, with both threatening to burst into flames one day when I’m least expecting it.
Two Truths and a Lie hits you on many levels, not least with the Country Style story-telling, (and each song is a complete story) but the soulful way Pi Jacobs tells them can make you smile, think and fight back tears all within three or four minutes; which brings me to Adelaide, Montgomery which on an album so full of musical riches still manages to stand out to become the RMHQ Favourite Song; tugging at the heartstrings and making even the most casual of listeners ‘think’ which is quite some achievement; but sounds so simple and undemanding; which it most certainly isn’t!!
To me, there’s more than a smidgen of Lucinda’s influence in Pi Jacobs’ songwriting; but I also sense Goffin & King melodies; Jason Isbell’s rightfulness and Tom Pettys’ kick-ass chords and melodies in there too.
Try it, buy it, love it.

Released February 21st 2020

One thought on “Pi Jacobs TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE

  1. Great review! I was lucky enough to be on the bill with her for her cd release show last week and these songs are just as great live. She is an amazing performer as well as being a super nice person. All the best for Pi!


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