Libby Koch – Just Move On

libby koch 3

Libby Koch
Just Move On
Berkalin Records

Traditional Country Doesn’t Get Any Countrier Than This.

It’s been a busy few months trying to fit in as many reviews as possible; so this album very nearly fell by the wayside; but there was something about the inside cover photo of a smiling Libby Koch from Houston in a denim jacket cradling a gorgeous Gretsch guitar that made me think I would like the contents.
Country Music comes in many formats these days; and being the snob I am I hardly recognise most of it so when I heard the Twanging guitar and then Libby’s emotion dripping voice on the opening track Just Move On, I knew I was going to be in a tear stained Heaven….which is the Country Music I loves.
The song is a belter; a break up song with just the right amount of cracked pathos to keep you interested in the story but boy; what a great voice this woman has.
Just about every song follows in the Love-lost/break-up/Cheating/redemption format, and that’s right up my street.
Bring You Down is a real Honky-Tonky treat with an opening line of ‘Yes, y’all sometimes it feels good to be bad’….come on, what’s not to like?
Lady Luck, on the other hand is a sensitive break up song of the finest hue with some very intelligent songwriting to boot.
Back to Houston is a fascinating song; as the narrator looks back on a broken relationship that means she’s now ‘on a Highway back to Houston after bidding a farewell to Tennessee’; but the heartstrings are still tugging her back.
Oh Dear Lord; how good is You Don’t Live Here Any More? Libby’s voice sounds cracked and pained as sets her man straight in a way I’ve not heard since I discovered Bobbie Cryner all those years ago.
The album closes with a song probably written at the same time. Wish You Were Here opens with some delicious electric guitar followed by Libby’s droll voice “Bring out the bottle and pour me a shot/I thought I was better, but clearly I’m not/I can’t believe after all these years/As I sit in a bar-room/I wish you were here.’
It’s a timeless story that far too many women will feel was written about; and is just the type of song Martina, Faith and Trisha should have been looking for but perhaps it is ‘too Country’ for them these days.
Although very happily married Mrs. Magpie share a mutual passion for albums like this and for once we actually agree on our ‘joint favourite song’……the rocking and toe tapping Chance on Me. Another tale that will resonate with people of ‘a certain age’ as its along the lines of ‘be careful what you wish for’ as Libby sings ‘So suddenly I wonder If just the one I’m looking for has been beside me all these years’…..I’m not taking it too literally; but hey…..sometimes…….
Sometimes fate plays a hand in what I listen too and this album has been a real treat; and I really think you will like it too.

Released June 24th 2016

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