The Stray Cats 40

The Stray Cats
Mascot Records

Break Out The Brylcreem and Rev Up The Rat Rod ….. They’re Back!!!!

What’s left to say about The Stray Cats, apart from…….. why has taken 26 bloody years to get back together and record an album?????
I guess I know the answer, as all three founder members have gone on to have fairly succesful post-Cats careers; especially Brian Setzer with the variants on his ‘Orchestra’, but Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker have had their own moments in the spotlight too over the last quarter century too; but does anything really compare to The Stray Cats in full flow?
The fabulous single Cat Fight (Over a Dog Like Me) simply fizzes with teenage hormones; and I can’t think of any better way to get this particular party started, with all three cats coming together like the coolest gang in town; the type that scares you a little bit, but makes you want to be their mates too.
What the Hell’s not to like about good time greasy Rock & Roll?
For a three piece band, with very limited instrumentation The Stray Cats really can kick up a mighty fine ruckus; but in a seamlessly classy way too, with Three’s a Charm, Mean Pickin’ Mama and Devil Train all crossing the boundary that makes you wonder if this is Rockabilly or Honky-Tonk Country ……. but that’s where this glorious type of music came from isn’t it? Then when Setzer sets his guitar to stun on I Attract Trouble, there’s even a hint of Dick Dale’s Surf classics in the mix too; and with the Psycho Blues mash-up Cry Danger and the sexually swaggering R&B of Rock It Off and That’s Messed Up The Stray Cats really do prove Rock and Roll really is the bastard child of popular music!
Every single track here could easily have been a Hit Single in every decade from the 1950’s until now; and I can give you an articulate argument as to why we need this music today more than ever before!
Which all brings me to my two Favourite Tracks, the Hank B Marvin aka The Shadows influenced instrumental Desperado is not just timeless, but futuristic too and really does showcase what excellent musicians this undervalued trio really are; and the other is the feisty I’ve Got Love If You Want It, which obviously nods in the direction of our favourite ever Rockers Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Elvis (especially the way Setzer sneers a couple of line) but this is ultimately the best Stray Cats song since Sexy and 17 IMHO.
It’s a bit weird that a band like this can come full circle after 40 years in the business (hence the title 40) and sound not just as sharp as a cut-throat razor but with this bunch of well written, well constructed and fundamentally danceably fun songs ……. be just as relevant and necessary today in 2019 than ever before.

Released May 24th 2019


Howlin’ Ric & The Rocketeers
You’re Lovin’ Days Are Through (Single)
Gin House Records

WAHAY! We loved their demos a couple of years ago; and in the intervening time Howlin’ Ric and the Rocketeers appear to have been on the road day and night delivering their own blend of high energy and very danceable R&B drenched Rock and Roll to clubs and theatres the length and breadth of the UK!
The band were in touch last week giving us a shiny new copy (well, a download actually!) of this, their first single You’re Lovin’ Days Are Over/Sweet Ella Mae from the forthcoming debut LP WAITING BY THE DANCEFLOOR!

Released May 22nd 2019 #

Daddy Long Legs LOWDOWN WAYS

Daddy Long Legs
Lowdown Ways
Yep Roc

Red Raw Rock & Roll, a Side-Order Of Fiery Cajun Tunes and Plenty of Sizzling Country Blues Too.

YOWZA! YOWZA! and indeed YOWZA!
This album arrived twice in the same week from both the US and UK publicists and both included personal notes ‘suggesting RMHQ will like this a lot’ …… how well some people know me now.
First of all, Mrs. Magpie suggested I turn it off last week …….. which is usually a good sign, plus I love the arrogance of any Rock n Roll band who start an album with their very own signature tune; which is what we get here with the Theme From Daddy Long Legs; and I’m buggered if I can actually describe this Voodoo drenched red raw, Rhythm AND Blues which both rocks and rolls in a way I’ve not heard in eons.
Then, things only get weirder!
I have no idea what this Pink Lemonade that vocalist Brian Hurd sings about but I’d love a big glass please.
Daddy Long Legs’s influences are far too many and far too diverse to list; but I certainly hear Howlin’ Wolf, Capt. Beefheart and JD Wilkes from the Legendary Shackshakers in Glad Rag Ball and Snagglepuss; but I’m sure you will find your own Roots, Rock Weirdo’s inhabiting Be Gone, Glad Rag Ball and Mornin’, Noon & Nite; but at the end of the day who out their doesn’t wear their influences on their sleeves? This is one highly complex Gumbo from start to finish and the only sounds you will care about is the firecrackers that Daddy Long Legs keep setting off in your head.
Even when Daddy Long Legs pour their hearts out in a ballad, with Back Door Fool you half expect it to become a murder ballad; and I’m not 100% sure it’s not actually.
Just when you are getting your head around Daddy Long Legs’s potent brew they throw in a fiery Cajun tune in the guise of Celaphine; and I defy anyone to keep up with this wicked tempo when tapping their toes, never mind dancing.
Not for the first time, this is an album that I could put a blindfold on to choose a Favourite Song; but I’m going to actually select two songs (then instantly regret my choices I’m sure!).
First there’s the feisty Ding Dong Dong which sounds like something from one of Alan Lomax’s field recordings; but I’m assured it’s brand new; and it will make you want to dance like young Forest Gump; trust me.
The other is nearly ‘contemporary’ by comparison; and if you play Bad Neighbourhood loud enough you will scare the Bejasus out of your neighbours …… I know; because I did quite by accident when I opened my car door one night!
For a NYC trio Daddy Long Legs sure sound like authentic they come from a swamp somewhere off the map in the Deep, deep South, and they are going to be the band that will blow you away at some Festival this summer.

Released May 10th 2019

Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul SUMMER OF SORCERY

Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul
Wicked Cool/UMe

A Very Rock & Soul Summer Soundtrack.

Stevie Van Zandt is many things, and I won’t bore you with a list (as it would be very long); and with so much going on in his work life I think he forgets that first and foremost he’s a Rock n Roller of the finest hue in his very own rites!
I was first aware of this release about a month ago when his PR Company sent a list of forthcoming releases and this diamond was tucked away in the middle…… no fanfare, no dancing girls, no fireworks…… nothing. At RMHQ we believe Little Stevie Van Zandt deserves a a big whizz band furore whenever he releases a new record; but we are funny like that.
Hey ho!
Steve himself must think so too, the way The Disciples of Soul throw every they have into the intro of Communion which ‘blasts the bloody doors off’ the start of the disc! For a man who has lived the life he has, Van Zandt’s voice doesn’t deserve to be this good, or indeed ‘sexy’ on a truly explosive R&B infused Rock n Roller.
This is followed by the first and possibly the biggest surprise here, Party Mambo ……. but why the Hell not? Steve has always had a love of music from all 4 corners of the world (check out his radio shows) and I’m sure this delightful little missive will be a highlight of his imminent tour, probably kick starting the encores?
There is something here to please everyone; with the gorgeously epic Rockers Summer of Sorcery and Superfly Terraplane sitting alongside the swinging 60’s R&B of Soul Power Twistin’ and Vortex, while the band get their funky party groove on with Gravity; and the surprise is that it’s no surprise at all that this heady concoction works.
He’s done it before, but for me Stevie hasn’t quite cracked the lovelorn crooner act before as well as he does with Love Again and more especially the creamy smooth Suddenly, during which he embraces his inner Bobby Darin.
Finding a Favourite Track this soon hasn’t been easy, and I’m sure this choice will change as I delve deeper into each track over the coming months; but this morning I’m going for the feisty and powerful A World of Our Own over I Visit The Blues because I love inflection and warble in his voice on the former whereas the latter is exactly what I’d dreamed of and hoped I’d hear again from the Prince of Little Italy, therefore less of a surprise.
OK there are elements of E Street Band in here; and why not; but there’s also plenty of nods to Curtis Mayfield, Joe Cocker and maybe even Stevie Wonder in the shadows of a couple of tracks too…… but this is 100% Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul at their finest and indeed, grooviest from start to finish.
I love the way the album swoops and sweeps with highs and lows that will blow you away the first time you hear it; and a few times you will find yourself instinctively going for the replay button; don’t just sit back and enjoy the ride……. it’s like a winding trip at sunset along the coast in an open top sports car.

Released May 3rd 2019

Keith Richards TALK IS CHEAP

Keith Richards
Talk is Cheap

Legendary Guitarist Gets His ‘Funk On’ and Finds His Voice.

I actually remember this on it’s original release in 1988. My mate Malcolm bought it and brought it straight round to my house for us to listen together; as you did in the olden days.
We played it twice and I doubt he ever listened to it again.
We just didn’t get it.
Fast forward 30 years and it’s now been on auto-repeat for three days in the RMHQ office…….. and I ‘now get it!’
It’s been difficult listening without remembering that day when we both had long hair and droopy moustaches, vaguely remembering my ‘thoughts’….. but today; I’m taking it at face value and it’s fair to say, TALK IS CHEAP may actually have been ‘before it’s time’ in 1988.
If this was a brand new release, opening track Big Enough would be a cool Rock-Reggae hybrid with a funky back-beat, mostly supplied by Maceo Parker on saxophone and a bit of an edge to the singer’s brusque singing style (that’s Keef, that is btw).
Track #2 Take It So Hard features some really chunky guitar, the kind we normally associate with the Stones; but the mood is a lot more New York Eastside than it is South East London; which is probably why I’ve been tapping my fingers to it this week, and thirty years ago I was mystified!
Keith’s signature guitar licks are littered throughout every song; but the album is much more about the actual songs; and there are quite a few ‘keepers’ among them.
Make No Mistake is on the mellower side of Rock, and is more akin to Hall & Oates than anything Muddy Waters ever recorded as Richards’ almost croons a lovely song alongside the delightful voice of Sarah Dash.
With a lot of water flowing under my musical bridge since I first heard Whip It Up; it’s now a song that fits perfectly into the burgeoning Alt. Country canon; especially the bands who’s Roots are in Exile on Main Street as opposed to Bakersfield!
Kieth actually goes back to his own Roots on the fiery and eminently danceable Rock & Roller Could Have Stood You Up; and it’s worth checking out if only to hear the dual between Johnnie Johnson on piano and Chuck Leavell on organ; which mesmerised me so much it made me miss Mick Taylor’s astonishing solo half way through!
I’m going to take a deep breath and say that TALK IS CHEAP has aged a lot better than anyone could possibly have expected; which brings me to the two songs that tie for Favourite Track Status……. the final track here It Means a Lot is one helluva Funk-Rocker, and bizarrely Keith’s vocals and guitar playing actually remind me of Johnny Winter somehow! But the song itself has all the hallmarks of being a crowd pleaser if ever played live. The other ‘winner’ is the straight-up ‘four to the floor’ How I Wish, which is just a certified doozy! No more and no less.
That’s the ‘normal release’ but I urge you to splash the cash and invest in the Deluxe 2 x CD release with a superb booklet and another disc of unreleased tracks.
The first time I played this album I skipped over track #1 Blues Jam but as I type and listen on headphones, it’s obviously a bunch of Master Musicians ‘getting their groove on’ akin to that Al Kooper/Mike Bloomfield album and I’d love to be in a cafe when it comes on over the speakers.
Would it have been fair to have selected a song from the rarities as my Favourite? I think not; but this sparkling version of My Babe alongside a coolly rambling take on Big Town Playboy has gone onto three ‘playlists’ on my trusty I-Phone!
The finale, Brut Force starring Keith and Bootsy Collins is smouldering, fascinating, intriguing and well worth the record company dusting it off for this release.
My initial expectations weren’t very high; as I said at the beginning, but honestly and truthfully TALK IS CHEAP in either or both formats has certainly aged very well indeed; and is well worthy of your hard earned cash over the coming weeks (the LP will be available around Record Store Day coincidentally!).

Released March 29th 2019

‘Talk Is Cheap’ Deluxe Box Set also comes with
–       180g LP album &180g LP bonus material
–       the 7” Single (Take It So Hard / I Could Have Stood You Up)
–       the 7” Single (Make No Mistake / It Means A Lot)
–       CD album & CD containing bonus material
–       80 page hardback book featuring Anthony De Curtis essay, new interview with Keith Richards and extensive photos,
–       Memorabilia: 1x tour laminate, 2x lyric sheets, original ‘Talk Is Cheap’ playback invite, tour guitar pick and 2x posters
–       Housed in a folio pack wrapped in Fender guitar case material

‘Talk Is Cheap’ Super Deluxe box set
–       Limited & Numbered
–       All content matches the Deluxe Box set
–       Comes with added special feature, a one-of-a-kind exclusive casing replicating Keith’s favourite Fender Guitar ‘Micawber’
–       Features hand-relined ash wood with original Fender guitar elements, handmade at the Fender Custom Shop in California

Don Gordon’s Bandolier BANDOLIER TALES

Don Gordon’s Bandolier
Bandolier Tales

Pure Dead Quality From Start to Finish.

Don Gordon? Apparently an ex-member of Glaswegian band The Primevals and a long time collaborator with our chum Wily Bo; which hiked this release straight up the to-do list!
Before I actually tell you about the wondrous music on this album, I have to tell you that it’s ‘not for everyone’ as Mrs. Magpie and her famous scowl will testify! But, if you enjoy singers who are blessed with larynx’s like Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and two of Glasgow’s finest; Messr’s Alex Harvey & Dave Arcari you are gonna love these songs!
The jangly guitar that leads into opening track September Rain will remind you of Teenage Fanclub at their height; but when Wily Bo enters the fray, drawling Don Gordon’s magnificent words with Louise Ward double-tracked on backing vocals; you know you aren’t in Kansas any more Toto. The song is really, really special in a way that defies categorisation….. is it the Blues? Sort of. Is it Rock? Not really, but maybe. Is it Contemporary Pop? Yessish; but add all three together and it’s the perfect introduction to Don Gordon’s Bandolier and the music that they create.
That classy, enigmatic theme continues through Pictures of Lanark, a duet between Wily Bo and Louise which reminded me of those songs Nick Cave and Kylie recorded; but with a catchy melody.
There are but 7 songs here and each is as memorable as each other, but invariably ‘different’ too; with the Bandoliers getting all smouldering and swampy on I Will Be There but turning Cryin’ Out into a thrill a minute car chase of a twisted Gospel song, and closing the album with Walking In The Past which sounds like it could have been the soundtrack to a Film-Noir LA Cop thriller; which features some extraordinary diesel powered bass and drumming from Clarky and The Rocket.
This leaves but two other songs to talk about. Bandolier/Prayer whizzed me back to those nights when I would sit in my bedroom listening to the Sensational Alex Harvey Band on headphones; trying to make sense of the exciting and mesmerising sound that was filling my head. It’s the same here; if I tell you that it’s a sort of Epic Rock Song featuring The Doune & Deanston Pipe Band (them’s real bagpipes btw), Louise Ward sounding all floaty and siren like while Don Gordon makes his guitar strings sound like they are made from slithering snakeskin and Wily Bo partly sings through a decoder before summoning up the demons in our Souls you will think I’m mad….. but give it a listen; it’s bloody cracking!
Then of course, there has to be my Favourite Song, and it was an easy selection. While possibly the most commercial song here Who’s Kissing You? not just fits in perfectly but stands out like a sunflower at noon too, as Gordon makes his guitar not just weep but bleed too as Clarky and The Rocket keep better time than a brand new Rolex, behind him and the glorious singers Wily Bo and Louise Ward.
While I’m always flattered to receive albums by household names and even the occasional Superstar at RMHQ, but albums like this are not just the life blood of my site but the Music Industry too…… with ‘Quality’ being the word that kept coming into my head as every song came onto the stereo and again now, as I type.

Released October 2018


JP Soars & The Red Hots
Southbound I-95
Soars High Productions

All Hail Swamp Rock & Roll From the Blues Lagoon.

Nearly everything about this album has surprised me, from the quirky cartoon cover, right through to I-Tunes listing my download as ‘Blues’. Yup; there’s certainly ‘Blues Music’ in here, but there’s Swamp Music, Hill Country, Surf guitar and some crackling Singer-songwriter songs straight from the Classic Folk Songbook too…….This is Roots Music Deluxe!
Oh man! Soars cracked and crackling voice on opening track, It Ain’t No Dahnia Beach reminded me of so many of my favourite singers; but sounds like none of them whatsoever! Lived in? Yup. Expressive? Yup. Leathery? Yup. And more, I guess….. but it’s so wonderful the way he delivers his words I felt I was sitting on a beach in Carolina or or the backwaters of Florida watching the coolest band on earth playing in the ramshackle bar.
That feeling remains right through the album btw.
If you aren’t sitting drinking beer watching this band; these songs make the perfect soundtrack to the drive to such a bar!
Title track Southbound I-95 opens with some of the dirtiest Surf guitar this side of Dick Dale, and the song sounds like it could or should be from a Tarantino movie; as do Satisfy My Soul and the Mambotastic Dog Catcher which has had my shaking my hips more than once; I can admit.
Roots Music comes in many shapes and forms; but very rarely is it this much fun!
JP Soars gives us an absolute Roots Gumbo with some N’Orleans R&B on The Grass Ain’t Always Greener, a healthy dose of Memphis Soul glides though Shining Through The Dark and both versions of Sure As Hell Ain’t Foolin’ Me (especially the sweary version!) is a weird Dr. John/Duane Eddy hybrid with a Country Noir spine to it.
Soars and his chums can really, really get their Rocks Off when they put their collective mind to it too; with some searing and sizzling guitar complimenting JP’s grizzled vocals on the exquisite Born in California and again on Troubled Waters, which might be the finest Southern Rock song I’ve heard in nigh on 40 years!
There are even three fabulous instrumentals dotted throughout, which act as musical palette cleansers; and in another life Arkansas Porch Party,
When You Walk Out The Door and the atmospheric Go With The Flow with it’s quirky ending would be the basis for a whole album of such tunes, were it not for JP Soars amazing voice having to take precedence.
Aha! On such a parcel of delights how can I choose a Favourite Song? Quite easy when you have such good taste as what I have (hahaha)……. while there are actually a few contenders I’m choosing the Blues and Mariachi drenched Deep Down in Florida, which makes my spine tingle every time I hear Albert Castiglia and Soars himself duelling on those magical guitar solos.
I don’t know when you will be reading this; but I’m writing as I suffer with an ear infection; and such is the power of JP Soars and his album SOUTHBOUND I-95 I can’t stop myself smiling and tapping my toes.
All Hail Roots Rock & Roll!

Released March 8th 2019

Stray Cats CAT FIGHT (Single)

The Stray Cats
Cat Fight (Over a Dog Like Me!)
Surf Dog/Mascot Records

Oh Lordy Lord! Somedays 2 minute and 15 seconds is all you need from a record to know it’s brilliant; and when you know it’s only a pre-cursor to a Full album featuring the Original trio of The Stray Cats who are celebrating FORTY YEARS in the business; what the Hell is not to like?

” All revved up and red hot, The STRAY CATS are back.  
Brian Setzer (guitar, vocals), Lee Rocker (bass, vocals) and Slim Jim Phantom (drums, vocals)–original founding members of the iconic and acclaimed American rock and roll trio–are celebrating their 40th Anniversary  in 2019 with a new album and tour (*see tour dates below).  
 STRAY CATS have titled the album 40. Marking their first new album in 26 years, it will be released May 24 via Surfdog Records and distributed by Mascot Label Group (CD, LP, Digital) in Europe and the UK (CD, vinyl, digital). The song titles alone–including “Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like Me),” “Rock It Off,” “Mean Pickin’ Mama,” and “Devil Train”—instantly let listeners know they’re in for a non-stop rocking good time.”

“Cat Fight (Over A Dog Like Me),” is available now with a pre-order of the album.  The song is also streaming on Spotify and on YouTube.  A Limited Box with CD including 2 bonus tracks and the Stray Cats-themed coasters (2x), postcard and 2 stickers will arrive on May 24. As well as limited LP on 180 grams silver vinyl:

The STRAY CATS recorded 40 at Blackbird Studios in Nashville in late 2018 following their first North American shows in 10 years, with four concerts including sold-out headlining shows in Las Vegas and the PacificAmphitheatre in CostaMesaCA before wildly enthusiastic audiences. Still buzzing from the thrill of playing together again and crowd response, they went into the studio with producer Peter Collins(Rush, Bon Jovi, The Brian Setzer Orchestra) and engineer Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton, Arctic Monkeys). There are a dozen original songs that comprise the album. “

Sun 23 June – 02 Academy, Birmingham
Tues 25 June – 02 Apollo, Manchester
Wed 26 June – Hammersmith Apollo, London  
Thurs 27 June – Hammersmith Apollo, London  

NEWSFLASH Keith Richards TALK IS CHEAP (Reissue)

Keith Richards
Talk is Cheap (30th Anniversary Reissue)
BMG Records

I remember this little charmer when it was first released in 1988 when a friend bought it……. it wasn’t my ‘cup of tea’ way back then and I doubt it is now; but I think a lot of you will be interested in this Re-Issue and Deluxe Package.

RELEASED March 29th 2019

In 1988 Keith Richards released his first ever solo album, ‘Talk Is Cheap’, an eleven track masterclass in everything good about rock ‘n roll.
It all began in 1986 when Keith was restless. The Stones were inactive and as Keith says It was one of those “forget about it times”. He’d worked with drummer Steve Jordan on the Chuck Berry film ‘Hail Hail Rock ‘n Roll’ and was looking for another challenge. He’d never before considered making a solo album and admits to initially being “dragged kicking and screaming” into the studio.
Throughout his storied career with the Rolling Stones, he had always been a one band man. “My central focus had always been that one thing,” Keith says. “I felt like in the Stones I had the perfect vehicle for what I wanted to do. I couldn’t imagine putting something else together would be equally satisfying.”
Thankfully he put together the incomparable X-Pensive Winos. From the start it felt like a band, with guitarist Waddy Wachtel an obvious first addition to Steve Jordan. “Waddy and I are like Ronnie and me,” Keith says. “Within five minutes it’s like you’ve known each other all your lives.”
With Charley Drayton, who plays bass and drums, three became four, then five with singer and keyboard player Ivan Neville. All of them were mutli-instrumentalists, musical all-rounders who set up camp at Le Studio, outside Quebec. Isolated from big city distractions, the music flowed from the start. “There was a roll going on and all I had to do was hang onto it,” Keith says.
One of the first tracks they recorded was the explosive ‘Take It So Hard’, a tight but loose classic that easily illustrates why Keith is called the human riff. It defines modern rock music.
Recording later moved onto Montserrat, Bermuda and other locales with guest appearances from an all-star cast including Sarah Dash, Bootsy Collins, Maceo Parker, the Memphis Horns, Patti Sciafia and Mick Taylor.
There’s a joyous swagger to ‘Talk Is Cheap’ that permeates each and every song. It sounds as good today as it did thirty years ago – in Keith’s words “as fresh as the day it was made”. This reissue also includes 6 bonus tracks, four of which feature pianist Johnnie Johnson including Eddie Taylor’s ‘Big Town Playboy’, ‘Blues Jam’, ‘’Slim’ and the kinetic Jimmy Reed cover ‘My Babe’.
The Super Deluxe and Deluxe box set includes special, exclusive housing and folios, extensive sleeve notes by Anthony De Curtis telling the story” of the album’s production, release and cultural impact, unseen photo’s and rare memorabilia.
“This album still holds up,“ Keith Richards says. “I’ve been listening to it and not through the mists of nostalgia either because it doesn’t affect me that way. This is more than the sum of its parts. I really admire it. We were having fun and you can hear it.”

‘Talk Is Cheap’ will be released as CD, vinyl, Deluxe and Super Deluxe box set.
Pre-Order here ……..

‘Talk Is Cheap’ Single CD and vinyl full track listing:
1.     Big Enough
2.     Take It So Hard
3.     Struggle
4.     I Could Have Stood You Up
5.     Make No Mistake
6.     You Don’t Move Me
7.     How I Wish
8.     Rockawhile
9.     Whip It Up
10.   Locked Away
11.  It Means A Lot

‘Talk Is Cheap’ Deluxe & Super Deluxe Box Set includes these extra bonus tracks:
1.     Blues Jam
2.     My Babe
3.     Slim
4.     Big Town Playboy
5.     Mark On Me
6.     Brute Force

‘Talk Is Cheap’ Deluxe Box Set also comes with
–       180g LP album &180g LP bonus material
–       the 7” Single (Take It So Hard / I Could Have Stood You Up)
–       the 7” Single (Make No Mistake / It Means A Lot)
–       CD album & CD containing bonus material
–       80 page hardback book featuring Anthony De Curtis essay, new interview with Keith Richards and extensive photos,
–       Memorabilia: 1x tour laminate, 2x lyric sheets, original ‘Talk Is Cheap’ playback invite, tour guitar pick and 2x posters
–       Housed in a folio pack wrapped in Fender guitar case material

‘Talk Is Cheap’ Super Deluxe box set
–       Limited & Numbered
–       All content matches the Deluxe Box set
–       Comes with added special feature, a one-of-a-kind exclusive casing replicating Keith’s favourite Fender Guitar ‘Micawber’
–       Features hand-reliced ash wood with original Fender guitar elements, handmande at the Fender Custom Shop in California


The Big Gun Show
Give It Up For Christmas.

Yippee Whey Eye Music Lovers; It’s CHRISTMAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!
I spend the rest of the year being cooler than a cucumber when it comes to music; but once December comes around I can’t help myself and just love daft Christmas songs……not that this new single from our mates at The Big Gun Show is ‘daft’…….  but it’s not exactly deep and meaningful…..Hell’s Belles…….it’s possibly the sleaziest Rock n Roll Christmas Song you may ever hear!