The Ponderosa Aces NO PARTICULAR WAY

The Ponderosa Aces
No Particular Way
Mad Ducks Music

There’s a Honky-Tonk Somewhere in Need Of This Band.

Even though The Ponderosa Aces from Calif-orn-IA are made up of band members that are way past the first flush of youth and have been playing the live circuit since before any of them could shave; there’s still a delightful and amateurish excitement to this album right from the get-go, with opening song If You Think I’ve Got a Drinkin’ Problem. A clever and part ‘tongue in cheek’ break-up/make-up song that will have you dancing around the kitchen.
Country Music effects people in many ways; and when it’s as good as Come Around you can two-step around a Honky-Tonk dancefloor to it with ease or, like me either kick back and wallow in the magic; or turn it up to 10 on the car stereo…… none of which are right or wrong; but whichever you choose… you will enjoy these fabulous 3 minutes of quality music.
While I no longer want a whole album of Truckin’ songs; I do like it to be a good ‘un when one does come along; and here Gotta Keep Truckin’ is right up there within touching distance of Commander Cody and Dale Watson.
With so much dizzying Pedal-Steel and it’s accompanying Telecaster Twang this album is surely Classic Country? Or is it Outlaw Country? Or more than likely in 2019…….. Ameripolitan; but such titles are immaterial when you hear The Landlord’s Comin’ and the Blown My Chances as they tick every box someone wearing Wranglers and a plaid shirt will love anyways.
It’s always easy to let music like this to just drift over you as you tap your toes to the Breitling type beat but listen carefully and there’s some damn fine songwriting in their too most noticeably on the delightful Come Around and Simpler Life which sound like Marty Robbins singing Willie Nelson songs (or something like that).
For the guys and gals who crave ‘authenticity’, look no further than the wonderful Simpler Life, Moonshine From a Still and Fiery Skies which could all have come from Hit albums recorded any time since 1970; yet are still as sharp as a tack and perfect for Country radio RIGHT NOW.
Baring in mind my difficulty in characterising the Ponderosa Aces, there could be a clue in the title of my Favourite Track here…….. Lots of Ways to Be An Outlaw, which may take it’s inspiration from the albums Johnny, Waylon, Willie etc. made back in the day; but listen to it carefully and it’s a song about living and loving in the USA in 2019!
I probably receive too many albums like this; and most fall by the wayside as there’s usually a ‘Country by Numbers’ formula to them; but The Ponderosa Aces sound like they live this life and music 24/7……. this album is the Real Deal kids!

Released January 25th 2019