Bloodshot Records TOO LATE TO PRAY: (Defiant Chicago Roots)

Various Artists
Too Late to Pray: Defiant Chicago Roots  (BSHQ 25th Anniversary Compilation)
Bloodshot Records

Here’s to Another 25 Years of Insurgent Country and Defiant Roots! Ching-Ching Chaps and Chapesses!

I’m an unadulterated fan of Bloodshot Records and starting with the LP ‘Straight Outta Boone County’ which I bought in a Public Library Sale for 50p, their compilations have been a constant source of discovering great new acts over the years !
Staggeringly, this offering is celebrating 25 years of Bloodshot Records and their ‘Insurgent Country Music’ roster, both old and new.
The ‘new’ comes right at ya, without any warning ……… when Wyatt Earp and The Free For Alls prove Honky-Tonk music can be as contemporary as any other category, while still retaining the magic that filled the airwaves back in the 50’s and 60’s with the gloriously feisty The Last Honky Tonk in Chicago.
Bloodshot have always had very obtuse and diverse musical tastes (much like us here) and their compilations always reflect that; daring to give us Folk and Lo-fi from acts like Half Gringa with their delicately constructed Wearing White, Joybird’s Sweetness and Bethany Thomas & Tawny Newsome whose Dinosaur is a left of centre Lo-Fi minor masterpiece that only Bloodshot would have the nerve to release.
Then they juxtapose these with Straight Up Country in every format known to the world; from The Hoyle Brother’s celebration of Twang on A Little Bit of Buck; and in another universe The Western Elston’s Everly Brothers sounding Toast That Lie would be played 24 hours a day on Country Hits Radio, and Brendan Kelly & the Wandering Birds manage to scare the neighbours with their grizzly Alt. nay …… ‘Insurgent’ Country ballad Lay Me Down.
This being Bloodshot there is also a host of new songs from old acts associated with this great label; Jon Langford’s Hillbilly Lovechild go as left of centre as Country Music gets with the rollicking I Am a Big Town, and when I first heard Brett Sparks from The Handsome Family turning Leonard’s Tower of Song into a Western Swing Trip-Hop Gothic missive my heard spun 360 degrees; but do you know what? I’ve come back several times and it just gets cooler and cooler each time.
Two acts I saw on the back cover really excited me as I hadn’t heard anything from either in yonks; with Sway, Freakwater still have the ability to make two voices and a banjo hit you right between the eyes like virtually no other act in existence; the other is Kelly Hogan (who is the only woman in the world I would leave Mrs Magpie for) does what she does best; using her beautiful voice in a way we normally associate with Patsy Cline to not just break your heart; but mend it too with the shimmering Gotta Have My Baby Back. #swoon
With so many delights to choose from, it’s like being a kid on Christmas morning being asked “What is your favourite?” Do I pick the Honky-Tonking delights of Tammi Savoy & the Chris Casello Combo and If It’s News To You? or perhaps the mournful Alt. of Big Sadie? But then again Robbie Fulks’ Lonely Ain’t Hardly Alive is rather amazing too.
Okay …… I’ve picked one; but this more than likely will change tomorrow ……… ta da! The RMHQ Favourite Song on this outstanding compilation is ……… the best grungy Cowboy Movie theme tune never to make it onto the big screen ……. Los Galos and Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! RMHQ says play this song loud and be proud to support Insurgent glories!
Bloodshot Records  have gone and done it again; capturing the glory of everything I and I hope you love about Insurgent Country and Defiant Roots music in 22 fabulous songs; and long may they continue.

Released 8th November 2019
Buy it here

among the 22 runners and riders

Rob Heron & the Teapad Orchestra – Artisan Tap Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Rob Heron & the Teapad Orchestra
Artisan Tap
Thursday 10th October 2019

Sometimes, the thing that makes a great gig is placing the right band in the right venue – and thanks to the good taste of ‘Biddulph Up In Arms’ promoter Craig Pickering, this was a perfect example of how to do it right. The Artisan Tap – a converted storeroom and shop – is now a craft beer bar with a curry house right next door, that puts on regular live music.
It’s only small – capacity of 80 – but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in character and atmosphere, no small thanks to proprietor Wayne Lucas, who also happens to be an experienced soundman and musicologist par excellence.
A healthy part of the crowd were in early to enjoy the support from Joe Strouzer – playing New Orleans blues on a resonator with some beautifully grungy harmonica too and dry observational humour.
He deservedly went down well.

Although they claimed that it was their first visit to Stoke-on-Trent, the Teapad Orchestra had played just ten miles away in Biddulph in 2016. Tonight was a much more exuberant and feisty performance featuring songs from the new EP “Eta Carinae” as well as old favourites like ‘Une Bouteille De Beaujolais’ “Rich man now”, “Cats and Chickens” and the opener “Still go Honky Tonkin’”.
This line-up of the band is minus Tim Bloomer who played with the Teapad Orchestra over the summer and instead of adding another lead guitar recruit, the role has largely been taken by Rob himself, giving the band, (if anything) a more rhythmic sound.
Even mentioning that he’d heard that Stoke-on-Trent is the Brexit capital of the UK – followed by huge booing and then the comment – “Obviously not in here” to cheers – Rob and the band completely won over an audience of fans familiar with them and those less so too.

A boisterous encore of “She don’t like the fish” finished the night and left the room bubbling. Rob himself thanked the audience on not staying in and viewing “Bake Off or whatever you’re supposed to be watching at the moment”.
Thankfully, this was one of those nights where several people living in the murky border between Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme discovered that there is indeed a great deal of wonderful stuff out there – and tonight its name was Rob Heron & the Teapad Orchestra.

Review courtesy photographer extraordinaire, Mr Nick Barber

Link to Flickr Photo Album –


Jason James
Melodyville Records

Traditional Country Just Got Itself a New ‘Real Deal’ Star.

Whenever someone asks me who the best ‘new’ throwback traditional Country acts around are, I normally start with “well there’s this guy called Jason James…”. The word ‘throwback’ might conjure up images of hipsters doing cowboy cosplay in Nashville, but that is most definitely not what Jason James is about.

No, Jason James is the ‘real thing’.
His previous label, New West, responded to his storming, self-titled debut with a request that he sound less traditional on the follow-up. But the Texas City native is not interested in compromise and has set about making one of the most Classic-sounding Country albums you will hear all year. With a crack band, including several Austin die-hards plus Cory Braun from Reckless Kelly on fiddle – along with the tasteful production of John Evans – you could say this album sounds incredibly polished, only more like 1959 than 2019.
How do I know Jason James is so authentic? Because he means it. He has a fantastic voice and uses it to inject meaning into every word in these three-minute Honky Tonk gems. It has been noted that Jason sounds like George Jones a lot of the time. Well, so did Johnny Paycheck and Randy Travis and it did them no harm, did it?. Country music is filled with artists who have paid tribute to others whilst also producing stellar original music. Jason is just another in that great lineage.
Just like his first album, Seems Like Tears Ago is filled with songs that you initially think you must’ve heard before. Tracks like ‘Achin’ Takin’ Place’, the Hank Williamsesque dance tune ‘We’re Gonna Honky Tonk Tonight’ and the title track Seems Like Tears Ago, are all timeless songs that could’ve been written anywhere in the ‘50s and ‘60s heyday that this album harks back to. Plus, ‘Move a Little Closer’ gives the album some of the attitude present on his previous release, while ‘Cry on the Bayou’ is a Cajun floor-filler that surely would’ve been a huge hit in that golden era. My (current) favourite track is probably ‘Foolish Heart’: If you’re going to write a Honky Tonk song with a fairly regulation title it’d better be as good as this is.
It seems to me that Seems Like Tears Ago is an absolute cracker of a traditional country album; and if you are here for the style, you’ll end up staying for the substance.

Words courtesy our friend and ‘National Treasure’ Mr. Ags Connolly (who has his own album coming out real soon too)

Released 4th October 2019

Trailerpark Idlers GHOST TOWN NIGHTS

Trailerpark Idlers
Ghost Town Nights

Songs From The Saddest Honky Tonk Bar In All of Sweden.

It never fails to amaze me how International RMHQ is, with readers in over 150 seperate countries (at the last count) and also the music we cover, with Americana/Country albums arriving from 17 different countries in the last 5 years; and each having its own distinctive merits.
Which brings me to the latest release from Sweden’s Trailerpark Idlers who where first formed in 2006 and have now had several incarnations in the intervening years and now settling on founders guitarist Morgan Hellman alongside ‘Doghouse’ bass player JK Anderson and the gorgeous vocal talent of relative newcomer Miss LisaLee.
When I first Miss LisaLee almost cry the album’s opening lines
I haven’t seen him for 14 hours
20 minutes and 16 days,
Yet I still talk to him when the hour is late
I knew this was music I was going to fall in love with…… and I have.
This is Country Music of the saddest of sad orders that will not just tug at your heartstrings but make you look at the love of your life with new found admiration; if not you will play this song and probably the whole album on repeat at 3am, or until the bottle runs dry!
How to describe Trailerpark Idlers? Imagine Kitty Wells fronting the Waco Brothers in a Tucson Honky Tonk on a sad and lonely February Tuesday night.
There is enough Twang in Stay Down and Ocean Blue Eyes to satisfy even the hardiest Chet Atkins fan; but this album is all about the songs and the way Miss LisaLee and JK Anderson sing them, rather than the sublime playing behind them.
JK gets to pour his heart out on The Green Green Grass Again and the melancholia on steroids I’m a Different Man Today; both of which find his deep baritone swathed in enough claustrophobic harmonies to kill a bull elephant; and that’s meant as a compliment!
But there’s also Honky-Tonk Deluxe with Drag My Bones to The Bar harking back to the heady days of Porter and Dolly; and on What The Good Book Says we get an almost Pentecostal Hymn sung with gusto as a Semi-Acoustic sizzles alongside a pneumatic bass groove.
Come on; what’s not to like?
There are a couple of real doozys here too, with I Heard Maria’s Leaving Town finding JK resurrecting the spirit of Old Possum on a bittersweet love song masquerading as a good ole drinking song.
I don’t know why, but as Gretchen Peters so quaintly puts it “Sad Songs Make Me Happy”, and they don’t come much sadder that on Blue, Bluer Me Miss LisaLee when takes us deep into the pits of her broken and bruised heart.
While not exactly ‘God Fearing’ ……. In Lack of Faith gives us something to think about, and on a more grand scale Sick ‘n Tired Blues, which closes the album sounds like everyone within a 5 mile radius are in the choir and can sing harmony like Angels, although the kazoo is a bit disconcerting.
Then there is the RMHQ Favourite Song, Dragnet For Jesus, which is as Country as Country gets but sounds unlike any other song I think I’ve ever heard in my life.
Not for the first, nor I hope the last time this year I’ve discovered another new and distinctly exciting (in their own way) band that makes me want to shout about them from the rooftops; but I will make do with this review.

Released 6th September 2019

Ags Connolly WRONG AGAIN (You Lose a Life) Single

Ags Connolly
WRONG AGAIN (You Lose a Life)

Some say he is a ‘National Treasure’ others call him ‘The Oxford Cowboy’ but we know Ags Connolly as the ‘Jolliest Man in British Country Music’* and here he is with the first song from his new album, of the same name WRONG AGAIN, due for release on November 1st ……….. and we couldn’t be more excited.
Come on Country Lovers; what’s not to like about a song so sad the vinyl actually weeps in time to the pedal-steel guitar? Then of course there is Ags’ wonderful mournful voice which certainly wasn’t made for Disco music …… it is Pure Country through and through.

Here’s what he and his label have to say –

“Wrong Again is Ags Connolly’s third studio album, following on from his highly-acclaimed offerings How About Now (2014) and Nothin’ Unexpected (2017). The traditional country singer-songwriter from Oxfordshire took the reins on this latest effort, producing the album with a team of London-based musicians in the peaceful and intimate surroundings of Woodworm Studios in his home county. Ags also enlisted the expert help of accordionist Michael Guerra (The Mavericks) and fiddle player Eamon McLoughlin (Emmylou Harris, Rodney Crowell), both of whom had graced his previous album.

Alongside Ags’ trademark honky tonk shuffles, drinking songs and barroom ballads, Wrong Again delves once more into Tex-Mex/south-of-the-border flavours while entering some new territory with lively western swing.”

*Love him as we do; Ags will admit, he isn’t really the ‘Jolliest Man in Country Music.’

Aaron Watson RED BANDANA

Aaron Watson
Red Bandana
Big Label Records

Real Deal Authentic and Thought Provoking Modern Country.

Aaron Watson first graced our pages way back in 2016 when we highlighted a single; then nothing until last year when another single appeared to promote a small UK Tour then nothing until now; and it appears he’s become an overnight star ! Well; I know he’s put a hard shift in over the last 20 years or so ….. but; well ….. you know what I mean!
As I do, I played this album a couple of last week and while a few songs stick in my mind, it wasn’t until Thursday morning when I slid the disc in the car stereo for a road trip to North Northumberland that ‘it hit me’; and soon I was pretending I was in a Ford Mustang speeding around the back roads of Wyoming (I have a good imagination).
Just like last week opening track The Ghost of Guy Clark sounded sublime in the Summer sunshine; but today the story unravelled a bit more and I eventually decided that this was going to not just be my Favourite Song here; but just may be my Song of the Year …… it’s going to take something really, really special to better this, trust me.
RED BANDANA is a bit of an emotional and musical roller-coaster with Watson galloping through a couple of Rockers with gusto and potency with Dark Horse and Kiss That Girl Goodbye being sure fire fan favourites ‘in concert’ and Live or Die Trying; while a bit ‘sentimental’ for my tastes is the type of Gung-Ho Country that will have them dancing in the aisles.
Personally I prefer Watson’s more soulful slower songs; but as I say that’s my taste; but when his Good Ole Boy fans hear Blood Brothers, I hope it makes them look deep into their souls and question their political allegiances.
Oddly in this day and age the album is made up of 20 songs; and normally I would question Watson’s quality control filter; but within reason every song here is worthy of release; with the singer taking us into some interesting territory on Burn Em’ Down and To Be The Moon, but Dark Horse, You On My Hands and Shake a Heartache are are all classy Modern Country; and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
If it hadn’t been for that Guy Clark song either of Riding With Red or the title track Red Bandana would surely have been my Favourite Song; and there’s still time …… but both tick all of the boxes I have for a sentimental and romantic song; although in this case I *presume ‘Red’ of Red Bandana fame is Watson’s Grandfather and obviously still an inspiration to the songwriter to this very day.
Both Country Radio and Legends are ‘preaching to the choir’ but both are rather exceptional songs that look back to the Glory Days; and I did find myself mouthing the words a couple of times.
Watson isn’t afraid to tread off the traditional Country Radio Format at times; El Comienzo Del Viaje and Blood Brothers spring to mind; but none more so than the very brave song, 58 which closes is the album, and the all too brief 58 seconds feel like a punch to the gut when you realise that Watson is singing about the 58 who lost there lives …… no….. were murdered in Las Vegas in 2017.

I’ve been in several arguments over the last few years as to what Country Music ‘is’ in 2019; and while it covers a lot of areas …….. Aaron Watson and his songs are as authentic as they come these days; he’s the Real Deal in a way many of the Huge Hat acts that adorn the magazines could ever dream of being.

*My copy arrived without a Press Release.
Released 21st June 2019

The Shootouts QUICK DRAW

The Shootouts
Quick Draw
Megaforce Records

Hey! Hey! Hey! Putting the Western Swing Into Honky-Tonking Classic Country!

This is another album where tracks keep popping up on my I-Phone ‘random selector’; but yesterday was the first time I’ve actually sat down and listened to it from start to finish.
Being the old duffer I am, I remember when Akron, Ohio was the Capital of Alternative Music and seemed the most exotic place on earth; so it’s probably no real surprise that Akronites Ryan Humbert (lead vocals, acoustic guitar) and Brian Poston (electric & acoustic guitar) would find each other via a mutual love of proper Country music and go on to record their own version in all it’s glory and occasionally glamour.
Opening track Cleaning House virtually crackles with excitement as the guitars Twang like a call of nature; and the ‘ear-worm’ chorus ain’t too bad either.
As is common in the modern idiom The Shootouts cleverly draw bits and pieces from lots of Classic genres to make what becomes their very own swaggering style; giving us some crash-bang Rockabilly (or is it Honky-Tonk?) with Who Needs Rock & Roll and If I Could both leaving you breathless by the end and even the title track Quick Draw as an instrumental sounds like Duanne Eddy and Link Wray having a shoot-out at the OK Coral wine bar in downtown Akron!
With so much history to draw from, The Shootouts manage to do their melancholy love songs with ease and grace, making Lonely Never Let Me Down and the pedal-steelfest that is Losing Faith in Being Faithful sounding like dusty old 60’s Country love songs that have been gussied up, cherished and refreshed by their owners; but they are actually brand new from the box.
For me; and I hope you too, this album is totally refreshing in such a mad world that we find ourselves in today; and three songs in particular have caught my attention and tugged at my tired old heartstrings.
If We Quit Now not just stars that sublime pedal-steel again, but just when you’re not expecting them a string section of Buddy Holly proportions sweep in and whisk you off into Country Music Heaven for three minutes or so. Then, Radio Jesus is definitely a song that defies genre and it’s only the subject matter that makes you realise that it is a contemporary Country song of the Alternative persuasion; and the other song is one I instantly recognised; though I doubt 99.9% of record buyers will.
Each time my I-Phone has played the jaunty It Must Be Love my brain presumed it was some olde songe from ye darke ages; possibly an Everly Brothers minor hit; then I finally read the Press Release.
Damn my eyes and curse my memory!
It Must Be Love is already a Favourite Song on RMHQ by it’s writer, the divine Stacey Earle (aunt of Justin T and sister of Steve) who has been a favourite here for many years. If you only buy or listen to one song, make it this and then, not only buy QUICK DRAW but then discover the delights of Stacey Earle herself.
You won’t regret it.
If there’s a downside to this album (and there isn’t) it would be finding a category to comfortably fit it into in a Record Shop…… or perhaps that’s the cunning plan; the shop has to buy five copies to put one each into Country, Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, Western Swing and even Americana.
Clever that!

Released 10th May 2019

Every Day is Record Store Day!!!

My best mate and mentor Alan Cackett is doing his yearly clear out of ‘review LP’s’ that he has received from across the spectrum of Country Music in the last year or so. All are Country 12” LPs – all are brand new and mint condition

The following are 12” Vinyl LPs – there is only one of each available.

They are all in brand new mint condition. Though they are priced up, any sensible offers will be considered. Postage is additional.

Do not send any payment until it has been confirmed that the items that you want are still available.

We take PayPal go to and make payment to  –

Cheques or postal orders made payable A. Cackett

Please note we no longer take Credit or Debit card payments

Please write or e-mail: and tell him we sent you!
Alan Cackett, 24 Bray Gardens, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 9TR;

BILL ANDERSON – From This Pen – 1964 US Decca (City Lights; Still; Saginaw Michigan, etc) £9

EDDY ARNOLD – I Love How You Love Me – US RCA Sealed (Wichita Lineman; Little Green Apples) £7

ROY DRUSKY – Songs of the Cities – US Mercury (Abilene; El Paso; Waterloo; Detroit City) £7

GARLAND FRADY – Pure Country – 1973 Countryside Records (Teach Your Children , etc) £15

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – 1985 MCA (Forever Young; Abilene; Early Morning Rain, etc) £6

SONNY JAMES – The Gentleman From the South – US Capitol Sealed (Behind The Tear, etc) £8

DAVE KIRBY – Singer, Picker, Writer – 1973 US Dot (Is Anyvody Goin’ To San Antone, etc) £15

NICOLETTE LARSON – In the Nick Of Time – 1979 Warners (Isn’t It Always Love, etc) £15

LOUVIN BROTHERS = Tribute to the Delmore Brothers – US Capitol (Nashville Blues, etc) £20

SONNY, HAL & WELDON  – Steel Guitars of the Grand Ole Opry (Sonny Burnette, Hal Rugg, Weldon

Myrick)  – US Mega Records – £25

CARL SMITH – Let’s Live A Little – US Columbia (If Teardrops Were Pennies; Slowly, Nr Moon, etc) – £12

CARL SMITH – A Gentleman In Love – (No One Will Ever Know; Easy To Please, etc) £9

VARIOUS – Wanted: C7W For Collectors Only – Japanese Capitol 2-LP Lavish set (Freddie Hart; Leon Payne; Cliffie Stone; Hank Thompson. Eddie Kirk, Tommy Collins, etc) £20

 PORTER WAGONER – The Bottom of the Bottle – US RCA (Wino; The Bottle Let me Down, etc) £9

CLIFF WALDRON & New Shades of Grass – US Rebel Records (Silver Wings; Bill Cheetham, etc) £15

BILLY WALKER – A Million And One – US Monument (Lonely Street, Elusive Butterfly, etc) £9

BILLY WALKER – Lovin’ & Losin’ – US RCA (Honky Tonkitis; She’s Just getting’ By, etc) £9

GENE WATSON – Paper Rosie – 1977 US RCA Sealed (You Gave Me A Mountain; Desperations, etc) £15

TAMMY WYNETTE – Womanhood – UK Epic (What’s A Couple More; Mem’ries’ Standing Tall) £8

FARON YOUNG – Free And Easy – 1980 MCA (The Woman In My bed; As Usual, etc) £9

DOLLY PARTON – The World Of 2-LP set (Dumb Blonde; Put It Off Until Tomorrow) US Monument £12

CHARLEY PRIDE – Roll On Mississippi (You Almost Slipped My Mind, etc) 1981 RCA – £9

CHARLEY PRIDE – There’s A Little Bit Of Hank In Me (You Win Again, etc) 1980 RCA – £9

MARTY ROBBINS – With Love (Sometimes When We Touch; Oh My Papa, etc) 1980 CBS – £8

MARTY ROBBINS – The Legend (Good Hearted Woman; The Air That I Breathe, etc) 1981 Columbia £9 

BILL ANDERSON – From this Pen (Saginaw Michigan, City Lights, I Missed Me,etc) US Decca – £12

GUY CLARK – Old No.1 (Rita Ballou, Let Him Roll, LA Freeway, etc) US RCA – £9

DAVE DUDLEY – The Original Travelling Man (Rocky Top, Athing called Love, etc) US Mercury – £8

GERRY FORD – Let’s Hear It For the Working Man (Slippin’ Away duet with Jean Shepard) Big R – £9

TONY GOODACRE – You’ve Made My Life Complete (Bingo Bill, etc) – UK Outlet) – £9

WAYLON JENNINGS & the Kimberlys – Country-Folk (MacArthur Park, etc) US RCA – £12

MICHAEL JOHNSON – Wings (Moon Is Still Over Her Shoulder, etc) US RCA – £9

GEORGE JONES – Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (Race Is On, She’s Mine, Tender Years) UK Epic – £6

GEORGE JONES – In A Gospel Way (Why Me Lord, Mama’s Hands, etc) UK Epic – £5

LOUVIN BROTHERS – Country Heart & Soul (We Could, Don’t Laugh, Tennessee Waltz,etc) US Tower £12

KEITH MANIFOLD -Inheritance (I Recall a Gypsy Woman, I Can’t Stop Loving You, etc) UK DJM – £9

POCO – Cowboys & Englishmen (Cajun Moon, Sea of Heartbreak, Price of Love, etc) US MCA – £9

MARTY ROBBINS – The Double-Barrelled (Gunfighter ballads + Return of Gunfighter) 2-LP set – £6

HANK SNOW – Songs of Vol. 1 (Poor Little Jimmie, Big Wheels, etc) German CMH 208 – £12

DON WILLIAMS – Expressions (It Must be Love, Tulsa Time, etc) UK ABC Gatefold sleeve – £7

THE AMAZING RHYTHM ACES – Amazing Rhythm Aces (1979 ABC Records) – £15

THE AMAZING RHYTHM ACES – Burning The Ballroom Down (1978 ABC Records) – £15

THE AMAZING RHYTHM ACES – Too Stuffed To Jump (1976 ABC Records) – £15

REX ALLEN JR. – Today’s Generation (SSS International Records) – £30

JOHN ANDERSON – All The People Are Talkin’ (1983 Warner Bros. Records) – £12

JOHN ANDERSON – Countrified (1986 Warner Bros. Records) – £12

JOHN ANDERSON – Eye Of A Hurricane – (1984 Warner Bros. Records) – £12

JOHN ANDERSON – I Just Came Home To Count The Memories (1981 Warner Bros. Records) – £12

JOHN ANDERSON – Tokyo, Oklahoma (1985 Warner Bros. Records) – £12

HOYT AXTON – Live! (1981 Jeremiah Records) – £12

HOYT AXTON – Saturday’s Child (Vee-Jay Records) – £30

HOYT AXTON – “Where Did The Money Go?” (1980 Jeremiah Records and Tapes) – £12

BOBBY BARE – Ain’t Got Nothin’ To Lose (1982 CBS) – £12

BOBBY BARE – As Is (1981 CBS) – £12

BOBBY BARE – Bare (1978 CBS) – £12

BOBBY BARE – The Best of Bobby Bare (1986 Colt Records) – £18

BOBBY BARE – Down & Dirty (1980 CBS) – £12

BOBBY BARE – Drunk & Crazy (1980 CBS) – £12

BOBBY BARE – Hard Time Hungrys (1975 RCA Records) – £15

BOBBY BARE – Sings Lullabys, Legends and Lies (RCA Records) – £15

BOBBY BARE – Sleeper Wherever I Fall (1978 CBS) – £12

BEAUSOLEIL – Bayou Boogie (1987 Rounder Europa) – £15

BELLAMY BROTHERS – Beautiful Friends (1978 Warner Bros Records) – £10

BELLAMY BROTHERS – Country Rap (1986 Mike Curb Records) – £10

BELLAMY BROTHERS – Plain & Fancy (1977 Warner Bros Records) – £10

BELLAMY BROTHERS – Restless (1984 Mike Curb Records) – £10

BELLAMY BROTHERS – Sons of the Sun (1980 Warner Bros Records) – £10

BELLAMY BROTHERS – Strong Weakness (1982 Elektra/Asylum Records) – £10

BELLAMY BROTHERS – The Two And Only (1979 Warner Bros Records) – £10

BELLAMY BROTHERS – When We Were Boys (1982 Elektra/Asylum Records) – £10

BELLAMY BROTHERS – You Can Get Crazy (1980 Warner Bros Records) – £10

THE GOSDIN BROTHERS – Sounds Of Goodbye (Capitol Records) – £15

BREAD – Bread (Elektra) – £12

BREAD – Baby I’m – A Want You (Elektra) – £9

BREAD – Guitar Man (Elektra) – £9

BREAD – Lost Without Your Love (Elektra) – £9

BREAD – Manna (Elektra) – £9

BREAD – On The Waters (Elektra) – £9

THE LOUVIN BROTHERS – Grand Ole Opry (Rounder Special Series 07) – £15

THE LOUVIN BROTHERS – Louvin Brothers (Capitol Records) – £15

THE LOUVIN BROTHERS – Deluxe Double Series (Capitol Records Japan) – £35

THE LOUVIN BROTHERS – The Family Who Prays (Capitol Records) – £25

THE LOUVIN BROTHERS – “Songs That Tell A Story” (Rounder Records) – £15

ED BRUCE – The Tennessean (1977 CBS) – £15

JIMMY BUFFETT – Changes In Latitudes Changes In Attitudes (ABC Records) – £12

JIMMY BUFFETT – Havana Daydreamin’ (ABC Records) – £12

JIMMY BUFFETT – Last Mango Paris (MCA Records) – £12

JIMMY BUFFETT – Riddles In The Sand (MCA Records) – £12

JIMMY BUFFETT – Volcano (MCA Records) – £12

J.J. CALE – Okie Okie (Shelter Recording) – £25

JOHNNY CASH AND THE TENNESSEE TWO – Original Golden Hits Volume II (Sun) – £6

SPADE COOLEY – Swinging the Devil’s Dream (Charly Records) – £12

SEALS & CROFTS – Get Closer (Warner Bros Records) – £12

SEALS & CROFTS – I’ll Play For You (Warner Bros Records) – £12

SEALS & CROFTS – Takin’ It Easy (Warner Bros Records) – £12

SEALS & CROFTS – Unborn Child (1974 Dawnbreaker Music) – £12

DICK DAMRON – Countryfied (Columbia Records) – – £12

DICK DAMRON – The Cowboy And The Lady (Westwood Recordings) – £12

DICK DAMRON – Soldier Of Fortune (Westwood Recordings) – £12

DICK DAMRON – A Thousand Songs Of Glory (Westwood Recordings) – £12

LEW DEWITT – On My Own (Compleat Records) – £18

DILLARD HARTFORD DILLARD – Glitter Grass From The Nashwood Hollyville Things (1977) – £18

LEHMAN ENGEL AND CHORUS – Songs of the Civil War Era (Fontana) – £15

DAVID GATES – Falling In Love Again (Elektra Records) – £10

DAVID GATES – Goodbye Girl (Elektra/Asylum Records) – £10

MERLE HAGGARD & STRANGERS – A Working Man Can’t Get Nowhere Today (Capitol Records) – £15

MERLE HAGGARD – Big City (1981 CBS) – £9

MERLE HAGGARD – Close-Up (Capitol Records) 2-LP set – £15

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – Hag (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – Presents His 30thAlbum (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – If We Make It Through December (Capitol) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – It’s All In The Movies (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – It’s Not Love (But It’s Not Bad) (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – I Love Dixie Blues (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – Keep Movin’ On (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – The Legend Of Bonnie & Clyde (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – Let Me Tell You About A Song (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – Mama Tried (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – My Love Affair With Trains (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD – Okie From Muskogee (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD & WILLIE NELSON – Poncho & Lefty (1982 CBS) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD – A Portrait of Merle Haggard and the Strangers (US Capitol) – £18

MERLE HAGGARD – A Portrait of Merle Haggard (Capitol Records) – £15

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – Pride In What I Am (Capitol) gatefold £18

MERLE HAGGARD – Rainbow Stew Live (MCA Records) – £15

MERLE HAGGARD – Ramblin’ Fever (MCA Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – The Roots Of My Raising (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD – The Great Merle Haggard Sings (Capitol Records) – £15

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – Someday We’ll Look Back (Capitol Records) – £12

MERLE HAGGARD AND THE STRANGERS – The Way It Was In ’51 (Capitol Records) – £15

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – Back To Down East Country (RCA Records) – £15

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – The Best Of George Hamilton IV (1970 RCA Records) – £9

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – The Best Of George Hamilton IV Vol 2 (RCA Records) – £9

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – Canadian Pacific (1969 RCA Records) – £12

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – Down East Country (RCA Records) – £15

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – Early Morning Rain (RCA Records) – £10

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – The Hits Of George Hamilton IV (RCA Records) – £10

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – North Country (RCA Records) – £15

GEORGE HAMILTON IV – Out West Country (RCA Records) – £15

EMMYLOU HARRIS – Elite Hotel (WEA Records) – £12

EMMYLOU HARRIS – Luxury Liner (Warner Bros Records) – £12

EMMYLOU HARRIS – Pieces Of The Sky (Reprise Records) – £12

GEORGE JONES – 20 Favourites of George Jones (Liberty/United Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – George Jones (United Artists Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – The Best Of Hank Williams (Mountain Dew Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – The Best of George Jones Collector’s Special (1975 RCA Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – Blue Side Of Lonesome And Other Country Favourites (Pye Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – Country Music ’72 (International Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – Famous Country-Music Makers (RCA Records) – 2-LP set – £18

GEORGE JONES – Good Ol’ Boy (1984 Sundown Records) – £9

GEORGE JONES – I’ll Share My World With You (EMI Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES & GENE PITNEY – It’s Country Time Again! (Musicor Records) – £18

GEORGE JONES – The King Of Country Music (EMI Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – Life (Pye Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – Love Bug (EMI Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – My Country (Musicor Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – Pure Country (Andover Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – The Race Is On (Sunset Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – White Lightning (ACE Records) – £15

GEORGE JONES – Wrapped Around Her Finger (Pye Records) – £10

GEORGE JONES – You Gotta Be My Baby (RCA Records) – £10

GORDON LIGHTFOOT – Did She Mention My Name? (United Artists Records) – £15

GORDON LIGHTFOOT – The Way I Feel (United Artists Records) – £15

HANK LOCKLIN – The Great Hank Locklin (Allegro Records) – £12

CHARLY MCCLAIN – Paradise (1983 CBS) – £12

RONNIE MILSAP – Love Will Never Pass Us By (Buckboard Records) – £15

ANNE MURRAY – There’s A Hippo In My Tub (Capitol Records) – £18

ANNE MURRAY – This Way Is My Way (Capitol Records) – £25

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Live Recordings Nashville Stars On Tour (1970 RCA Recordings) – £15

WILLIE NELSON – 20 of the Best Willie Nelson (1982 RCA Records) – £10

WILLIE NELSON – Always On My Mind (1982 CBS) – £12

WILLIE NELSON – City Of New Orleans (1984 CBS) – £12

WILLIE NELSON – Classic Willie Nelson (United Artists Records) – £15

WILLIE NELSON – The Electric Horseman (1979 Columbia Pictures) – £10

WILLIE NELSON – Greatest Hits (& Some That Will Be) (1981 CBS) – £15

WILLIE NELSON – Willie & Family Live (1978 CBS) 2 LP set – £18

WILLIE NELSON – Night Life (Everest Records) – £15

WILLIE NELSON – Phases & Stages (Atlantic Records) – £18

WILLIE NELSON – Shotgun Willie (Atlantic Records) – £18

WILLIE NELSON – Stardust (1978 CBS Records) – £12

WILLIE NELSON WITH WAYLON JENNINGS – Take It To The Limit (1983 CBS Records) – £12

DOLLY PARTON – 9 to 5 and Odd Jobs (1980 RCA Records) – £12

DOLLY PARTON – All I Can Do (1976 RCA Records) – £12

DOLLY PARTON – The Bargain Store (RCA Records) – £12

DOLLY PARTON – Coat Of Many Colors (RCA Records) – £12

DOLLY PARTON – Here You Come Again (RCA Records) – £12

DOLLY PARTON – In The Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad) (RCA Stereo) – £15

DOLLY PARTON – Jolene (RCA Records) – £12

DOLLY PARTON – Love Is Like A Butterfly (RCA Records) – £12

DOLLY PARTON – My Tennessee Mountain Home… (RCA Records) – £15

DOLLY PARTON – New Harvest… First Gathering (RCA Records) – £12

JOHNNY PAYCHECK – She’s All I Got (Epic Records) – £12

JOHNNY PAYCHECK – Somebody Loves Me (Epic Records) – £12

JOHNNY PAYCHECK – Someone To Give My Love To (Epic Records) – £12

JOHNNY PAYCHECK – Song & Dance Man (Epic Records) – £12

THE SONS OF THE PIONEERS – Favourite Cowboy Songs (RCA Records) – £12

THE STONE PONEYS (feat L.Ronstadt)  – Evergreen Vol. 2 (Capitol Records) – £18

JIM REEVES – 50 All-Time World-Wide Favourites Boxset (RCA Records) – £20

JIM REEVES – The Abbott Recordings Volume 1 (RCA Records) – £15

JIM REEVES – The Abbott Recording Volume 2 (RCA Records) – £15

JIM REEVES – A Touch of Velvet (RCA Records) – £8

JIM REEVES – The Country Side of Jim Reeves (RCA Records) – £12

JIM REEVES – Good ‘N’ Country (RCA Records) – £12

JIM REEVES – I’d Fight The World (RCA Records) – £8

JIM REEVES – The Jim Reeves Way (RCA Victor) – £8

JIM REEVES – My Friend (RCA Victor) – £8

JIM REEVES – Old Tige (1980 RCA) – £8

JIM REEVES – Jim Reeves On Stage (RCA Victor) – £12

JIM REEVES – Jim Reeves And Some Friends (RCA Victor) – £9

JIM REEVES – Special Collection (RCA Records) – £10

JIM REEVES – There’s Always Me (RCA Records) – £10

JIM REEVES – We Thank Theee (RCA Victor) – £10

JIM REEVES – Young & Country (RCA Limited) – £12

JIM REEVES – Yours Sincerely (US RCA Victor) – £12

CHARLIE RICH – Behind Closed Doors (1973 CBS) – £10

CHARLIE RICH – Every Time You Touch Me (I Get High) (Columbia Records) £10

CHARLIE RICH – Fully Realised (Philips) – £18

CHARLIE RICH – The Most Beautiful Girl (CBS Records) – £10

CHARLIE RICH – The Silver Fox (Epic Records) – £10

CHARLIE RICH – Sings The Songs Of Hank Williams & Others (Hi Records) – £15

CHARLIE RICH – Very Special Love Songs (Epic Records) – £10

MARTY ROBBINS – It’s A Sin (US Columbia Records) – £15

JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ – My Third Album (Mercury Records) – £15

KENNY ROGERS – Kenny Rogers (United Artists Records) – £9

KENNY ROGERS – Gideon (United Artists Records) – £9

KENNY ROGERS – Kenny (United Artists Records) – £12

LINDA RONSTADT – Don’t Cry Now (EMI Records) – £15

LINDA RONSTADT – Hand Sown… Home Grown (EMI Records) – £15

LINDA RONSTADT – Hasten Down The Wind (Asylum Records) – £15

LINDA RONSTADT – “Mad Love” (Asylum Records) – £15

LINDA RONSTADT – Prisoner In Disguise (Elektra/Asylum Records) – £15

LINDA RONSTADT – Simple Dreams (Elektra/Asylum Records) – £15

DAN SEALS – San Antone (EMI America Records) – £15

PAUL SIMON – Hearts And Bones (Warner Bros Records) – £15

RICKY SKAGGS – Don’t Cheat In Our Hometown (Sugar Hill Records) – £15

RICKY SKAGGS – Highways & Heartaches (1982 CBS) – £12

RICKY SKAGGS – Waitin’ For The Sun To Shine (1981 CBS) – £12

GEORGE STRAIT – Right Or Wrong (MCA Records) – £12

GENE WATSON – Memories To Burn (1985 CBS) – £12

WAYLON & WILLIE – Waylon & Willie (RCA Records) – £15

WAYLON – Are You Ready For The Country (RCA Records) – £15

WAYLON – Greatest Hits (RCA Records) – £9

WAYLON – Greatet Hits Vol. 2 (RCA Records) – £9

WAYLON JENNINGS – Honky Tonk Heroes (RCA Records) – £15

WAYLON JENNINGS – Ladies Love Outlaws (RCA Victor) – £15

WAYLON – The Ramblin’ Man (RCA Records) – £15

THE JONNY YOUNG 4 – Country Pride (Philips) – £35

RED SIMPSON – Sings A Bakersfield Dozen – US Capitol  – £15

RED SIMPSON – Truck Drivin’ Man – Dutch Capitol- £15

RED SIMPSON – I’M a Truck – US Capitol – £15

RED SIMPSON – Roll, Truck, Roll – US Capitol – £15

GARY STEWART – Out Of Hand – UK RCA – £15

GARY STEWART – Your Place of Mine – UK RCA – £15

GARY STEWART – Steppin’ Out – US RCA – £15

GARY STEWART – Little Junior – US RCA – £15

JESSE WINCHESTER – A Touch on the Rainy Side – US Bearsville – £15

JESSE WINCHESTER – Talk Memphis – US Bearsville – £15

THE BLUE SKY BOYS – Presenting. JEMFFF-104 including 32pp 11” x 11” book – £25

COMMANDER CODY & Lost Planet Airmen – Live From Deep in the Heart Of Texas – EMI – £9

JOHN DENVER – It’s About Time – RCA Fold-out sleeve + Lyric sheet – £9

DAVID FRIZZELL – Solo – Viva 1984 – £9

GEORGE JONES & TAMMY WYNETTE – We’re Gonna Hold On – Epic 1973 – £8

CHARLY McCLAIN – Charly – Epic 1984 – £12

ROGER MILLER – 1970 (Jody & the Kid; Mystery Train; Everybody’s Talkin’ etc) – Mercury £12

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND – All the Good Times – United Artists Press Testing in full sleeve – £18

NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND – Dream – United Artists special envelope sleeve plus inner card sleeve – £15

PATTI PAGE – I’d rather Be Sorry (Dream Baby; Help Me Make It Through The Night, etc) Mercury – £9

CHARLEY PRIDE – Just Plain Charley (Me & Bobby McGee; Lonesome Fugitive; etc) RCA 1970 – £8

CHARLEY PRIDE – Make Mine Country (Banks of the Ohio; Before the Next Teardrop Falls, etc) RCA – £8

JERRY REED – Georgia Sunshine (Amos Moses; Preacher & the Bear; Mule Skinner Blues, etc) – £9

MARTY ROBBINS – the Master’s Call (Almost Persuaded’ Great Speckled Bird. Etc) – £8

MARTY ROBBINS – Come Back To me (Some Memories Won’t Die; Lover, Lover, etc) – £8

JOHNNY RODRIGUEZ – Rodriguez (Down on the Rio Grande; Mexico Holiday, etc) – £9

SLIM WHITMAN – Home On the Range (Dear Heart; Top of the World; Paper Roses, etc) – £7

FARON YOUNG – Before Four (Wine Me Up; Yellow Bandana; Goin’ Steady; Walk Tall, etc) – £9

Publicity Photos

10 x 8 – except where noted – note usually only one of each – £2 each except where noted

Roy Acuff (Upper Body Shot)

Roy Acuff Jr. (Upper Body Shot)

Wendel Adkins – £1

Rex Allen Jr. (Upper Body Shot)

Rayburn Anthony (Headshot)

Ernie Ashworth (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Bobby Austin – £2

Moe Bandy (Headshot)

R.C. Bannon

Butch Baker (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Glenn Barber (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Jack Barlow (Whole Body Shot) – £1

Randy Barlow (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Shane Barmby (Top Body Shot)

Joe Barnhill (Whole Body Shot)

John Berry (Headshot)

Clint Black (Upper Body Shot)

Johnny Bond (Whole Body Shot)

Larry Boone (Headshot)

Bobby Borchers (Upper Body Shot)

Bobby Braddock (Headshot)

Paul Brandt (Upper Body Shot)

Bobby Bridger (Headshot)

Chad Brock (Headshot)

Garth Brooks (Upper Body Shot)

Garth Brooks (Upper Body Shot)

Garth Brooks (Headshot)

Garth Brooks (Headshot)

Garth Brooks (Upper Body Shot)

T. Graham Brown (Headshot)

T. Graham Brown (Headshot)

T. Graham Brown (Headshot)

Hylo Brown (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Junior Brown (Upper Body Shot)

Marty Brown (Headshot)

Jackson Browne (Headshot)

Jackson Browne (Upper Body Shot)

Johnny Bush (Headshot)

John Bunzow (Upper Body Shot)

T. Bone Burnett

Johnny Bush (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Bill Callery (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Shawn Camp (Headshot) – 1

Archie Campbell – £1

Glen Campbell (Whole Body Shot)

Milton Carroll (Whole Body Shot) – £1

Wilf Carter (Whole Body Shot) – £1

Lionel Cartwright (Upper Body Shot)

Lionel Cartwright (Headshot)

Johnny Carver (Headshot) – £1

Tommy Cash (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Johnny Cash (Upper Body Shot)

Ray Charles

Mark Chesnutt (Upper Body Shot)

Jim Chesnut (Headshot) – £1

Darrell Clanton (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Bill Clifton – £3

Hank Cochran (Headshot)

Mark Collie (Headshot) – £1

Brian Collins (Headshot) – £1

John Conlee (Upper Body Shot)

Earl Thomas Conley (Headshot)

Earl Thomas Conley (Headshot)

Earl Thomas Conley (Headshot)

Ry Cooder (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Billy Cooper (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Crash Craddock (Upper Body Shot)

Rob Crosby (Upper Body Shot)

Alvin Crow

J.C. Crowley (Upper Body Shot)

Sonny Curtis (Headshot) – £1

Dick Damron (Headshot)

Davis Daniel (Upper Body Shot)

Bobby Durham (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Albert Young Eagle  – £2

Ralph Emery (Headshot)

Ralph Emery (Whole Body Shot)

Buddy Emmons (Headshot)

Don Everly (Headshot)

Dick Feller (Upper Body Shot)

Freddy Fender (Headshot)

Dan Fogelberg (Headshot)

Radney Foster (Headshot)

John Fogerty (Upper Body Shot)

Garland Frady (Headshot) – £1

Larry Gatlin

Jimmie Dale Gilmore (Upper Body Shot)

Don Gibson (Headshot)

Mickey Gilley (Upper Body Shot)

Jack Grayson (Headshot) – £1

Jack Greene (Headshot)

Lee Greenwood

Tom Gribben – £1

Ray Griff (Upper Body Shot)

David Grisman

Rich Grissom (Headshot) – £1

Merle Haggard (Headshot)

Merle Haggard (Headshot)

Merle Haggard (Headshot)

Tom T. Hall (Headshot)

Bobby Harden  – £4

John Edward Hartley (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Clay Hart (Whole Body Shot) – £1

Alex Harvey (Headshot) – £1

J.D. Hart (Headshot) – £1

Freddie Hart (Headshot)

John Hartford

Wade Hayes

Mike Henderson (Whole Body Shot)

Ty Herndon (Upper Body Shot)

Ty Herndon (Whole Body Shot)

Bill Hersh (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Hoot Hester (Upper Body Shot)

Jerry House (Headshot)

James House (Headshot)

Raywylie Hubbard (Upper Body Shot)

Con Hunley (Headshot)

Jesse Hunter (Upper Body Shot)

Alan Jackson (Upper Body Shot)

Alan Jackson (Upper Body Shot)

Stonwall Jackson (Upper Body Shot)

Jimmy James (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Tommy Jennings (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Alan Jackson (Upper Body Shot)

David Lynn Jones (Upper Body Shot)

George Jones (Upper Body Shot)

George Jones (Upper Body Shot)

George Jones (Headshot)

Granpa Jones (Headshot)

Wayne Kemp (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Ray Kennedy (Upper Body Shot)

Doug Kershaw (Upper Body Shot)

Sammy Kershaw

Kris Kristofferson (Headshot)

Tracy Lawerence (Upper Body Shot)

Marc Corey Lee (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Chris Ledoux (Headshot)

Albert Lee (Upper Body Shot)

Johnny Lee (Headshot)

Richard Leigh (Upper Body Shot)

Richard Leigh (Upper Body Shot)

George Lindsey (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Bud Logan (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Jimmie Logsdon (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Lore – £2

John D.Loudermilk (Upper Body Shot)

Lyle Lovett (Upper Body Shot)

Don Lummus (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Mike Lunsford (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Ray Lynam (Upper Body Shoot) – £1

Warner Mack – £1

Larry Mahan – £1

Jimmy Martin (Upper Body Shoot)

J.D. Martin (Upper Body Shoot) – £1

Bob Martin (Upper Body Shoot) – £1

Wayne Massey (Upper Body Shoot)

Bill Medley (Upper Body Shoot)

Ken Mellons

Ned Miller (Headshot) – £1

Frankie Miller (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Ronnie Milsap (Upper Body Shot)

Matt Minglewood (Upper Body Shot) – £1

John Michael Montgomery (Upper Body Shot)

Bill Monroe (Upper Body Shot)

Bill Monroe (Upper Body Shot)

Tiny Moore (Upper Body Shot)

Charlie Moore

Gary Morris (Upper Body Shot)

Dude Mowrey (Upper Body Shot)

Michael Martin Murphey (Headshot)

Michael Martin Murphey

Michael Martin Murphey (Headshot)

Mose McCormack (Headshot) – £1

Charlie McCoy (Headshot)

Charlie McCoy

Neal McCoy (Upper Body Shot)

Neal McCoy (Upper Body Shot)

Neal McCoy (Upper Body Shot)

Ronnie McDowell (Headshot)

Pake McEntire – £1

Tim McGraw

Scott McQuaig (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Jerry Naylor – £3

Willie Nelson (Upper Body Shot)

Willie Nelson (Upper Body Shot)

Jimmy Newman (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Buck Owens (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Lee Roy Parnell (Upper Body Shot)

Lee Roy Parnell (Upper Body Shot)

Lee Roy Parnell (Headshot)

Lee Roy Parnell (Upper Body Shot)

Lee Roy Parnell (Upper Body Shot)

Leon Payne

Carl Perkins (Upper Body Shot)

Curtis Potter (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Johnny Paycheck (Upper Body Shot)

David Price – £2

Kenny Price (Upper Body Shot)

Eddie Rabbitt (Upper Body Shot)

Wayne Raney (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Earl Scruggs (Upper Body Shot)

Troy Seals (Upper Body Shot)

T.G. Sheppard

T.G. Sheppard

Ricky Van Shelton (Headshot)

David Slater – £3

Carl Smith

Cal Smith

Larry Sparks  – £1

Terry Stafford (Headshot)

B.W. Stevenson (Headshot) – £1

Wynn Stewart (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Doug Stone (Upper Body Shot)

George Strait (Upper Body Shot)

Mel Street (Upper Body Shot)

Gene Stroman (Headshot) – £1

Nat Stuckey (Headshot) – £1

Carmol Taylor (Headshot) – £1

Mel Tillis (Upper Body Shot)

Randy Travis (Headshot)

Travis Tritt

Conway Twitty (Headshot)

Conway Twitty (Headshot)

Ian Tyson

Porter Wagoner

Charlie Walker

David Walsh (Headshot) – £1

Jacky Ward – £2

Keith Whitley (Upper Body Shot)

Rusty Wier – £3

Don Williams (Headshot)

Hank Williams Jr. (Headshot)

Boxcar Willie (Upper Body Shot)

David Wills (Upper Body Shot) – £3

Dennis William Wilson (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Jesse Winchester (Upper Body Shot)

Mac Wiseman (Upper Body Shot) – £1

Tom Wopat (Headshot)

Bobby Wright (Headshot) – £1

Bobby Yates – £1

Daniel Meade & The Flying Mules LIVE MULES!

Daniel Meade & The Flying Mules
Live Mules!

Bringing the Good Times Back to Country-Blues!

This delightful little album from Glasgow’s finest purveyors of Countryish Music was recorded three years ago when the band were in the support slot for The Stray Birds in a hall in Scotland’s ‘Murder Capital’ ………Shetland (if the TV series is to be believed!) and only came to light a couple of months ago when Dan was having a bit of a ‘sort out’ of some tapes.
With only a tweak here and there the clarity of this recording puts many bigger names to shame and with so little chat belies the fact that this is a Live Album at all.
Rising River Blues comes from a Meade solo outing and gets new fizz added with the band absolutely on fire behind the chirpy singer-songwriter.
If you’ve ever seen Daniel play live, in any of his guises you will know he visibly enjoys what he does, which is a rarity in this industry, and that comes across especially on the self-effacing Let Me Off at the Bottom and If It’s Not Your Fault (I Guess It’s Mine) which also features some staggeringly intricate guitar work from Lloyd Reid too.
Earlier I described Meade’s music as ‘Countryish’, which it is, but there’s a healthy dose of olde worlde Blues in the mixer too; which comes to the fore on their rip-roaring cover of Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee’s Hooray! Hooray! which closes the record in fabulouso fashion.
That Country-Blues hybrid is probably the template for the two singles that are included here too, their first ever being Long Gone Wrong and the twisted love song Please Louise which was their most recent at the time of recording.
To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “This album is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you gonna get;” which brings me to my Favourite Song here, There’s a Headstone Where Her Heart Used To Be; a fairly simple song originally but here it becomes a veritable Country Hoedown, with Meade pouring his heart out in his best George Jones fashion, but with a punk spine to it. I absolutely love it!
Live Mules! Has been something of a ‘palette cleanser’ for me recently as I’ve used it in the car as a ‘bit of fun’ to tap my toes to in between listening to more ‘righteous’ and ‘serious’ albums by the great and the good; and everything from Mark Ferrie’s pneumatic bass playing, Thomas Ferrie’s rat-a-tat-tat drumming and Lloyd Reid’s understated yet still flamboyant guitaring and of course Dan’s distinctive singing have made my heart swell and occasionally skip a beat on a bunch of sharply observed and really smartly written songs ; and I can’t recommend this highly enough; especially if you want an introduction to the rare talent that is Daniel Meade for only £3.99!

Released March 1st 2019


Arlen Roth
Tele Masters
Aqquinah Records

These Telecasters Tell a Classy Country Music Story .

Where to start? Arlen Roth is described as both ‘legendary’ and ‘acclaimed’ in the accompanying Press Release and looking at the long list of guest contributors to his latest (and 16th album!) yet I’ve never heard of him.
A brief look at his Wikipedia page show us that while he’s not too shy in the limelight; he’s best known for his work behind the scenes be it onstage, on record, on film or via his prestigious ‘How To’ books and video or even his time as a columnist in Guitar Player magazine!
Here, Roth demonstrates and showcases the versatility of the Fender Company’s Telecaster guitar on a number of well known songs and tunes from across the decades and playing alongside some of the biggest names in the Music Industry.
The Twangtastic Remington Ride starts the party with a joyous ramble alongside Steve Wariner; and the way the notes fly out of the speakers you can easily imagine both players alongside Cindy Cashdollar on lap-steel were all grinning like ninnies during the recording.
For the pedants out there, there’s nothing really new or innovative here, so if that’s what you’re looking for STOP READING now; as this is an album dedicated to an industry’s love affair with a guitar….. no more and no less; and the result is beautiful beyond words.
Jack Pearson’s vocals on Key To The Highway take this rendition into Eric Clapton territory via JJ Cale on decaf coffee, it’s that laid back; but the guitar work is still mind boggling.
There are classic tunes associated with Fender’s finest here left, right and centre with Will Ray making Rumble even sleazier than I remember and Joe Bonamassa making his guitar strings sound like they are made from pure silk on Joe’s Blues; and the Titan of the Telecaster, William Kirchen esq. does what he does better than anyone else on this instrument on the magnificent Tuff Tele; while a song I would normally associate with a Gibson SG (I too can be pedantic!) Chuck Berry’s Promised Land gets added Country Twang via Jerry Donahue, and Sweet Mikey C’s smooth vocals are a credit to behold.
But, it’s the surprises that are totally unexpected are what make this album extra special. Mrs. Robinson a guitar song? Here it is, but anything featuring Albert Lee is going to be classy, isn’t it?
Funky Mama (a tribute to Danny Gatton) which not for the first time sees Arlen Roth himself take lead is truly splendorous, as he is on the beautiful Tennessee Waltz too, when daughter Lexie Roth provides some delicious smoky vocals making me want a whole album of this two singing The Classics in this manner.
Choosing a Favourite Track has been fun; as several certainly have their merits but I will choose two, the instrumental Bunky which sounds like Roth and Brad Paisley are trying to melt their strings! The other is a case of Arlen ‘keeping the best ’til last’ with a guest appearance from another undervalued ‘Legend’ Redd Volkaert on A Minor Thing, and the two sound like they are just sitting back in the studio at the end of the session as the youngsters are packing their gear away thinking,”I showed those old guys” only to receive a 6 minute effortless Masterclass in guitar playing and indeed picking from two Guitar toting Granddaddy’s with more talent in their little fingers than most hipsters will accrue in a lifetime.
While pretty much each track is significantly different from what goes before it or follows, there is a definitive Classical Country thread linking everything together here, but neither a Nashville one or Bakersfield either….. this is just pure damn Country Gold….. or should that be platinum?

Released February 22nd 2019