RMHQ Radio Show Ep31 @NovaRadioNE Newcastle

RMHQ Radio Show
Nova Radio NE

SUNDAY 4th December 2022

Well; there’s a thing!
Every week I take a good while preparing the show, then everything stops family wise so I can do the radio show LIVE on a Sunday evening!

This week; because of England playing a key World Cop game that clashed, I did a pre-record on the previous Wednesday, something I did this once before in September when we were on holiday.
So, I was more shocked than anyone listening on Sunday night …. hearing Robert Plant & Allison Krauss instead of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins! There’s a sentence you didn’t expect to read …. and an easy mistake to make.
For some reason; the Nova Radio Super Computer re-played the September 4th Ep 17 show instead of the real one …. but fear not; here it is in all it’s glory.

Songs get played for a variety of reasons; as usual …. I started with Screamin’ Jay Hawkins after a casual conversation a week ago when his name cropped up about a pub with a jukebox in Glasgow; and then I finally found the Wilko Johnson song that I should have played last week, but the computer had lost!
The other thing of note this programme was Chrissie McVie from Fleetwood Mac died. Serendipity played a hand here, as I was always going to play a track from Rick Berthold’s new Tribute to Peter Green, so instead of following the musical ‘sheep’ and playing Songbird; I went with It’s You I Miss from the 1960’s Fleetwood Mac incarnation.

Also hours before going in the studio it was announced that someone had bought the Bloodshot Records brand and catalogue …. any excuse to play The Waco Brothers, Kelly Hogan and Tift Merritt!

The show finishes with a song I’d lost; Steve Dagget’s Ballad of Jimmy Forsyth; a legendary Newcastle photographer in the 1050’s, 60’s and 70’s, who documented the West End around Scotswood Road, Elswick and Benwell where the Nova Radio Station is based…. so I bought another copy of the album off eBay!


Screamin’ Jay HawkinsI Put a Spell on You
Wilko JohnsonKeep on Loving You
Julie ChristensonJimmy Reed is King of the Blues
Dust RadioProblem and Remedy
Rick BerthodJumping at Shadows
Fleetwood MacIt’s You I Miss
Eli ‘Paperboy’ ReedDoin’ the Boom Boom
Rocky BurnetteMystery Train
North Mississippi AllstarsNever Want to Be Kissed
Helen McCookerybookCoffee and Hope
James HodderWilderness Road
Peach & QuietShoreline After a Storm
Rod PicottWashington County
Emily Scott RobinsonOld Gods (Theatrical Version)
MalojianAll I Need
Waco BrothersAll or Nothing
Kelly HoganWhispering Pines
Neko Case & The SadiesRated X
Billy StringsLove Like Me
Family ShilohIts Gonna Be a Longhorn Day
Jarrod DickensonLong Hard Look
Brian BlakeBook of Life
Laura Benitez & HeartacheA Love Like Yours
M Lockwood PorterCraig’s List Song
Heather Lynne HortonI Wanna Die in My Sleep
ShipcoteSometimes You’re Up
Steve DaggettBallad of Jimmy Forsyth

RMHQ Radio Show Ep30 @NovaRadioNE 27th Nov 2022

RMHQ Radio Show
Episode 30
Nova Radio NE

27th Nov 2022

I’d intended starting tonight’s programme celebrating Wilko Johnson, guitarist with the original Dr. Feelgood in the 1970’s. then Ian Dury’s Blockheads and a succesful solo career …. but the Super Computer somehow lost the track of his I wanted to play; but Roxette and something from the new incarnation who are still carrying the torch had to suffice.
There is also plenty of other eclectic songs; old and new from my collection for your listening pleasure … with one particular story and song I want to draw your attention too.
19 year old Faye Fantarrow was drawn to my attention earlier this year, then dramatically fell off my radar … until last week when I saw that a fundraising concert on her behalf was coming to Fire Station in Sunderland. It turns out she has a brain tumour and a hospital in USA can perform a ‘revolutionary operation’ ….. #FightForFaye …. you can help financially here

Then of course there’s the music ……

Dr FeelgoodRoxette
Dr FeelgoodKeep Under Cover
Beth HartBang Bang Boom Boom
Drive-By TruckersShake and Pine
Charlie MusselwhiteDrifting from Town to Town
White BuffaloHeart and Soul of the Night
Maple Run BandTears of a Fool
Garrison StarrThe Devil in Me
John PrineLonely Just Like Me
Bonnie Raitt & John PrineAngel from Montgomery
Judee SillJesus Was a Cross Maker
Will HogeMy Worst
Faye FantarrowBOOM
Lake PoetsWindowsill
The BandStage Fright
Robbie RobertsonBroken Arrow
Todd RundgrenIn My Mouth
Love on DrugsNever Walk Away
Native HarrowHeart of Love
Robbie FulksAmerica is a Hard Religion
Kelly HoganI’ll Go To My Grave Loving You
Father John MistyI’m Writing a Novel
Bobby DoveHaunted Hotel
Lindi OrtegaCigarettes and Truckstops
Blackie and the Rodeo KingsKick My Heart Around
LindisfarneWinter Song

Dave Arcari at The Cluny II, Newcastle

Dave Arcari
The Cluny II

25th November 2022

It’s particularly odd that Dave Arcari has been a regular visitor to a variety of Newcastle establishments for the last 25 years or more; yet tonight was the first time I’d ever seen him play live … and I’ve been a fan for most of that time too.
Tonight’s gig, in the Cluny II basement was opened by a local trio, Ferriday’s Fireballs. As I sat facing the stage as I was baffled by the set-up, a Telecaster guitar, two single drums and (what looked like) a synthesiser; yet the trio standing to the side were dressed in whip smart suits and crepe-soled brothel creepers, looking like grown-up Punks or Rocakabillys.
With no intro, bar a “1-2-3!” they sounded like they had taken a mouthful of ‘meanies as they blasted through their self-titled signature tune, which had stolen the melody from a/any Bo Diddley tune…. then they seamlessly slipped into third gear for an adrenaline fueled White Lightning ….. featuring not a synthesiser; but what was actually a double-neck lap-steel!!!
They only stopped once; to introduce a song of their own; written in deference to their hero, Lee Brilleaux; singer with Dr. Feelgood called “Hey ho Brillo!” and as the Feelgood’s original guitarist Wilko Johnson had died the previous day; they had changed the lyrics to “Hey ho, Wilko!” and they’d appreciate the (sparse) audience would sing-along…. and we did with gusto!
The audience filled a little as we waited for the Star to take the stage; but with two other Roots gig in the area and times being as tough as they are, it was still a disappointing crowd facing Arcari when he hit the stage and he blasted straight into Mistake Me For the Devil as if he was headlining the Madison Square Gardens!
This was going to be ‘one of those’ nights; and it was with Arcari, solo and playing a series of ‘signature’ Resonator guitars simply ‘taking no prisoners!’

As expected his ‘crack’ between songs was nearly worth the admittance fee alone; especially every time he sang a ‘new song’ from recent release DEVIL MAY CARE, with him worried about forgetting the words; with the first of these; the mean and moody Meet Me In The City misfiring a couple of times; but isn’t that the joy of being at a gig?
This was followed by a monologue, worthy of Billy Connolly introducing Cherry Wine, which surprisingly got a couple of women dancing.
Without being drawn into listing every song he played; mind blowing highlights were definitely his Classic song and story, Devil’s Left/Right Hand, 9lb Hammer and Time Will Come aka Brexit Blues from the new album as well as a red hot version of I Can’t Be Satisfied, which nearly had smoke coming off the strings.
In his introduction to raucous See Me Laughing he told us about not just his love of; but the difference between the various Mississippi Blues and this was his own personal tribute …. and KERPOW! was it a blast!
Without actually leaving the stage he was ‘convinced?????’ to do one more song; which turned out to be two ….. a monster version of Dust My Broom then ending with a greasy and very loud Walking Blues…. and the night was over; and not one face in that room wasn’t smiling!

Photo-Set https://www.harrisonaphotos.co.uk/Music/Dave-Arcari-/i-85XcjXd

RMHQ Radio Show Ep 29 @NovaRadioNE

RMHQ Radio Show
Episode 29
Nova Radio NE

A fun week musically, going to three gigs for the first time in living memory, and another two planned for next week …. plus some fabulous new albums arrived for early 2023.
Plus of course albums I’ve been listening to for weeks are now getting released; which is always exciting.
This week’s radio show was another eclectic mix of old, new borrowed and Blues (plus some Cajun too!)

The EaglesOl’ 55
Larkin PoeLips like cold diamonds
Sam CookeOnly 16
Daniel MeadeShooting Stars and Tiny Tears
Tift MerrittDusty Old Man
Alicia BluePicasso Blue
Handsome FamilyJust Like Tom Thumb’s Blues
Jackie LevenStraight Outta Caledonia
Steve PledgerSame Smile/Same Words
Grey DeLisleAnother Brick in the Wall
Ryan AdamsTob Young is To Be Foolish
The Countess of FifeGoodbye Motorcycle Guy
Holly ReesBack of my Hand
Samuel James TaylorRage and Fight
Courtney Marie AndrewsBreak the Spell
Robert Connely FarrBlue Front Cafe
Robert JohnsonLove in Vain
Dave ArcariLooks Like You’re Walking on Water
Big Harp GeorgeJust Calm Yourself
Big Boy BloaterI Get The Feeling Someone’s Watching Me
Elizabeth MoenClown Song
Sidney Brown & Jo-El SonnerFee Fee Poncho
Leroy BroussardLemonade Song
Matt OwensGo Easy on Yourself
Amelia WhiteTrue or Not
Nigel Warne ft Lauren HousleyTo the Edge
Kinky FriedmanWanderin’ Star

Errol Linton Jumpin Hot Club, Gosforth Newcastle

Errol Linton
Jumpin Hot Club,
Gosforth Civic Theatre

This was another key gig in the 37th Anniversary of Newcastle’s Jumpin’ Hot Club; one of the UK’s finest and longest running Roots Promoters; bringing back a performer from the early days to their current favourite venue ….. and there’s been a lot of those over the years!
Roots Music comes in a variety of styles and tonight was The Blues, with even then two very diverse acts.

Fist up were local duo Scott Taylor and Michael Littlefair, two handsome young men who if you met them in ASDA and had 1,000 guesses would never pick ‘pre-WWII Blues Music’ as being their speciality subject.
They certainly know the history of their songs; but always give this with a smile and a laugh; which never takes away from the honest and loving way they sing the songs of the Masters.
I can bore you with a list of the songs they sung and who the originals were by; but that would spoil the fun of seeing these two on stage; although I will say that their very different vocals and Scott’s red hot hot harmonica and Michael’s genuinely brilliant guitar playing pay homage to the likes of Big Bill Broonzy, Washboard Sam,Sonny Boy Williamson #1 (they explained the difference btw) and of course Muddy Waters, when they truly excelled.
Following several recent conversations regarding dwindling audiences post-pandemic at Roots gigs; I was excited to see how full this gig was by the time Errol Linton and band came on stage, with all seats full and another 10 or 12 having to stand (and dance) next to the bar.
The band cut a funky groove before Errol made his entrance; dancing across the stage (carrying a big bag of harmonicas!) and after setting the bag down; slinked into a beautiful rendition of his City Blues.
It’s been a while since I last saw him; but I was pleasantly surprised that a few songs tonight, starting with Hey You, included a bit of Bluebeat alongside his more natural Rhythmic Blues straight outta South London.
Where do I start with highlights? It would be too easy to say ‘everything’ which in turn would be true; but specifically Break The Seal was wonderful, his take on Junior Parker’s Mystery Train took it back to it’s Juke Joint boogie basics, and had the first of the dancers shaking their hips behind me.)
I particularly liked Packing My Bags, written for and about his parents coming to England via The Windrush; and again somehow merging Blues with Bluebeat and making it work ….. then ending it with a raging chorus of Concrete Jungle!
That’ll do for me bonny lad!
While everyone came to see and hear Errol Linton and his magic harmonicas (the drunk Scotsman who kept shouting “Errol Linton – the BEST harmonica player IN THE WORLD!” probably wasn’t wrong); but his band are all slick and professional in their own rite and got the opportunity to do short and sharp solos two or three times during the gig; especially the dancing guitarist Mr Ritchie Green!
The gig went by in the blink of an eye; coming to a blazing close with a fast and furious boogie, that showed their collective professionalism by miraculously ending on the exact same note!
Without bothering to leave the stage, Errol and band ‘agreed’ to perform one more song; Honeydripper which morphed into Can You Feel It? which had a good proportion of the crowd dancing or at least shuffling along …. with smiles on their faces.
The Blues comes in many shades and tonight we had two of the finest hues I’ve encountered in many a year.

Thursday 17th November 2022

FULL PHOTO-SET https://www.harrisonaphotos.co.uk/Music/Errol-Linton/

Meeting James Oliver INTERVIEW

Meeting James Oliver

06th November 2022

I’m cheating a bit here. I did meet James and his trio, not for an interview but at the Orkney Blues Festival in late September 2022. I spent several hours across several green rooms and a few breakfast and dinner occasions meeting his trio, with my trio, as visiting bands do.

The festival was brilliant, and ‘JOB’, The James Oliver Band was my personal highlight, up against the mind-bending Cinelli Brothers, who were expectedly superb.

I enthusiastically posted this on my return: 
This young man (29) is a Rockabilly and Roll genius, vintage Soul with that ‘gift’ you come across in the flesh from time to time when you’re lucky, and of course his band have to be THAT good to keep up

I stand by that post gig excitement!

The first time I watched him play, one of the Cinelli Brothers, after quite an entrancing performance, blowing the room away, introduced James with this line: “Here’s James Oliver now, coming to show us how to play guitar!”

It’s Danny Gatton, Chuck Berry, Albert Lee and moments of Peter Green all rolled into one, performed by a man from the Valleys of Wales who has been described as the Tommy Cooper of the Telecaster. 
Across four gigs in a weekend they barely repeated a number, so I’m going to add Rock and Roll encyclopaedia of the Telecaster as well.
James told me he has a photographic memory, if he’s played it once, it’s in the ‘Twang bank‘.

He is also been gifted with a sharp-witted humour worthy of a huge stage on its own. I don’t think it’s deliberate, just a part of who he is, but his one-liners and timing had myself, John & Suzy with stitches and tears relentlessly over the weekend.
A fellow watcher said to me, “If he gets arthritis, he’ll do just fine at the Apollo!”

“Thank you. If you like us we’re the James Oliver band. If you think we’re sh*te we’re the Dylan Pepper Band!”

Dylan was the festival organiser.

Back to the TWANG!  James is blessed with a clear natural touch on the guitar, the adoration of it and dedication to skill himself up to the highest level and a willingness to let a big variety of styles influence his licks and rhythm.
It’s that kind of playing that gives you the sense he is doing exactly what he was born to do, if you believe in that sort of thing.
I don’t, but he has me considering! 
James told me he ‘burns out drummers and bass players’.
Mark and Chris at Orkney didn’t seem burned out and played a blinder. It’s safe to suggest whoever he’s playing with will have the goods.
These guys were a privilege to watch.

He’s just released ‘Live In The USA’. 
Recorded at Carter Farm, Marlborough CT, with Steve Peck on drums and Tommy Reed on bass and James Oliver playing Danny Gatton’s very own 1954 Gibson ES295!
It opens with a classic: ‘T Bone shuffle’. There’s some sorcery of the guitar too, in Bo Diddley’s ‘Who Do You Love’.
To get this limited CD, you need to pop him a message on Facebook! 
James was originally spotted after his UK gigging reputation and a series of guitar sessions and vinyl monologues on YouTube.
A dream come true: an invite to the states to play Gatton’s guitar. 
And he’s going back…

Fender have also noticed James and shared his videos. https://www.youtube.com/@JamesOliverGuitar

He’s has been around.
“I’ve met all but one of my living heroes. But there’s a lot of dead ones you see. I managed to meet a couple before they were dead.”
He’s also modest.
“I’m a sh*te singer. I get people on at me about it all the time. I know it.”

I’m only quoting this in case you hear it from someone who doesn’t get it.
He’s not. What he does is perfect for the music and his vocal timing is fantastic.

And he’s human.
I’m still holding on to my hair but it’s thinning fast, the more CDs you buy closer I am to my hair transplant.”

What I really want is for you to see and hear it yourself.
His records are awesome, he’s hilarious, he’s won awards and he’s on his way to greatness, but leave all of that till later when you’re a wild fan on google!
Most urgently you have to see his band play.
It’s about the gigs. The magic is watching the mastery of an instrument virtuoso loving their job and delighting everyone in the room. JOB play 300+ gigs a year, all over the UK and elsewhere, so you will have the chance at some point.
Please take it.

I will be there in the front row, 1 metre from James’ size 14 feet, at Edinburgh Blues Club on 25th November 2022.  
Happy birthday James.
Don’t worry about your hair, the world is ready for its first bald guitar mega hero.



“I’ll do one more, then I’m going to MacDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts, haha!”

Interview courtesy Liz Jones.

Rick Berthod TRIBUTE TO PETER GREEN (The Fleetwood Mac Years)

Rick Berthod
Tribute to Peter Green (The Fleetwood Mac Years)
Self Release

A Beautiful and Thoughtful Homage to a Forgotten Master Blues Guitarist.

Rick Berthod appears to have been around the American Blues scene forever, playing alongside and/or supporting most of the Legends in a career that has also produced 8 previous albums; and today he finds himself fronting the house band at The House of Blues in Las Vegas.
A couple of nights ago I was out with some ex-colleagues; all younger than me and mostly music fans. After a couple of pints I got mischievous; asking “who was the guitarist in Fleetwood Mac?”
To a man they agreed on Lindsay Buckingham; and when I asked the follow up; “Not Peter Green?” Their faces were left scrunched up, as they didn’t know who I was talking about …. although they had heard (of) Albatross.
Which is why this album is a) an oddity and b) essential listening for the younger generation.
OK there probably is a version of the legendary Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits floating around e-Bay; but Rick Berthod’s song selection and beautiful homage to a Master Guitarist is well worth checking out; and/or giving as a Christmas present.
Although the opening track, If You Be My Baby isn’t one of the better known tracks from this period; but the guitar playing is simply ‘liquid gold’ …. no; scrub that ….. ‘liquid platinum’ and it never leaves that trajectory all the way through to the finale Loved Another Woman.
The other thing about that opening song; is Berthod’s voice; beautiful yet melancholic and simply aching with the longing that these songs all conjure up.
When I was at senior school in the 70’s selecting and then defending your selection of Favourite Guitarist was a key part of the day; and while I was always a Rory Gallagher fan; Peter Green was always a great back up.
Coming back to the album and it’s contents; when I first scanned the track list my first thoughts were “does the world need another version of Black Magic Woman?”
Well; in this case … yes. Berthod slows it down to a feisty shuffle and after a minute or so you forget that Carlos Santana ever recorded his version; as this is short, sharp and timeless; with a vocal performance worthy of a Chicago speakeasy in the mid 60’s.
There a few songs here that I either can’t remember or have not heard before; but the sting in the tail that Rattlesnake Shake left me was staggering; and if I’d heard Stop Messing Around in a ‘blind tasting’ I’d have sworn it was from John Mayall’s ‘Beano’ album, featuring the best guitar playing Eric Clapton ever managed.
The Peter Green Classics are all here of course; and are all played with loving care and not a note out of place; most notably on the sublime Need Your Love So Bad (with additional Prof Longhairesue piano interludes) and Oh Well; which both benefit from Berthod’s distinctive world weary vocals; which puts a new spin on them; as they now sound like the original youngster, looking back on life in 2022.
Albatross is …. well…. Albatross; spellbinding of course; and had to be included, but no one is ever, ever going to compete with Green on his Masterwork, will there?
On an album like this I always look for something unexpected as a Favourite Track; and here there are another two songs that I have no memory of and both stopped me dead in my tracks as I tried to do some paperwork.
Jumpin’ At Shadows is heartbreakingly beautiful and with hindsight; sounds as if it was written many years after Green left The Mac, as it sounds like a love story to the man himself; and there are times the guitar playing brought tears to my eyes the first time I played it.
The other, in the tie; is the majestic Driftin’ … which fits in somewhere between Hank B Marvin, Clapton and Joe Bonamassa in the guitar stakes (remember what I said about ‘liquid platinum’ …. but here it’s the actual song; Blues so dark it’s almost black that I’ve fallen in love with!
It’s a Peter Green ‘original’ but I’m pretty damn sure he was immersing himself in BB Kings older albums before writing it.
So; my overall thoughts? I like it …. a lot; mostly because of Berthold’s lovely and ‘lived in’ vocals sufficiently different from Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac’s ‘originals’ to make it well worth recommending … esp if you know a young person (under 50 hahaha) who doesn’t know who Peter Green was.

Released October 29th 2022


RMHQ Radio Show Ep28 @NovaRadioNE

RMHQ Radio Show
Episode 28
Nova Radio NE

13th November 2022

The ‘theory’ behind my radio show is meant to be like when we were teenagers, sitting in bedrooms or schoolyards talking about and sharing music.
I could reasonably easily do a weekly two hour show made up of solely New Music from across the Roots Music world; but I like mixing it up with Classic tracks and older songs you may or may not know from the past too.

Pete MolinariLest We Forget
Beth Neilsen ChapmanWalk You To Heaven
Dave ArcariTexicali Waltz
Liz JonesBounty
Daniel MeadeGood Heart Gone Astray
West on ColfaxThe Desert Lives Outside The City
Marianne FaithfulTower of Song
Amelia WhiteSaid It Like a King
David OlneyTwo Bit Hood
Larkin PoeGeorgia Off My Mind
Holy Moly and The CrackersHot Red
Jeffrey FoucaultOne Red Rose
Errol LintonStressed Out
Jason IsbellTour of Duty
Peach & QuietCalgary Skyline
Kenny FosterPoor Kids
Anna LavigneFoolish Heart
Fred HostetlerHe’s Gone Rogue
Giant SandChange Is Now
The Williams BrothersDeath of a Clown
Dr FeelgoodPut your money where your mouth is
Rolling StonesRoute 66
Twangtown TroubadoursWhoa Nellie
Mary GauthierI Drink
Terra Spencer & Ben CaplanGood Friends
Malcolm HolcombeMisery Loves Company
Leonard CohenBird on a Wire
Hurray For the Riff RaffWhat’s Wrong With Me?
Jay and the CooksFrontline Worker Blues
Kris KristoffersonYou Don’t Tell Me What To Do.

Dr Feelgood DAMN RIGHT

Dr Feelgood
Damn Right
Proper Records

A Primo Legacy Well Worthy of Their Canvey Island Originators

I have a dichotomy here.
I was a huge fan of the original Dr. Feelgood …. the one with Lee Brilleaux, Wilko Johnson, Big Figure and John B Sparks; buying LP’s, singles and even a Bootleg cassette or two. Even after Wilko left and was replaced by Gypie Mayo; they were second to none on stage … although the albums weren’t that memorable.
In fairness, they were still a formidable force Live when only Lee from the original band was left; although it was apparent the last time I saw him/them all was not well health wise.
Sadly Lee died in 1995 …. which should have been the end of Dr. Feelgood as a brand; but various incarnations have continued thrilling and pleasing fans all over Europe in the last 25 years; although not me … until now.
With all that in mind I certainly had mixed emotions a month ago when this album of ‘self-penned original songs’ arrived at RMHQ.
I left it where I could see it on my desk for 4 or 5 days; then in a moment of weakness or should that be intrigue; I slid it into the CD Player and waited expectantly ….. I don’t know what for exactly? On principal I think I wanted to hate it; but hey …. do you know what? Don’t Pull Your Punches, which opens the album was far, far better than I’d ever dared hope!

Singer, Robert Kane makes no pretence at sounding like Lee; nope …. he’s certainly comfortable in his own talents and fair play to him; he’s a cracking British R&B singer (in the mould of a young Michael Phillip Jagger!) and the band can all hold their heads high too.
The band stick to the tried and trusted British R&B template; and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that at all; as you will find when you hear the fizzing Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Inside Out and the horny as hell; Mary Ann too.
You don’t have to forget the band’s name to enjoy DAMN RIGHT!, as all the constituent parts are here; Gordon Russell’s feisty guitar playing is as good as Gypie Mayo in full flight, while drummer Kevin Morris and bas-player deluxe Phil H Mitchell keep time like a military band; never allowing the other two the opportunity to get carried away …. this is Classic R&B at its best!
Speaking of which the band even have the audacity to add a fabulous instrumental , Last Call as a finale …. with a subtle call and response HEY! chorus which I’ve accidentally found myself joining in with on recent car journeys.
While I don’t own all of the Lee Brilleaux era latter day releases (stopping with the less than fabulous Brilleaux) this incarnations songs are written constructed and arranged a lot stronger in every department; which no doubt comes from so many years on the road as a touring unit.

While there are no obvious singles here; there are still plenty to get your teeth into; and you wouldn’t feel short changed if they play this album from start to finish as a ‘first set’ then follow it with an hour or more of the Classics.
With that in mind; there are three songs that have really lodged themselves in my brain; so I’m torn between the Chicago infused Blues Me, Damn Right I Do! and the rolling and tumbling, I Need a Doctor as my Favourite Song here; and probably because I’m in the mood for some rambunctious and danceable R&B this morning I’m plumping for Dam Right I Do which I think Lee Brilleaux would have been plenty proud to belt out in the 100 Club.
I can’t think of a more vain accolade than I will be going to see Dr Feelgood for the first time since the mid 1980’s and it’s all because I want to here the band play these songs in concert.

Released November 4th 2022


RMHQ Radio Show Ep: 24 @NovaRadioNE

RMHQ Radio Show
Nova Radio NE
23rd October 2022

Sunday nights wouldn’t be the same without our eclectic mix of Roots Music; this week as well as Americana, Alt. Country and Folk I slid in some Australian songs and a couple of Cajun songs to spice things up.

Dr JohnMo’ Scosious
Bonnie RaittLove Me Like a Man
Dave ArcariDevil’s Left Hand
Wily Bo WalkerMotel Blues
Georgia ThunderboltsSpirit of a Working Man
Ward Hayden & The OutliersBad Time to Quit Drinking
SunjayDust My Broom
Taj MahalJohnny Too Bad
Chris IsaakHeart Shaped World
Elles BaileyThe Game
Corb LundRoughest Neck Around
Willie NileOne Guitar
Davina & The VagabondsMagic Kisses
JT & The CloudsI Have Heard Words
Brigid O’Neil & Neilson HubbardLive a Llittle Lie Oh.
Old CalifornioKnocking on Your Screen Door
Bobby DoveLike it or Not, I Love You
OxMiss Idaho
Karl BrodieMoonshine Dancin’
PJ O’BrienQueen of Broken Hearts
The Often HerdWhen the Big Lamp Shines
Ags ConnellySad Songs Forever
Jeremy PinnellI’m Alright Forever
Herman GuieeBon Ton Roula
Shorty Le BlancBoss Cajun
Grey DeLisleYou Only Live Twice
Sean RoweRabbit Hole
Robert LaneHomeworking
Tommy AtkinsIt Took a Woman