CHRISTONE “Kingfish” INGRAM – 662

Alligator Records

Eloquently Delivered Tales From a Leading Figure in the New Generation of The Blues.

Sophomore albums are always real tricky, especially when your debut effort gained so many accolades and won so many awards, eventually being nominated for a Grammy.
For a young man such as 22 year old Christone “Kingfish” Ingram being born and bred in the ‘Birthplace of the Blues,’ has somehow given him more than enough ammunition to avoid the well documented pitfalls that beset so many follow ups.
Of course, it helps to have an impeccable team behind you, manager and friend Rick Whitney has ensured that once again iconic Grammy winning producer – Tom Hambridge is not just the producer, oh he’s also your drummer, ah and also your conducive co-songwriter. It’s no velleity that the team behind this musical phenomenon continue their association with the record company currently celebrating their 50th. Anniversary: Bruce Iglauers Alligator Records.

Most of the songs were jointly created during the Pandemic by Ingram and Hambridge plus one of Tom’s long term, trusted collaborators, Richard Fleming being involved in half the compositions too. The album was recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville with many of Music City’s top session men sitting in on the sessions.

662 is the telephone Area Code for 6 counties across Northern Mississippi, where Kingfish was born, less than 10 miles from the legendary Crossroads of Highways 49 & 61, smack dab in the middle of Clarksdale.
The CD version has a bonus track to add to the other 13, providing some 53 beatific minutes of contemporary Blues Music; that somehow draws inspiration from an impressively wide spectrum of styles.

So, the title track “662” (which was released as a preview single) kicks off the proceedings with a rip-roaring back beat and Glenn Worfs bass helping punch through the lyrics regaling Kingfish’s’ memories of his birthplace and childhood. Indeed, autobiographical honesty radiates most of the albums lyrical themes, none more so than on “Something in the Dirt” and the funky “Too Young to Remember”.
Whilst romantic dreams are shining out on “She Calls Me Kingfish” and “I Got to See You;” there’s also stories of the impact a life on the road, moving from city to city, hotel to hotel can have on a man’s body and soul; on “Long Distance Woman” and “That’s What You Do”.

The bonus track, “Rock & Roll” is dedicated to his mother who died in early 2020, and was previously issued as a stand-alone single last Summer and could, for many listeners, steal the show as the highlight of this superb album.
But, there are 2 others that pip it for my own personal choice of Favourite.
Firstly, the slower, jazzier “You’re Already Gone” has rather subtle guitar from both Kingfish and another Grammy winner in the wonderfully expressive Bob Britt.
However, the trump card that has been played on my sound system more than any others is the soulful ballad that comes from “That’s All it Takes,” sounding more like it’s straight out of Royal or Stax Studios, 200 miles away with Marty Sammon’s B3 underlining the sax of Max Abrams and the horn of Julio Diaz. Vocally, it’s more controlled in the Jerry Butler or Major Harris mold and just the sort of song that could close any dance hall when you pair up with the one you’ve been watching; and wanting to smooch, all night long.

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram is most certainly no ‘one trick pony;’ 662 amplifies his credentials as a leading figure of the new generation of The Blues.
His guitar playing embodies several of his six string heroes, but melded into a very distinctive style whilst his lyrics articulate the experiences from his life, thus far.
At the front end of the mix is his remarkable vocals that eloquently deliver the tales and vivid memories with unadulterated sincerity plus the welcome bonus of crystal clear diction.

Review by Jack Kidd
Released on 23rd. July 2021



Mike Zito
Gulf Coast Records

Deeply Personal Blues Rockers and Some Funky-Ass Dance Tunes Too.

A year or so back; when he was putting together his Gulf Coast Records label, I read an article about Mike Zito was an ‘elder statesman’ of Blues Rock!
I know he has a relatively long and illustrious back-catalogue; but Elder Statesman?
Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about his latest release ….. and yet again; another exciting left-turn in a career where he doesn’t appear to have ‘recorded the same album twice’; always looking for fresh new ways to deliver his rather wonderful interpretations of The Blues.
You notice the difference straight away; by Zito’s standards, JJ Cale’s I’ll Make Love to You is now quite the ‘funky-ass’ dance tune; probably courtesy of Producer David Z (their 7th album together); but Mike sounds like he’s having a blast on the guitar solos; and his singing ain’t too shabby either.
The duo’s arrangement on Don’t Bring Me Down which follows confused me at first; but a week later they appear to have created something in the Prince/Michael Jackson mould; but aimed it squarely at old time hipsters like me …… the type who only ‘dance’ inside their heads ….. and it’s a bitter riposte to Social Media too; what’s not to like?
I suppose the only thing that doesn’t surprise you is the strength of Zito’s songwriting here; something many of the modern generation of guitar slingers forget about.
When It Rains is a thought provoking pot-boiler; worthy of Albert King, back in the day; but, while Damned If I Do and and the feisty title track Resurrection where their influences on their sleeves; Mike Zito appears to have mined the darkest recesses of his Soul to bring these personal stories to life; and the public gaze.
Mike Zito is; and will always be primarily known as a guitarist; and that’s a fair assumption; but David Z’s production and Zito’s arrangements tend to keep his guitar solos and occasional flourishes more or less in the background; only there to highlight the stories and the songs themselves; which are all sung by a singer finally comfortable with his own voice; with the beautiful love song Dreaming of You and his down and dirty adaption of Willie Dixon’s Evil (which comes across as a bridge between Free and Bad Co btw!!) being prime examples of this cute craft.
For my choice of Favourite Song I try to steer clear of cover versions; when the bulk of a record is by the singer-songwriters own pen; so with that in mind the exceptionally smooth and silky In My Blood has to win the accolade; but one of my Favourite Songs of all time gets a fabulous new lease of life from Zito and Gang; so I have to share the honour here with In The Presence of the Lord; from the Blind Faith album half a bloody century ago!
As ever Mike Zito has managed to make an album that is undoubtedly a Mike Zito album; but unlike anything he’s recorded before …… and one that will thrill his original fan base; and bring in new fans too.

Released July 16th 2021



Mick Pini

A New Lick of Paint and More For a British Blues Stalwart’s Back Catalogue.

I guess that Mick Pini’s name is one of those that merits a furrowed eyebrow and a bit of thought. While not a Premier League guitarist; Pini (from Leicester but now based in Germany) has been a stalwart of the European Blues Scene for decades; regularly touring these shores and playing all of the top Festivals.
With a 25 album catalogue and no discernable hits in his 55 year musical career; it’s perhaps a brave decision to re-record and recreate some of his favourite tracks as a Bonafide Retrospective; but for the likes of me (and you?) it’s actually a perfect way of introducing us to the man Eric Clapton once dubbed ‘the new Peter Green.’
The album comes to life immediately with Jumping Blues; a simmering big band swinger; the likes of which Freddie or even Albert King would have been proud of; not least because of Pini’s languid guitar playing; but his velvety vocals too.
The Peter Green connection comes to the fore on track #2 the beautiful instrumental Blues For Peter Green; which obviously has a faint hint of Albatros to it; but not enough for anyone to worry about ….. in fact; in another dimension it could easily be the theme tune for a RTV Detective Show …… the noir kind with lots of comings and goings in the shadows.
Obviously over 25 previous albums Mick Pini has diverted a few times from the normal Blues path; and when he does veritable sparks can fly ….. growling the Blues is Cheap is steeped in dark N’Orleans Voodoo, whereas Snowy Wood is primarily a Honky-Tonk piano piece with with extra guitar licks thrown in at no extra cost.
While Pini and Producer Craig Marshall have apparantly dusted down, polished and refurbed all of these tracks from their original format; it sounds to me more like they have added a certain ‘something’ that the studios wouldn’t have had ‘back in the day’; which gives a diamond lustre to the smoky and indeed; ‘smoking’ One Glass of Water which features some organ playing worthy of Booker T in the background while Pini goes full-on Eric/Albert on the guitar too!
While looking for a Favourite Track I stumbled on Shadows; another song with Pini’s bewitching voice oozing class as the piano and guitar interplay alongside a haunting trumpet, makes this sound like something that wouldn’t have been out of place on a Blue Note Sampler.
But; there’s also Standing In The Rain and Got It Bad; both of which are absolutely outstanding. While Pini’s music is totally steeped in the Golden Age of 1960’s Blues; both British and American these two tracks in particular are simply timeless as well as being outstanding.
With tracks spanning the majority of his 55 year career one of the absolute highlights is a humdinger of an instrumental, Snowy Wood again featuring Pini’s effortlessly brilliant guitar playing duelling with a piano and which comes from his most recent release, INTO THE DISTANCE.
The first time I played Standing In The Rain I was 99% sure I already knew the song; but didn’t …… which is one of those tricks many acts try but most fail at; and the claustrophobic Got It Bad is a similar story for me; and sounds like the song that Eric Clapton tried 20 years to create and always failed; a smooth and laid back love song full of delicate and relaxed guitar licks and a heart stopping piano solo; that highlights a lived in and world weary vocal performance on a story too many of us can relate too…… making it my Favourite Track here by the blink of an eye.
What more can I say? In a world full of Blues Music of all hues; it’s been a wonderful few days discovering the work of Mick Pini; and who’s to say that this release won’t make him a Overnight Success after 55 hard worked years!

Released July 1st 2021


Tidy’s Blues Sandwich MUDBALL MUSINGS

Mudball Musings

Infectious, Raucous Harmonica Led 21st Century British Blues With Plenty of Rhythm

Don’t give up your day job;” is a well used phrase normally handed to enthusiastic amateurs, and generally delivered in quite a condescending manner.
Well, let me say from the onset that this doesn’t apply to Tidy’s Blues Sandwich; the platform used by Adam Burney to reveal to the world his take on harmonica led Blues music.
It’s yet another self-financed, homemade, lockdown DIY album but without a hint of bovarism; and Adam has been somewhat astute in recruiting some of the Capitals finest and experienced Blues musicians to this new band.

Mudball Musings was recorded over two live sessions with just a couple of overdubs.
Adam wrote all the songs, pre-recorded the basics on his phone, then forwarded their parts to the individual band members who then all came together and worked out those respective parts in the studio.
Adam fronts all the tracks with vocals and harmonica, there is a splendid rhythm section of Orlando Shearer on Bass and Loris Peverani on drums with guitars from Marco Buono and the multi-creative Tony Diavolo (who also designed the albums artwork btw).

Whilst some may consider 8 tracks on an album to be just a little too close to paucity, it’s the quality that shines through.
This mini-album kicks off with a warm and friendly greeting from Tidy himself which, in turn leads into an ambrosial shuffling instrumental “The Mudball Mooch”.
A funkier up-tempo effort comes next with “Old Man Blues” where the vocals are delivered in an almost South London rap/toasting ‘stylee;’ featuring terrific guitar and harmonica.
Renowned, award winning, guest vocalist, Chad Strentz, steps up to the microphone for Part One of “This World Will Keep On Rolling;” while also adding his indelible delivery to the chugging guitars.

It’s nigh on impossible to keep your feet still to “Hip Bop” another infectious harmonica led instrumental that has added repetitive mentions of the song title, just like James Brown used to do.
Adam admits that “Make The Tea/On The Run Again” is heavily influenced by The Memphis Jug Bands ‘On the Run Again’, hence the mention, but again the Squeeze like vocals are used to great effect; and then there’s an added bonus of Marco Buono’s scintillating slide guitar too.
Another up-tempo, harmonica instrumental “A Nod To Noah” keeps up the lively pace before a slow fade in to “Sunshine Song,” which evolves into a punchy reincarnation of a Brothers of Mothershovel song that has the benefit of Chad and Tony on backing vocals.

The closing track is actually my Favourite, the ever ebullient Mr. Strentz taking over the singing duties again on Part #2 of “This World Will Keep On Rolling” which is a quite different version of Track #3.
This time a very danceable, raunchier offering which clearly illustrates the potential that Tidy’s Blues Sandwich display throughout this debut offering.
Okay, there are perhaps some inchoate elements, however the underlying possibilities uncover some emulous music and is well worth checking out; and no doubt a band well worth seeing playing live.


Jack Kidd “Messin’ with the Kidd” on

Released July 5th 2021

The best options currently are direct from Adam, either e-mail ( or communicate via Facebook under his moniker Tidy Burney.

Sorry kids ……. there aren’t any videos or sound bites available ….. you will just have to trust RMHQ.

Cedric Burnside I BE TRYING

Cedric Burnside
I Be Trying
Single Lock Records

Bring Clear Eyes and a Full Heart ….. Can’t Lose.

Although a world renowned singer-songwriter in his own rite; no review of Cedric Burnside is complete without having to mention that his late Grandfather was the legendary R.L. Burnside; the original keeper of the Bentonia Blues flame. Cedric in turn; puts his very own spin on this iconic style of music and here takes it head first inti the 21st Century!
Anyone who has heard his records before; or hopefully seen him play ‘live’ will know that the younger Burnside certainly ain’t no ‘one trick pony’ and while predominantly championed for his wild and intense playing; this album begins with the laconic solo acoustic song The World Can Be So Cold; and has all the hallmarks of being a crossover ‘hit’, with his exceptional finger picked guitar setting the hairs on the average listener’s neck standing on end!
Cedric ‘goes electric’ on the next song; Step In; and that Bentonic claustrophobic intensity is here in every single heart pounding note.
The same is true of most everything that follows; with Cedric’s talent for storytelling coming to the fore on the delicate Keep On Pushing and Pretty Flowers; both of which bring back memories of Ritchie P Havens many years ago; with Burnside blending Jazz licks with those powerful Blues chords.
Speaking of his songwriting; I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the way the actual songs are to the forefront here; where normally they would just be part of the package.
One of these highlights is undoubtedly What Makes Me Think, with it’s hypnotic chorus and heavy, heavy bass lines making for a song I can’t wait to hear played ‘live’.
Another cracker is the title track I Be Trying; which features the singer’s daughter Portrika on backing vocals as he takes on the role of a man begging for forgiveness:
still learning and trying to be the best me.”
This track is actually followed by two straight up ‘love songs’; You Really Love Me and Love Is The Key; but these are ‘love songs’ in the Bentonia mould and take you to places far removed from the clubs of Chicago and London Town.
This is Cedric’s 9th album and he has developed beyond all comprehension since releasing THE RECORD 15 years ago; with the elegantly graceful Bird Without a Feather making him sound like a wise old sage as he speaks to his lost love; whom he has actually shot dead ‘because she done him wrong’ and on Get Down he even dabbles in Hendrixesque psychedelia without ever losing the subtleties that we expect and receive by the bucketful.
It’s been far from easy over the last few days trying to select a Favourite Track; the finale Love You Forever is a slow burning Blues song that just aches with longing; and earlier Gotta Look Out takes you on a trip back to the 60’s but with plenty of Cedric’s wondrous twists in every line and chord.
Which leaves me with Hands Off That Girl …… WOW …. WOW and thrice WOW!
The Blues comes in many hues; but rarely darker and more sensitive than this song. There’s so much I could say about it; but won’t …… you really need to hear it with a clear mind to get it and ‘feel it.’
Cedric Burnside has paid his dues over the years; spending an apprenticeship hauling the act around juke joints, bars and clubs across the world and only in the last couple of years has that started to pay off with Awards and Honors coming at him from all directions, so don’t be too surprised if this album not just features in some end of year High Falutin Top 10’s; but on the Big Boys Award Circuses too.

Released June 25th 2021


Quinn Sullivan WIDE AWAKE

Wide Awake
Provogue Records

A Second Album That Elevates This Talented Young Man To A Whole Other Strata Altogether.

For many people who were once heralded as a child prodigy, the path to prolonged success can be fraught and disappointing; so many never seem to fulfil all that early promise.
That ‘prodigy’ badge is both a blessing and a curse, plus for the artist, an unnecessary millstone.
Quinn Sullivan certainly qualifies for the description and follows a long line of such ‘prodigies’ in the music world; i.e. Doug Sahm, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder, Steve Winwood & Derek Trucks to name a just a few.

At 21 years of age, this inchoate musician from Massachusetts has already experienced so much more than 99.99% of aspiring performers, having the benefit of being under the guidance of Buddy Guy and releasing 3 previous albums (since 2011), all involving multi-Grammy winner Tom Hambridge. You can also add to his resume all the various live TV appearances and an array of gigs that include three Montreux Jazz Festivals and an Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival.

Wide Awake marks a vicissitude crossroads of his own, with a significant change of producer/collaborator, this time travelling to LA to work with Oliver Leiber (Paula Abdul, Ke$ha and Adam Lambert) with an obvious prescient to encompass much more than just his fabulous pluripotent guitar playing and strong singing voice. Although Quinn has always considered himself a songwriter, preparing for this album has seen him increase his efforts with pen and paper, concentrating on the lyrics and melodies with Leiber that will elevate his craft, not just for Wide Awake but for further albums down the road.

So, I hear you ask, has it worked on this, his fourth album. Well, from my perspective it’s very much a resounding yes. Much more of a mainstream rock effort with lots of hooks, overall it contains scale, scope and colours (not just blue) that project a whole gamut of sub-styles.
Baby Please” could quite easily have been a cover of a Ed Sheeran effort, while “In A World Without You” has a distinctive Latin feel, and then “She’s So Irresistible” has the twin cities funk of Prince Rogers Nelson all over it.

She’s Gone (and She Ain’t Coming Back)” starts off like a Coldplay classic but then vocally it moves into different territory; whilst lyrically there are some superb references,
we made love to Marvin;
singing girl let’s get it on;
baby I’ve heard it all through the grapevine;
that we’re done, that we’re done
followed by a beaut of a chorus.
It gets a little harder and bluesier with the punchy “Strawberry Rain;” with its ‘Oasis sounding like The Beatles’ chorus bolstered by an iconic wah wah guitar solo straight out of the Hendrix catalogue.
Jessica” provides some further poignant lyrics that recall another long lost love, with yet another memorable chorus “what do you see when you look in the mirror;
cos I see an innocent child;
Jessie I know you’d feel better inside;
if you could just see yourself through my eyes”.
For a 21 year old many of these lyrics are quite remarkable.

Honestly, there are no iffy fillers on here, but the King Magpie will want me to select my favourites.
The accolade almost fell to the song that was released as a teaser single, earlier this year, the anthemic “All Around The World” with its empowering message of positivity and hope.
But, I’m now leaning toward the blue eyed Soul of “How Many Tears” that sounds like it has come straight out of Philadelphia; sung by Hall & Oates at their almighty zenith.

Sullivan and Leiber have cast their net far and wide to encompass an entertaining range of musical influences into creating this enchanting album; and without any shadow of a doubt Messrs Guy & Hambridge helped create the very sturdy platform from where Quinn evolved and developed his awesome natural guitar skills and robust singing style. However, Wide Awake elevates this talented young man on to another strata, an altogether higher level that ought to ensure that he reaches a much, much wider audience.

Jack Kidd AKA “Messin’ with the Kidd” on

Released 4th June 2021



Kyle Culkin
Pork Chops & Blues
Tonebucker Records

A Little Ray of Rhythm and Blues Sunshine and a Bit of an Emotional Rollercoaster

I’ve been back in a dark place mentally recently; which as usual makes me think “Why do I bother” regarding the website ……. sad; but true; then along came Kyle Culkin with his Pork Chops & Blues; instantly the clouds began to lift and a little ray of sunshine entered my life.
A twenty year man at the coal-face of being a working musician; with only one previous solo release to his name; Kyle Culkin has been a ‘go to’ session man and touring geetar player for the great and the good (and no doubt the average too) with very little glory; apart from BB King saying “This kid can play!” but always paying the rent; so has that apprenticeship done him any good?
Hell yes it has!
The Pork Chop Song comes at you like a drunk on the dancefloor on a Saturday night ……… is it literally a song about Culkin’s favourite meat meal; or is it a metaphor for something sexual in nature? This is the Blues with a mighty streak of Rhythm so it could be either or both; and boy is it a crowd pleaser.
Now four days into this album and I can tell you that if you were wandering down a rainy Lonely Street one Tuesday evening and you saw the Kyle Culkin Band were playing in the Heartbreak Hotel your spirits would be lifted in such a way you may even try to marry the barmaid …… even if you are a woman!
On Delbert McClinton’s Why Me, Kyle certainly sounds like he has a twinkle in his eyes as he sings it; a bit of a Country-Rock spine to it; but it’s a pure Honky-Tonking Blues stomper of the highest order; and will have you dancing like no one’s watching ….. even if you’re in the kitchen.
While I love that song; Culkin’s slow and slinky songs really do it for me ……. both; Nothing From Nobody and Wouldn’t Change a thing are guaranteed to have you shouting “Ain’t that the truth Brother!” and Culkin and friends’ playing ain’t too shabby either, with barely a note out of place on two incredibly well constructed songs.
At only 8 tracks long this album still somehow manages to be an emotional rollercoaster, with By The Blues and the awe inspiring album closer Wouldn’t Change a Thing being the types of broken hearted love songs that have you reaching for a glass, then raising it to the stereo as Culkin makes you feel that you aren’t alone with these feelings.
Then; there has to be a Favourite Song of mine; here I’ve decided on two very different styles of song to battle it out.
Burn It All Down is an A-Typical Rhythm and Blues stomper with searing guitar; heart breaking harmonica and a singer who isn’t giving up easily …… and a chorus that is designed especially for public participation.
The other; and more likely winner is the song that blew my clouds away …….. a bit of a big band (BB King style?) production finds the singer sitting in his dressing room thinking when did I become So Damn Old!
Yep ….. that’s me Kyle Culkin is singing about; or possibly you too ……
Tell my wife and kids they should have seen me
back in my prime the age of 23
I could go all night long
Now with any luck ………
I need three cups of coffee
Just to get out of bed!”

Some days I think that there is too much music out there; and then albums like this arrive from someone I’ve never heard of ……. and my faith in the restorative powers of music; especially The Blues is restored; and the future looks rosy again.
Thank you Kyle Culkin.

Released May 28th 2021


Chris Gill Between Midnight and Louise

Between Midnight & Louise
Endless Blues Records

An Authentic and Intimate Bentonia Blues Experience.

Chris Gill is an established blues musician from Jackson, Mississippi who has spent his life fusing the sounds not just of the Blues but Calypso, Jazz and N’Awlins Funk too; encapsulating a unique and fresh approach to this type of music.
This is very much a solo effort; as opposed to recording with his band, the Sole Shakers; simply Gill’s voice and his very interesting collection of old guitars to add tone and create the various vibes.
It’s very much a stripped down recording, just two microphones, a small amp, no overdubs and a lot of love for the Blues.

When listening to albums for ‘review purposes’ if the opening track on an album doesn’t hook me in; then it can be a struggle to wade through the rest to find something worthwhile listening to.
Thankfully, on Between Midnight & Louise it appears that Chris Gill certainly knows how to sequence tracks on an album; and I loved “Thank You For Another Day” a delightful finger picking guitar instrumental, which I’ve discovered is a tribute to his Grandaddy, that put a huge smile on my face.
Cherished memories of sitting around his Grandma’s kitchen table too,, was the germ of an idea for “Fleas and Ticks” being all about summertime bugs in the Delta region.

As well as family references there are songs inspired by legendary Bluesmen too, “Song for Honeyboy” came to Chris after reading Honeyboy Edwards’ autobiography and this songs final verse is also a nod to one of Hubert Sumlin’s last wishes.
Similarly, some guitar inspiration (this time from Taj Mahal and Mississippi John Hurt) inflects the love song “You Never Know (That’s What Love Will Do)”.
Then a darker sound (heavy on the slide to increase the effect) hits you on “Souvenir of All These Blues” whilst “Long Distance Highway” is lighter, but winsome reflections of life on the road and living the dream.
Faith endures on “Back To Paradise” reflecting on these pandemic affected troubled and worrying times, but with the optimistic hope of getting back on track.

Covering a couple of songs from the pen of his long-time friend Virgil Brawley (RIP) was an inspired decision, as I understand “I Fell In Love With The Blues” is the favourite track on the album of Chris’s, and I too loved the lyrics with a poignant chorus of
Rio Texas,
Wolfman howl, late at night, we gonna be on the prowl,
I want the blues, I’m on the prowl,
I feel in love with the blues, love till the day I die”.
However, my preference for the favourite cut is Brawley’s recollection of a drive through the town of Eden, Mississippi, aptly titled “Walking Through Eden” with the opening lines of
walking through Eden,
saw three crosses by the road”.

Closing this splendid set of 11 tunes is; like the opener, an instrumental that coincidentally is the album’s title track. It’s taken from a road sign just outside of Yazoo City at the start of the Mississippi Delta and Chris always had an inkling that it would make a good song title.
Between Midnight & Louise”, as a track and a full album clearly highlights the Hill Country and Betonia style Blues that are normally best suited in a Juke Joint; but, fear not, as the quality and commitment of these recordings will undoubtedly filter through your speakers to provide a genuine, authentic Blues experience that deserve to be heard by a much. much wider audience.

Jack KiddMessin’ with the Kidd” on

Released 14th May 2021


RMHQ Music Hour Ep:17

RMHQ Music Hour Ep:17
24th April 2021

All a bit rushed this week … but all’s well that ends well!
Really excited to get a Gateway Record from John Fusco btw.

Jimmie Vaughan#17 PodcastNo one to talk to but the Blues
Stephen Flatt#17 Podcast/El Camino
Angela Perley#17 PodcastLost and found
Heath Cullen#17 PodcastThe Song Always Remembers
Ashley Monroe#17 PodcastUsed
Bloodkin#17 PodcastJohn Coltrane in Nagasaki
Eric BurdonLocal#17 PodcastDon’t Bring Me Down
John FuscoGateway#17 PodcastOphelia
Allman BrothersGateway#17 PodcastAllman Bros JELLY JELLY
Allman Betts Band#17 PodcastTry
Our Man in the Field#17 PodcastPockets
Lauren Housley#17 PodcastTwo Lovers Lost in Space
Doug Hoekstra#17 PodcastSeaside Town
Laurie Jane and the 45s#17 PodcastStrange lovin Blues
Paul Oscher#17 PodcastAin’t That a Man (dedicated to Mr Cotton)

RMHQ Music Hour Ep:15

It’s April already and the Music Hour is getting ever more listeners every episode …… thanks for being there.
This week’s edition features exciting new tracks from Wonders of The Yukon, Amy Speace, The Annie Oakley, Mary Karlzen and Jesse Brewster.
A Modern Blues Classic from Johnny Winter follows the wonderful Samantha Fish in our Blues section; and our Gateway Record is from Canadian singer-songwriter Jerry Leger and is quite a surprise; but a pleasant one.
I’ve slid in quite a few of my ‘favourite songs’ from the last few years and the show closes with a song I heard by the bass player in Slaid Cleaves band, which made me contact Slaid’s wife Karen to buy the album it came from and sent hard cash via the post as this was long before the Internet and Paypal were a twinkle in anyone’s eye!
Samantha Fish#15 PodcastAmerican Dream
Johnny Winter#15 PodcastMean Mistreater
Wonders of The Yukon#15 PodcastRachel and the Goofs
The AgencyLocal#15 PodcastPoor Robin
Amy Speace and Orphan Brigade#15 PodcastShotgun Hearts
Jesse Brewster#15 PodcastBitter Pill
Mary Karlzen#15 PodcastTry to Find
Jerry LegerGateway#15 PodcastDen of Sin
Dillard and ClarkGateway#15 PodcastOut on The Side
Hannah White and Nordic Connection#15 PodcastPay me a Compliment
Ian Segal and the Mississippi Mudbloods#15 PodcastBayou Country
Annie Oakley#15 PodcastHow Could I Have Known? (Single 16 April)
Jeff Crosby#15 PodcastHotel Bibles
Robbie Fulks#15 PodcastSarah Jane
Ivan Brown#15 PodcastHe’s Old He’s Six