Quinn Sullivan WIDE AWAKE

Wide Awake
Provogue Records

A Second Album That Elevates This Talented Young Man To A Whole Other Strata Altogether.

For many people who were once heralded as a child prodigy, the path to prolonged success can be fraught and disappointing; so many never seem to fulfil all that early promise.
That ‘prodigy’ badge is both a blessing and a curse, plus for the artist, an unnecessary millstone.
Quinn Sullivan certainly qualifies for the description and follows a long line of such ‘prodigies’ in the music world; i.e. Doug Sahm, Billy Preston, Stevie Wonder, Steve Winwood & Derek Trucks to name a just a few.

At 21 years of age, this inchoate musician from Massachusetts has already experienced so much more than 99.99% of aspiring performers, having the benefit of being under the guidance of Buddy Guy and releasing 3 previous albums (since 2011), all involving multi-Grammy winner Tom Hambridge. You can also add to his resume all the various live TV appearances and an array of gigs that include three Montreux Jazz Festivals and an Eric Clapton Crossroads Festival.

Wide Awake marks a vicissitude crossroads of his own, with a significant change of producer/collaborator, this time travelling to LA to work with Oliver Leiber (Paula Abdul, Ke$ha and Adam Lambert) with an obvious prescient to encompass much more than just his fabulous pluripotent guitar playing and strong singing voice. Although Quinn has always considered himself a songwriter, preparing for this album has seen him increase his efforts with pen and paper, concentrating on the lyrics and melodies with Leiber that will elevate his craft, not just for Wide Awake but for further albums down the road.

So, I hear you ask, has it worked on this, his fourth album. Well, from my perspective it’s very much a resounding yes. Much more of a mainstream rock effort with lots of hooks, overall it contains scale, scope and colours (not just blue) that project a whole gamut of sub-styles.
Baby Please” could quite easily have been a cover of a Ed Sheeran effort, while “In A World Without You” has a distinctive Latin feel, and then “She’s So Irresistible” has the twin cities funk of Prince Rogers Nelson all over it.

She’s Gone (and She Ain’t Coming Back)” starts off like a Coldplay classic but then vocally it moves into different territory; whilst lyrically there are some superb references,
we made love to Marvin;
singing girl let’s get it on;
baby I’ve heard it all through the grapevine;
that we’re done, that we’re done
followed by a beaut of a chorus.
It gets a little harder and bluesier with the punchy “Strawberry Rain;” with its ‘Oasis sounding like The Beatles’ chorus bolstered by an iconic wah wah guitar solo straight out of the Hendrix catalogue.
Jessica” provides some further poignant lyrics that recall another long lost love, with yet another memorable chorus “what do you see when you look in the mirror;
cos I see an innocent child;
Jessie I know you’d feel better inside;
if you could just see yourself through my eyes”.
For a 21 year old many of these lyrics are quite remarkable.

Honestly, there are no iffy fillers on here, but the King Magpie will want me to select my favourites.
The accolade almost fell to the song that was released as a teaser single, earlier this year, the anthemic “All Around The World” with its empowering message of positivity and hope.
But, I’m now leaning toward the blue eyed Soul of “How Many Tears” that sounds like it has come straight out of Philadelphia; sung by Hall & Oates at their almighty zenith.

Sullivan and Leiber have cast their net far and wide to encompass an entertaining range of musical influences into creating this enchanting album; and without any shadow of a doubt Messrs Guy & Hambridge helped create the very sturdy platform from where Quinn evolved and developed his awesome natural guitar skills and robust singing style. However, Wide Awake elevates this talented young man on to another strata, an altogether higher level that ought to ensure that he reaches a much, much wider audience.

Jack Kidd AKA “Messin’ with the Kidd” on lionheartradio.com

Released 4th June 2021

LP https://www.mascotlabelgroup.com/products/quinn-sullivan-wide-awake-vinyl
CD https://www.mascotlabelgroup.com/products/quinn-sullivan-wide-awake-cd

RMHQ Music Hour Ep:21

RMHQ Music Hour
Episode 21
May 21st 2021

Who knows where the time goes …. 5 months and 21 Music hours; phew.
This week features our friend Bobbo Byrnes talking about his Gateway Record; which for the second week running was something I’d never heard before ….. which is what this is all about.
Apart from that I’ve delved deep into my own collection for everything else; so …. nothing new this week, just me being self-indulgent.

Kevin Costner and The Modern West#21 PodcastTop Down
Elizabeth Cook#21 PodcastEl Camino
Bruce Springsteen#21 PodcastSleepy Joes Cafe
Neil Young#21 PodcastUnknown Legend
Lucinda Williams#21 PodcastProve My Love
Willie Nile#21 PodcastLevon Helm
The Band#21 PodcastKing Harvest
Ian McNabb and Crazy Horse#21 PodcastEvangeline
Stone the Crows#21 PodcastPenicilan Blues
Rory Gallagher#21 PodcastDaughter of the Everglades
Bobbo Byrnes#21 PodcastSomewhere Else
Izzy Stradlin (Guns n Roses)#21 PodcastShuffle it All
Rolling Stones#21 PodcastThe Last Time


Dust Radio
Shotgun Shack
Lunario Records

Scandalously Good North Mississippi Blueswailin’ Stompers with a Punk Twist or Two.

I’ll tell you how good this album is; Mrs. Magpie has walked out of the room not once….. but twice when I’ve been playing it!
Now, that’s not a derogatory statement about her taste in music; just that these five blistering tracks of raw Blues music which derive their origins from the shacks of North Mississippi, but actually come from the start of the Mersey Delta in Greater Manchester to be pedantic; but if played loud enough are capable of stripping paint off the doors …. I know; I’ve tried.
I’ve seen similar acts over the years and I’m always left stunned how just a handful of musicians can kick up such a ruckus and fill the room with an absolute Wall of Sound….. but they do.
Dead Man’s Crawl which opens proceedings is an hypnotic stomper, with the most blueswailin’ harmonica you might ever hear in this lifetime; throw in some of the dirtiest guitar this side of a scrapyard and some Shaman shakers; it matters not what the neighbours think …. let them move!
It’s fair to say in advance none of these five songs are of the introspective, bedsit troubadour variety …… this is the Primeval Blues from the History Books but with some razor sharp 20th Century Punk twists too.
The title track, Shotgun Shack comes next; and the walls will still reverberate; only now we get to hear Paddy Wells rusty vocals in all their glory while Tom Jackson goes off on a a variety of fascinating and meandering guitar solos that bely his place in the duo’s shadows.
Things slow down for the sultry Fault Line; which will surely have the happy loving couples swirling around the dancefloor of any and every Roadhouse these cats ever play.
The finale Siren Song, has a narrative and rifftastic melody that takes more than their fair of left turns, but never strays too far from the Blues Reservation to scare the hard core; but I can’t say the same for purists.
Which leaves Backslider; arguably the most commercial track here; but that’s like saying ‘in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King.’
There’s a hint of the Allmans about it; possibly even early Bob Segar and I absolutely love it, especially the hypnotic chorus; ….. hence it’s my Favourite Song here ….. and I can’t wait for a) the album which is scheduled for later in 2021 and b) a UK Tour.

Released May 28th 2021


Maggie Bell & Stone The Crows RE-RELEASES

Maggie Bell & Stone The Crows


Repertoire Records

I’ve been a fan of Maggie Bell since the night her I saw her with Stone the Crows on OGWT as a teenager; though sadly I only ever owned second hand copies of her Suicide Sal and the Best Of LP’s; which is why these re-releases have so excited me ….. even though I haven’t heard them yet.
All I can do tonight is pass on the info from the Press Release and wait patiently for my review copies to arrive….

Stone The Crows released their self-titled debut album in 1970, and featured the impressive guitar talent of Les Harvey, younger brother of the great Alex Harvey. Also in the band was bass player / vocalist Jim Dewar, who would go on to be a stalwart of the Robin Trower powerhouse trio of the mid-seventies, and also drummer Colin Allen, a former member of Zoot Money Big Roll Band. The band were managed by the formidable Peter Grant, who also managed Led Zeppelin, and under his guidance Stone The Crows made solid progress through their four album tenure on Polydor Records. However, tragedy struck the band when Harvey was fatally electrocuted onstage at Swansea University in May 1972. His replacement on guitar was the mercurial, diminutive Jimmy McCullough, formerly of Thunderclap Newman, who would go on to join Wings, with Paul McCartney. McCullough completed the recordings for their final album, ‘Ontinuous Performance, before the band split for good in 1973.

After the split, Maggie Bell commenced a solo career. After recording two solo albums which were unreleased, she eventually released her first solo foray, Queen of the Night, in 1974. She followed this with the sparkling Suicide Sal in 1975 (recorded at Startling Studios – owned by Ringo Starr, and featuring guest slots from Phil May (The Pretty Things), Jimmy Page and Pete Wingfield)  both of which were released on the Swan Song label, which was owned by Led Zeppelin and Peter Grant. Despite good reviews and extensive touring, the albums failed to sell, and Bell would go on to front the band Midnight Flyer, again under Grant’s management.

Maggie Bell would later achieve a greater profile as the vocalist on ‘No Mean City’, the theme from the long-running ITV detective series Taggart.

Maggie Bell still tours and performs regularly (Lockdown permitting!) in the UK and Europe.

Released June 25th 2021


Eddie Turner CHANGE IN ME

Change In Me
7-14 Records

A Man Who Doesn’t Follow the Well-Worn, Accepted Format in Creating His Art

Born in Cuba and raised in Chicago Eddie Turner was exposed to a cornucopia of musical influences growing up; jamming with his pals at school, hanging out in alleys or; better still, even sneaking into shows whilst underage to watch true icons such as Muddy Waters, Jimi Hendrix or later; The Clash.
Turner grabbed an early opportunity to be part of Zephyr for their last album in 1985 and was then invited by his buddy Kenny Passarelli to form The Otis Taylor Band, a commitment that lasted 10 years and included recording 5 albums, up to 2004.

As a solo artist Eddie has previously released 3 studio solo albums; plus the one live effort of ‘Naked In Your Face’ which nicely leads us to the ten new tracks on Change In Me.
Again, he involves his good pal Passarelli, as well as Tim Stroh, to assist with the production duties whilst the album was recorded in both New York and Colorado. With a plethora of styles clearly developing from his eclectic taste in music this is not just any old genre bending album.
In fact, the magazine Classic Rock Here And Now states that “Turner has developed a sound that’s informed by tradition, yet adventurous enough to not be limited by it.”

The title track Change In Me starts off proceedings with a cool tempo, subtle guitar and B3 working together, supporting the lyrics with an added bonus of a sultry female backing vocalist.
It’s an impressive start highlighting the fact that unlike so many of todays artists Eddie knows when to leave things out of the mix.
One of 3 covers, Hendrix’s “My Friend” provides a very effective, albeit pedestrian vocal, almost like Jimi’s own droll delivery on his posthumous ‘The Cry of Love’ album.
Lou Reeds “I’m Waiting For My Man” again paints a vivid underworld of danger and intrigue, complimented by further effective female backing vocals.
The third and most distinctive cover comes from the pen of Chicago Blues Legend – Willie Dixon and is as vastly a different version of “Hoochie Koochie Man” that I’ve ever heard, but you know what … it works.

Jazzy piano keeps “Whoa, Whoa, Whoa” yomping at a pace with the familiar female vocals providing answers to some of Eddie’s comments and observations.
The lyrics to “This is Your Night” tell another haunting almost mysterious tale starting with the scene setting lines
Revenge is a serenade that lasts through the night,
Jealousy’s soft parade,
the Angels are right”

with the repeated memorable lyrics of
You pour me another wine, then you realise,
This is your Night”

completing each verse.
Just for a change, drums and bass prominently feature on “Standing on the Frontline” before some Ernie Isley type guitar licks punch through the funky backbeat.

It’s not exactly easy listening as you plough your way through this album; but the more I’ve listened, the more I like it. Push me for my Favourite Track then it would have to be “Dignify Me” which steps the pace up a gear or three, each verse ending with catchy punch-lines

“You’ve got to dignify my presence,
Dignify my soul, my soul…..Dignify

Undoubtedly, Eddie Turner doesn’t follow the well-worn, accepted format in creating his art, with mostly machinating lyrics and downbeat melodies that ignore the well-worn paths to popularity. To me this borders on him being somewhat enigmatic and probably an acquired taste that will fly over the heads of the masses.
However, all power to his elbow for sticking to his personal idiom and patently not changing himself just to optimise any potential sales.

Jack Kidd aka “Messin’ with the Kidd” on lionheartradio.com

Released on 14th. May 2021


Gary Moore
How Blue Can You Get

Unreleased Tracks That Would be Career Highlights For Many of His Peers.

I was ‘late to the party’ regarding Gary Moore; pretty much missing out on his whole career before his untimely death 10 years ago; but thanks to those nice people at Provogue Records, who are keeping the Flame Alive with a yearly series of releases; I’m nearly up to speed.
Normally with albums that are full of ‘unreleased material’ my gut reaction is to shy away, as 99% of such music was left in the vault for a reason ….. it wasn’t good enough.
But yet again, Gary Moore kept songs back that would have been career highlights for many of his peers; and even a cursory listen to opening track (Freddie King’s) Tore Down let’s you know that this kid could not just play his electric guitar as well if not better than most; but what a voice he had!
Speaking of guitar playing; Moore does things on track #2 Steppin’ Out that are still illegal in several US States! By my normal standards it’s LOUD, but by Jove he has a delicate touch even when shredding the strings on his trusty guitar of choice.
Honestly, there’s not a Blues Fan out there that will hear HOW BLUE CAN YOU GET and think any track is ‘filler’ and there to milk the audience’s bank balance.
As per usual this album is a mix of Moore’s own penned love songs and a heady mix of his intelligent re-interpretations of songs by the Masters; and the new; and rather beautiful version of Love Can Make A Fool Of You will send a shiver down your back and by the time you get to finale, Living With The Blues you will know that you are in the presence of a Modern Master of the Blues idiom; very few of his generation, if any at all can combine the sensitivity of singing the Blues in all it’s forms with the way Gary Moore plays an electric guitar.
For a Favourite Track I’ve been torn between going for the stunning re-inventions of Elmore James’ Done Somebody Wrong and the heart-breaking ballads How Blue Can You Get? and In My Dreams, with the latter being in a similar vein to Parisienne Walkways; but with added zip; and on the former Moore pays homage to BB King, when he adds extra sparkle to a song I’ve loved for near 40 years.
So, today ……. cue drum roll …….. I’m going for In My Dreams, primarily because it suits my mood this evening; but Hell …… how and why Gary Moore left this in a drawer will remain a mystery for decades to come!
As I sit here I got to thinking about where Gary Moore sits into the pantheon of British and indeed Worldwide Blues Guitarists (for which he’s best known). Even though he packed concert halls across the UK and stadiums in Europe he barely gets a mention; and that’s not fair as his legacy is as good and probably more varied than many who have stolen a living for decades, hawking out the same few riffs over and over again to an ever greying audience.
Gary Moore – he’s Up There, both figuratively and literally.

PS When I last visited his home town of Belfast in 2013 his family and friends were petitioning for a statue in his honour; and now it’s picking up some momentum ……… I recommend you check the website out and do what you can; as Gary Moore was the original Belfast Boy.

Released April 30th 2021



RMHQ Music Hour Ep:16

RMHQ Episode 16
April 16th 2021

Four months in and our aim is still and always will be to bring you the best in new Roots Music and mix in some similar music from across the ages that you may have forgot about.
This week, after Bill Kirchen gets the show on the road with an alternate theme song; it’s all a bit rocky and noisy at the beginning, with a bundle of new songs from Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, Vanessa Peters, Hitman Blues Band, Janet Simpson and Wily Bo and ED Brayshaw.
This week’s Gateway Record comes from local hero Paul Handyside and provides something of a surprise for me (and him too!).
I’ve slid in one of my favourite ever songs courtesy Chris Difford; and we close out with two songs for people everywhere who may have ‘one or two things going on’ that they can’t talk about.
The new songs carry on via Scotland’s Anton & The Colts, and we close out with yet another Alternate Theme song for the show, from Sturgill Simpson.

Bill Kirchen#16 PodcastToo Much Fun
Rev’d Peyton#16 PodcastRattle Can
Hitman Blues Band#16 PodcastAngel In the Shadows (remix)
Vanessa Peters#16 PodcastThe Weight of This
Wily Bo and ED Brayshaw#16 PodcastSINGLE Wild Dogs
Anton and the Colts#16 PodcastSINGLE where art thou April?
Janet Simpson#16 PodcastI’m Wrong
Chris Difford#16 PodcastFat as a Fiddle
Paul Handyside#16 PodcastGoodnight Lover
Bob Dylan#16 PodcastTears of Rage
Leigh Thomas#16 PodcastBeautiful Pain
Gretchen Peters#16 PodcastDancing With The Beast
Sturgill Simpson#16 PodcastLiving the Dream

RMHQ Music Hour Ep:15

It’s April already and the Music Hour is getting ever more listeners every episode …… thanks for being there.
This week’s edition features exciting new tracks from Wonders of The Yukon, Amy Speace, The Annie Oakley, Mary Karlzen and Jesse Brewster.
A Modern Blues Classic from Johnny Winter follows the wonderful Samantha Fish in our Blues section; and our Gateway Record is from Canadian singer-songwriter Jerry Leger and is quite a surprise; but a pleasant one.
I’ve slid in quite a few of my ‘favourite songs’ from the last few years and the show closes with a song I heard by the bass player in Slaid Cleaves band, which made me contact Slaid’s wife Karen to buy the album it came from and sent hard cash via the post as this was long before the Internet and Paypal were a twinkle in anyone’s eye!
Samantha Fish#15 PodcastAmerican Dream
Johnny Winter#15 PodcastMean Mistreater
Wonders of The Yukon#15 PodcastRachel and the Goofs
The AgencyLocal#15 PodcastPoor Robin
Amy Speace and Orphan Brigade#15 PodcastShotgun Hearts
Jesse Brewster#15 PodcastBitter Pill
Mary Karlzen#15 PodcastTry to Find
Jerry LegerGateway#15 PodcastDen of Sin
Dillard and ClarkGateway#15 PodcastOut on The Side
Hannah White and Nordic Connection#15 PodcastPay me a Compliment
Ian Segal and the Mississippi Mudbloods#15 PodcastBayou Country
Annie Oakley#15 PodcastHow Could I Have Known? (Single 16 April)
Jeff Crosby#15 PodcastHotel Bibles
Robbie Fulks#15 PodcastSarah Jane
Ivan Brown#15 PodcastHe’s Old He’s Six


Dr Feelgood
Greatest Hits
Grand Record

British R&B at Its Magnificent Best …… and Still Rocking Today!

To some degree I could (and plenty will) have written this review without ever receiving the actual Double CD.
I am unashamedly a Dr Feelgood fan ……. wearing a tour t-shirt and drinking copious amounts of strong coffee from my Down by The Jetty mug as I type ….. just to keep the ‘vibe’ going.
But; just for you dear reader, I have sacrificed several precious hours over the last month listening to this latest package from one of Britain’s greatest and under-rated bands just so I can give you my honest thoughts … from 2021.
SPOILER ALERT; there’s obviously nothing here not to like, especially for fans ….. but I may query the sequencing and running order; which is why I thought She Does It Right a strange choice to start the 41 tracks with ….. but 45 seconds in; I re-booted, thinking ‘why the Hell not? It’s a belter!’ and it is.
That’s the thing with Feelgood’s songs; there’s not a bad one, is there?
OK, naysayers will point to their ‘formula’ but Hell’s Teeth man …… it works doesn’t it? And …. it worked for Muddy, Wolf, Hooker and of course Chuck Berry who all had a hand in this type of heady Rhythm and Blues music.
‘Greatest Hits’ may be a bit of a stretch; as even their most famous and memorable singles hardly dented the Pop Charts with Milk & Alcohol hitting #9 and Roxette and Back in the Night not even going Top 75!
But; to the likes of me and presumably you, Sneakin’ Suspicion, Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Baby Jane and No Mo Do Yakamo are ‘Hits’ as I can sing every word and know where every break comes.
The joy for me though has been rediscovering old gems from albums that are long forgotten ……..
Shotgun Blues? WOW!
Violent Love? You couldn’t release that today …… but it’s still a belter.
Mad Man Blues? Double WOW!
There are plenty of surprises here too; I’d forgot (I’m not even sure I’d realised) how diverse their output was; especially in the early days. I Can Tell and especially the B-Side Keep it Out of Sight show a subtlety oft forgot.
Personally I stopped buying albums and even seeing the band after Lee Brilleaux died; so it’s been enlightening hearing the ‘new band’ (does being 37 years old still constitute ‘new’?) on the last third of the selection; starting with Dave Bronze growling Sugar Turns to Alcohol straight through the rifftastic Instinct to Survive, when singer Pete Gage more than holds his own in front of the Feelgood’s microphone; and his/their take on JB Lenoir’s Gimmie One More Shot is good enough on its own to keep the flame burning.
Even though Roxette and Back in The Night are both in my Top 20 songs of all time, and all of the singles from the bands first ten years merit being My Favourite Track here; I’ve decided to be contentious and go for a toss up between a song I’d forgot about and another I can’t actually remember.
The first is Jumping From Love to Love which borders on Heavy Rock, but never loses the bands trademark R&B swing and boy does it swing as Sparko’s bass shakes the rafters; and the other comes from the latter days, King For a Day (a live recording here, but originally from Stupidity) which shows what a brilliant, yet diverse band Dr. Feelgood could be and were well worthy of the accolade Kings of Pub Rock!
Obviously fans of all persuasions will buy this because it is what it is; but I urge you to buy this for the younger music fans in your family; you know …. the one with the Stones or Ramones t-shirt they bought from Primark; you will most likely change their lives in a heartbeat.

Released April 2nd 2021


RMHQ Music Hour Episode:8

Here we go with our 8th Music Hour podcast ……. the usual something old, new and Blues including three new tracks from Johnny Mastro, Sara Petite and KB Bayley; some rocking Blues from Big Harp George and Wily Bo, and loads of cool Roots music via Sarah Shook, Eve Selis and Danny & The Champions of the World.
Shipcote who who co-hosts the Jumping Hot Club in Newcastle had his 60th birthday this week; so we played his Mr Wonderful track as a treat FROM ME TO HIM; FROM HIM TO ME!.
The Gateway song comes from RMHQ writer Roy Peak who selected Patti Smith!
Stay safe ….. wear a mask.

1Big Harp George#8 PODCASTChew Before You Swallow
2Wily Bo#8 PODCASTWho’s Loving You Tonight?
3Sarah Shook#8 PODCASTDamned If I Do; Damned If I Don’t
4Bill Meyer GRAND NATIONALS#8 PODCASTWe ain’t giving up on love
5Roy Peak#8 PODCASTQueen of the Knock Out Rose
6Roy Peak#8 PODCASTintro
7Roy Peak#8 PODCASTPatti Smith FREE MONEY
8Johnny Mastro#8 PODCASTChild Wolf
9KB Bayley#8 PODCASTBlood Red Lullaby
10Sarah Petite#8 PODCASTFloating With the Angels
11Shipcote#8 PODCASTMr Wonderful
12Danny and the Champions of the World#8 PODCASTNever Stop Building That Old Space Rocket
13Eve Selis#8 PODCASTRussellville