Rocking Magpie Radio Show Ep:52 @NovaRadioNE #Newcastle

Rocking Magpie Radio Show
Nova Radio NE

Sunday 21st May 2023

Summer’s here … and while it’s not quite time for Dancing in The Street, tonight’s show seemed to take on a life of its own with ‘Summery’ type tracks virtually picking themselves; even the new singles; a couple of which were ‘Exclusive First Plays’ for RMHQ alongside some absolute Classics starting with Buddy Holly and ending with ZZ Top!

Buddy HollyRave On
Sara PetiteBringing Down the Neighbourhood
Wily Bo & ED BrayshawMen Without Shadows
Abe PartridgeCoffee on the Counter
Anna Elizabeth Laube  How Could We Not Believe?
Withered HandCrippled Love
Daniel MeadeDon’t Look Back
Laura CantrellJust Like a Rose
Orion Express Ride a White Swan
The Rumble (Mardi Gras Indian band)Trouble
Matthew AlexanderSpanish Harlem
Silver Lake 66  Angeline
Drive-By Truckers Wilder Days
Blackie & The Rodeo KingsKick My Heart Around
Desmond GrundyDrop the Gloves 
Cowboy JunkiesSweet Jane (Live)
Graham Nash Right Now
Iris DementI Won’t Ask You Why
Elvis CostelloTonight the Bott;e Let Me Down
Hurray For the Riff RaffLake of Fire
Allison RussellPersophene
Howe Gelb & The Band of Gypsies4 Door Maverick
Dean Owens & CalexicoWeeping Skulls
Jace EverettBad Things
Roseanne Reid (Steve Earle Tour)All I Need (LP Lawside )
The Hanging StarsI Don’t Want to Feel So Bad Anymore
Li’l Jimmy ReedWee Wee Hours
Grainne DuffyRise Above
ZZ TopCheap Sunglasses

Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton DEATH WISH BLUES

Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton
Death Wish Blues
Rounder Records

A Whip Sharp Deadly Duo Push The Boundaries of Blues Rock and Alt. Country Flavoured Rock Music.

It’s been a fun ride from this odd coupling to get this far; with Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton releasing singles and an EP a’plenty over the last year or so teasing us on the route towards this final Album release.
Some of those songs; but not all as there are quite a few brand new tracks here that sound like the deadly duo are not just challenging each other but the listener to.
If you are reading this review I presume you don’t need me to delve into the couple’s diverse backgrounds but mutual admiration do I?
The music! Let’s talk about the music!
Opening track Deathwish comes at you like a sleazy lothario on a Friday night in a bar on the wrong side of town, just before closing time. The bass line is incredibly ‘heavy’ and the guitar interplay errs on that side too; but Dayton’s riffs are straight outta Boone County as Samantha takes her own distinctive vocals into an arena I’d never have expected from her.
As the album title alludes to; these songs are predominantly Bluesy in creation and dark too; but there’s so much more going on in the shadows; starting with Track #2 Down In the Mud when Jesse takes over the lead vocals on a song that will hit you like a punch to the gut.
Because the couple are coming at these songs from opposite ends of the music spectrum; even if you’d heard the previous EP’s you still wouldn’t expect to hear arrangements and songs like the salacious No Apology or the Funkalicious Supadupabad which starts where Sly Stone and James left off; or may even have been too afraid to attempt!
With that in mind, legacy Fish and Dayton fans really have to have an open-mind when playing this album; as there’s very little hear that could fit into either performer’s own albums; but surely that’s the point? Samantha and Jesse sound like they are having an absolute blast here; trading off each other guitar wise and lyrically too …… the ‘breakup song’ Trauma is a perfect example with the couple singing ‘at’ each other like a pumped up Sonny & Cher; which is a sentence I never expected to type!
I’ve ‘liked’ both Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton for quite a few years; and regardless of the Awards both; and especially Samantha has/have won along the way there are so many surprises on this album that I’ve had to list six songs as contenders for ‘Favourite Song’ status … and that’s a first.
The current single, Riders finds Jesse and Samantha extolling the delights of various cities on their touring agenda but treating each as a lover of the one night stand variety, then moving on to the next with barely a look over the shoulder; and boy oh boy is the guitar playing bordering on the indecent!
Which reminds me; DEATH WISH BLUES could easily be described as a ‘guitar album’; it most certainly is in every which way; but that’s doing a discredit to the songwriting and singing here; which all gives you plenty of fun discovering new delights every time you play Dangerous People and/or the pugnacious Flooded Love.
Then you have Settle For Less, which in other less vanity driven hands would easily be guitar wig-outs; but here courtesy of Jon Spencer’s tight and often claustrophobic production actually highlight and showcase the thoughtful and erudite songwriting … and singing too.
With appointing a ‘Favourite Track’ on my mind; I’ve had to dig deep to choose between the beautiful; and enthralling ballad You Know My Heart which closes the album; and finds Samantha channelling her inner Aretha to Jesse Dayton’s Stevie as the song smoulders until finally catching fire during the last verse.
When it comes to ‘surprises’ Rippin’ and Runnin’ has them from the cool acoustic slide intro through to the crude and lewd finale; which is why it just shades the Grand Title of Favourite Track by a single point.
There’s a feeling of fun and mutual respect all through Death Wish Blues, with Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton allowing each other the room to swagger and strut without ever adding even a note too many that could detract from the other one’s lead; be that singing or playing guitar.
While the album and the songs themselves deserve a huge audience; they will actually be best heard when you are all alone, be that in the car or your own home; and played live …. it’s got to be a sold-out sweaty club at the height of Summer when you can hardly breathe as Jesse and Samantha give it 101% on stage for your mutual pleasure.

PS I’m going to see then in wonderful and acoustically perfect theatre later in the year!

Released 19th May 2023



Grainne Duffy
Dirt Woman Blues
Blue Heart Records

Well Crafted Electric Blues That Has Matured Like a Fine Wine.

Grainne Duffy’s career still baffles me; she released her first album; OUT OF THE DARK in 2007, and has released albums every couple of years since; gradually evolving the styles of Blues she plays and most importantly ‘never recording the same record twice’, she’s toured Europe constantly and America too ; yet is never spoken of in the same tones as her contempories, both male and female.
I first encountered Grainne in 2012 at the SummerTyne Festival in Gateshead, when even if you discounted her ‘Irish Roots’ reminded me of Rory Gallagher’s original trio Taste; when she played a blistering set during a 5 o’clock spot on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon; which takes some doing, believe me.
Back to today and this release.
The album opens with the tragically beautiful Well, Well, Well which finds Grainne in fine voice in front of a ‘tight band’ and her own methanol fuelled guitar playing.
The title track, Dirt Woman Blues follows; and the mood drops dramatically with Ms Duffy entering Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac territory and standing shoulder to shoulder in class with one of the world’s most underrated and undervalued guitarists; much like Grainne herself.
I doubt I’m alone here; but what I like; nay … love about Grainne Dufy’s records is that no matter what; she still resolutely plays the Blues. Even when the pace and volume picks up on Yes I Am or Sweet Liberation; you know you are listening to Blues-rock; and not Rock Music masquerading as The Blues; and there is a big difference between both genres.
While I know Grainne as a classy guitarist in her very own right one thing I want to highlight here; is that on this record a lot of the lead guitar was by Marc Ford- ex- The Black Crowes and also by Grainne’s husband Paul Sherry too
As the years have gone by I’ve been impressed by the way Grainne Duffy has embraced the slower and more intimate avenues that The Blues can take too; as her voice; which carries the weight of experience is perfect for heartbreakers like Rise Above and the world weary wisdom of Hold Onto You.
The album closes with a smouldering ballad called Killycrum, which is a direction I’d never have expected the younger Grainne Duffy to ever attempt; but she has and it will leave you with a flutter in the heart area and a soft smile on your lips.
It’s a given that her guitar playing; after all these years is exemplary, but it’s unfair to compare her to any of the greats she has studied over the years; as she has developed a style very much of her own and, at least at RMHQ is instantly recognisable.
The title track was an obvious contender to be my Favourite Track here; but today; after three weeks of regular if intermittent plays; the Americana influenced (?) What’s It Going To Be and the fluid guitar playing that underscores the majestic Running Back To You probably surpass it; and with my eyes closed and with a pin in-between my fingers, I’m plumping for What’s It Going To Be; as the winner …. but VAR might over rule that in an hour!
Grainne Duffy is maturing and evolving like a fine wine; and it pains me to say this; is still waiting for that smidgen of ‘good luck’ to get her talent noticed by the Blues loving world at large.

Released 19th May 2023


RMHQ Radio Show Ep: 49 @NovaRadioNE Newcastle

RMHQ Radio Show
Episode: 49
Nova Radio NE

Sunday 7th May 2023

Another show, another Bank Holiday.
This one was for us all to celebrate the coronation of the New King. Now here’s a think; I rather like the Royal Family which is odd as I’m Left of Centre politically; but I don’t worry about things I have no control over …. if there was a Revolution, I doubt my income or the price of a pint would change by a penny; so let them get on with it I say.
I did weaken half way through and did include three songs at the end in homage to the Late King himself; Elvis!
Do you see what I did there? I’m wasted here – I should be on stage.
I started with three songs from a great compilation of women singing Springsteen songs, then three from a new album of 1960’s American Girl Bands that is bizarrely brilliant, and also a couple of rarities from another compilation album from my new friends at ACE Records that were written by Isaac Hayes in his early ‘staff songwriter’ days.
There are a few new singles and album tracks mixed in with a couple of Classics and album tracks I love and want to share with you … no surprise there; but hopefully the songs will surprise you.

Patti SmithBecause the Night
Lucinda WilliamsFactory
Soccer MommyI’m on Fire
Deuce n a QuarterSun Kissed Wheat
Riders of the Canyon (Joanna Serrat)Master of My Lonely Time
Willie NileLost and Lonely World
Buffy St MarieSoldier Blue
Joe Louis WalkerBed of Roses
Buddy GuyI Love The Life I L ive
Taj MahalI’m Just a Lucky So n So
Freddie KingDon’t Trust Your Neighbour
Delaney & BonnieMy Baby Specialises
Goldie & the GingerbreadsWhat Kind of Man Are You?
Girls Take CoverStardust Come Back
The MysteriesGive Me Rhythm and Blues
Hard StairsCutie Blues
Diane Hubka & The Sunshine BandDancing With My Shadow
Drew Holcomb & The NeighborsOn a Roll
Drew YoungA Couple More Rounds
Hitman Blues BandBuy That Man a Drink
The PiratesGibson, Martin, Fender
Hector GannetThe Silent Spring
John HiattNothing in My Heart
Hannah GillespieThe Burning Fire
Holy Moly & The CrackersWide Sky
Ben GloverDreamers, Pilgrims and Strangers
Elizabeth CookRock & Roll Man
Dean OwensElvis Was My Brother
Elvis PresleyLove Me Tender


Jax Hollow
Only The Wild Ones
Self Release

Blues Rock That Sounds Like the Secret Offspring of a Friday Night Liasson Between Suzi Quatro and Joe Strummer.

Just like last month; May looks like it’s going to be a big month for album releases and allied to the amount of new labels and Promo Teams discovering RMHQ it’s becoming ever more difficult to choose albums to review and then give them the due time to play them and savour the contents.
But after about two minutes of opening track Wolf In Sheepskin I pretty much knew that I would like whatever was to follow.
At first I thought it could be an instrumental as the intro lasts about 35 seconds and the intricate guitar playing piqued my attention anyway; even before a gorgeous female voice simpered into the equation with the line …
I’ve been on a late night bender
Put up with a few contenders
I’ve found out there’s a new someone you’ve been seeing

The tension in Hollow’s guitar playing is equally matched with the same in her voice until it reaches an almighty high, before dropping down to ‘instant threat level’ …. yep; this in my kinda Blues Rock singer.
Ethereal Emerald sounds like something The Mahavishnu Orchestra would have recorded; but Jax comes straight for you, snarling like the secret offspring of Suzi Quatro and Joe Strummer ….. gnarly guitar, heavy bass riffs and a drummer that sounds like Gatling Gun on free flow!
Many people buying this album will be more than happy with the riffs and choruses on offer; but I like to dig deeper and when you do; you find that Jax Hollow can write one helluva song.
Does 21st Century Blues Rock get more Americana than Wallflower in Bloom? Which has a great story
Wrapped in the scenery a beautiful mind
Watching intently each passerby
Quiet on set, she’s starting Act 2
It’s time to tear down their notions and paint up something new
Auburn and radiant, cascading light
You can’t hide that energy, try as she might
Lavender, sage, and pocket haikus
I wanna be there when she splits the night in two

once you get past the magnificent acoustic guitar and banjo interplay while Jax purrs the chorus
Girl you set my heart in motion
(Motion, motion, motion)
Strong intentions but so soft spoken
(Spoken, spoken, spoken)
I’m removing the patterns from my room
For the Wallflower Girl In Bloom
Wallflower Girl In Bloom
I love the use of metaphor and subject in Jax’s songs too; not least in the biting Whores and Heathens or Runnin’ Like a Gypsy; which features the magnificent threatening line
Tell me how her lipstick tastes!”
plus it has some mighty big guitar licks in a song that starts where the Runaways left off.
Although not being marketed this way; I guess that most people who buy ONLY THE WILD ONES will predominantly play it in their cars or trucks; petrol engine ones of course … as that is where the likes of You Didn’t Hear The Redwood and the crunchy Ride or Die will come into their own at 9 on the stereo Richter scale; but driving along with your arm out out of the window will also make the slower acoustic heartbreaking ballads Stepping Stone and the beautiful title track Only The Wild Ones the room to breathe and seep into your subconscious while you’re travelling alone.
Ms Hollow is not only a very talented guitar player; most notably on the dramatic and even thought provoking Renegade Season; which is only beaten to the title of RMHQ Favourite Song by the intricate and sultry Ventriloquist because I love the use of ‘ventriloquist’ as a description of Jax’s seducer/lothario …. which has to be a first surely?
It will take a few more listens to confirm my suspicions, but this album and Jax Hollow have all the hallmarks of being ‘keepers’ at RMHQ and the CD placed lovingly in the Magmobile for trips out across the Summer.
Apparently Jax Hollow’s second album; but she’s got some heavy hitters alongside her in the studio and her CV for touring looks like she’s already destined for the fast lane to success; and she has the songs to fend off unbelievers.

Released 5th May 2023


Deuce ‘n a Quarter KEEP MOVING ON

Deuce ‘n a Quarter
Keep Moving On

Take Some Classy Blues, Add Some Rock Guitar, Sing Soulfully and Use a Harmonica Like a Nuclear Missile

This appears to be Deuce ‘n a Quarter’s third album; and comes at a time when my music world needs it like a pacemaker.
I’d not heard of them prior to receiving the album; but that’s the case with most of what we receive on a daily basis; so it was actually the band’s name that caught my attention and played it (several times) when more imminent releases were awaiting my attention.
What; you may well ask, is different or indeed ‘special’ to make me want to play it on repeat?
There’s so much here that sounds ‘bland’ when I say they are a Blues Rock band … they are; but they are also much more.
Classy, springs to mind, as does ‘contemporary’ but that’s an over used word these days; and goes nowhere near describing the way they take the Blues, add some Rock guitar licks, sing soulfully and use a harmonica like a weapon of mass destruction …. still; none of that does them justice!
Opening track; Swinging the Blues is a marvelous introduction as it sounds like Robert Cray and Little Walter sitting in with the BB King Band in a roadhouse on the side of town your Mother won’t be happy that you frequent.
In theory it’s an A-Typical ‘Friday night’ song; but is actually a lot more than you’d ever expect.
A little bit later, Same Old Blues is an ironic title for a shiny new song that takes a lead from the past; but could only have been written and arranged in this particular way in the 2020’s.
These cats can turn it up and turn it down with consummate ease; never once jarring as they glide seamlessly from the ultra-cool and soulful Doing Wrong into the Jumpin’ and Jivin’ All She Wrote then take you into the Deep South for a howlin’ harmonica drenched smoocher that sounds like it could easily by the penultimate song of the night; or else for hearing out of an FM radio on a sultry Summer night.
For a ‘Blues Rock’ band Deuce ‘n a Quarter, and especially singer and harmonica player extraordinaire can do subtle better than most; and I’ll point you to Moment With You and Keep Movin’ On as prime examples; of a band know to use the ‘less is more’ formula.
The finale here; the 7 minute long Why, featuring some majestic guitar from Keith Colbert would be something of an epic tear jerker on its own merits; but when you find out that it was written for and about the tragic death of Brian Peters’ 28 year old daughter you will hold your breath so as not to miss a note or word; plus the way he, alongside his friends in the band deliver it many will think back to their own loved ones who have passed too young or early.
For my Favourite Song here I could more or less pick any single song as and when they suit my different moods; but two in particular stand out as Great Blues Songs; Sun Kissed Wheat is another that combines the traditional Southern Blues formula; but Peter’s voice and immaculate harmonica playing aligned to subtle playing in the background surpasses all of my expectations every time I hear it.
Then there is the Kenny Neals’ stomper, Blues Leave Me Alone which wouldn’t surprise you to hear it was a lost Muddy Waters or Buddy Guy song; but it ain’t it’s 100% Deuce ‘n a Quarter from start to finish, with wonderful harmonica and keyboard flourishes that will take the average listeners’ breath away (again!); which is why it just about shades it as my Favourite Song here.
Although the band have been together for a few years now; but this still feels like a ‘find’ and I’m thrilled to be bringing it to your attention.

Released May 4th 2023


RMHQ Radio Show Ep:47 @NovaRadioShow #Newcastle

RMHQ Radio Show
Episode 47
Nova Radio Show

April 23rd 2023

It was a bit of an odd show tonight; harking back to the early ‘seat of the pants productions’ as I’d been away most of the week and didn’t have much time for downloading and saving new singles for Sunday night.
There were still a few new album tracks in the mix; but mostly I made it all up as I bounced along for two hours.
Starting with Jimmy Nail’s Crocodile Shoes just to annoy the music snobs out there; the rest were the usual eclectic mix of Blues, Country, Folk and Americana you’ve come to love (I hope!)

Jimmy NailCrocodile Shoes
Lucinda WilliamsPineola
Nathan Bell ft Patty GriffinAmerican Gun
Annie OakleyThe Curse
Ben HemmingThe Devil’s Dance
Lucy WiseBroken & Beautiful
Graham NashRight Now
Jill Rogers & Crying TimeDevil in The Details
Jimmie Hall ft Joe BonamassaA Long Goodbye
Handsome FamilyWeightless Again
Albert KingBorn Under a Bad Sign
Grainne DuffyBlue Skies
Withered HandCrippled Love
Allison RussellPoison Arrow
Tommy AtkinsWild in The Wind
Amelia CoburnThinking of You
Cosmic Rough RidersFor Your Smile
Danny & The Champions of the WorldLet’s Grab This With Both Hands
Angaleena PresleyPain Pills
Ward ThomasI Believe in You
Austin GilliamRunning So Fast
Jerry LegerYou Are Not Alone
Odd BirdsWichita Linesman
RockingbirdsLonely and The Drunk
Carrie ElkinTilt a Whirl
Justin Townes EarleGraceland
Chip Taylor & Guy ClarkOne Hell of a Guy
The Williams BrothersDeath of a Clown
Jason and the ScorchersGettin’ Nowhere Fast


Misty Blues
Outside The Lines
Guitar One Records

Contemporary Blues That Rocks and Rolls and Rolls and Tumbles In a Subtly Nuanced Way.

Even though I only discovered Misty Blue last year via their 11th album …. I couldn’t have been more excited when I received a Twitter DM asking id I’d be interested in listening to her/their new album!
You’re old enough and wise enough to follow the link at the end to read about the band on their website; so I won’t bore you with any history.
I wish I had a pound for every review I’ve written where I start with “the Blues comes in many different shades and this one ….. ” but it is true; while you instantly know when you are hearing a Blues song, the road between Robert Johnson and Led Zeppelin is many miles long with hundreds of side roads.
Misty Blue takes the Soulful exit; but when opening track Where Your Blues Comes From nearly blew my theory out of the water; as I don’t think I’ve heard a Soulful Blues song sound anywhere near as Heavy! It certainly wouldn’t be out of place on a Rock Radio station; but does its job by capturing your attention …. by the throat btw.
What I wanted; actually follows with the hauntingly sultry I Don’t Sleep; a duet which features someone called Petri Byrd and some sinful sax playing that made my eyes bulge and my ears tingle too.
To all intents and purposes this album could be described as Blues Rock; but that brings up all of the wrong connotations; but Granville T, Every Which Way and Grip Your Soul are definitely Bluesy songs that Rock in a subtly nuanced way.
But, when it suits her Gina Coleman can drop down an octave or two and put S.O.U.L into her broken-hearted love songs in a way very few others can achieve these days; listen to Days of Voodoo and Laughter or the rolling and tumbling Judgement Day, with its full on Presbyterian organ fills to hear exactly what I mean.
So; do I go for one of the Rockers or the more toned down and heartfelt ballads for a Favourite Song? It appears the sword of Damocles is falling on the latter, as today the final two songs are ‘speaking to me’ in a way I’ve not experienced for while; The Hate (featuring Justin Johnson) sounds almost Noir in the arrangement and would suit the soundtrack to a dark Fritz Lang or Billy Wilder remake, while on the actual finale, on the other hand, Been a Long Time Coming with Eric Gales alongside her, Gina takes on the role of an ‘every woman’ on a song that can be interpreted in a thousand different ways; and she virtually purrs her way through the stunning 4 or so minutes; so I’m going for that as my Favourite; but it’s a close thing; and on another day I know I will be drawn to something else.
While it features on every song; I’ve forgot to mention Gina’s exquisite playing of a cigar-box guitar throughout.

Released 31st March 2023



RMHQ Radio Show Ep:43 @NovaRadioNE Newcastle

RMHQ Radio Show
Nova Radio NE

Sunday 26th March 2023

Where does the time go? It only seems 5 minutes since last Sunday’s show.
This week is another heady and eclectic mix of all things Roots Music; with an assortment of old and new Country Music mixed in with some wonderful and occasionally odd Blues Music with a couple of Folk songs in to keep your attention.
I sometimes worry that the music I select is too eclectic; but these selections are all to my taste and reflect the reviews we do …. so there’s not a lot I can or want to do to change the format too much.

John MartynSweet Little Mystery
Chapin SistersBergen St
Ivan NevilleDance Music Love
Joni MitchellBoth Sides Now
Andy Fairweather LowKeep Your Faith
Geraint WatkinsIt’s a Wonderful Life
Gina LarnerI Think I Love You
Big Harp GeorgePrince of Downward Mobility
Paul JonesI’m Your Kingpin
Big Town PlayboysGotta Do More For My Baby
Elli De MonCatfish Blues
Gary GraingerMercedes Benz
Jarrod DickensonLong Hard Look
Lachlan BryanPortrait of the Artist
Robbie FulksLonghair Bluegrass
Dolly PartonBlue Smoke
Ags ConnollyHeaded South For a While
Roy HoldrenBakersfield 1965
Merle HaggardLet’s Chase Each Other Around The Room
Buck OwensCountry Singer’s Prayer
Kip MooreThe Guitar Slinger
Angela PetrilliGhost Inside a Frame
Dean ZuccheroCraft Beer
Seba SafeOn My Way
Tyler BryantFire & Brimstone
Lauren MorrowOnly Nice When I’m High
Pete MolinariToday, Tomorrow, Forever
Bap KennedyI Saw The Light

RMHQ Radio Show Ep:42 BLUES SPECIAL @NovaRadioNE

RMHQ Radio Show
Episode:42 The BLUES SPECIAL
Nova Radio NE

Tuesday 21st March 2023

Now the Nova Radio Producer Dean has found out I have time on my hands, I’m worried that he has my number on ‘fast dial’ to replace poorly presenters at Nova!
Not that I really mind; because it gives me the opportunity to put together themed ‘Specials’ and this week it’s a Blues Special.
With only two hours to fill it was a dilemma fitting in as many sub-genres as possible; but I gave it a damn good try!
I very nearly made a major faux pas ….. as The Rev’d BLIND Gary Davis was playing I’d already lined up a Rory Block song to follow; then with seconds to spare I spotted that the song was going to be ….. I’d Rather Go BLIND!!! Whoops.

Rory GallagherMessin’ With the Kid
Taj MahalQueen Bee
Bonnie RaittTangled and Dark
Wily Bo WalkerLittle Gina
Samantha Fish and Jesse DaytonBrand New Cadillac
Joe BonamassaSpanish Boots
Joanne Shaw TaylorJust No Getting Over You
FreeWishing Well
Big Boy BloaterI Got The Feeling
Muddy WatersHoochie Coochie Man
Gary GraingerGood Day For the Blues
Dave ArcariWalk the Walk
Rev Gary DavisLord I Wish I Could See
Rory BlockLove Has No Pride
Son HouseForever on My Mind
Robert Connely FarrLefty
RL BurnsideChain of Fools
Shemekia Copeland ft Duwayne BurnsideDone Come Too Far
James HunterNo Smoke Without Fire
Sister Rosetta TharpeEverything To Me
Big Harp GeorgeJust Calm Yourself
Charlie MusselwhiteCrawling King Snake
John Lee HookerDimples
Misty Blues Band ft Eric GalesBeen a Long Time Coming
Rick BerthodJumping at Shadows
Matt AndersenPeople Get Ready
Jimmie VaughanNo One to Talk To (But the Blues)